Hazardous Area Training Workshop in India Mumbai

July4, 2016- Abhisam is pleased to announce a Hazardous Area Workshop in Mumbai on 5th and 6th Aug 2016. The workshop will train engineers, technicians and safety professionals in Hazardous Areas (also known as classified locations). The workshop will consist of two programs, you can enroll in either one or both. Program 1 (on 5th Aug 2016) will cover Basic Concepts of flammability and explosivity of various materials, need for classification, area classification, material and temperature classification, how to designate Zones, practical exercises in marking these areas on plant layouts, things to consider including potential release points as well as quantities of materials released. It will also cover various International standards (North American-NEC and European/IEC), the new ATEX regulations updated in 2016.

Program 2 (on 6th Aug 2016) will cover the Basic Concepts of protection including various techniques such as Explosion proof, Flameproof, Intrinsic Safety, Non incendive and others, selection of equipment in new plants, maintenance of explosion protected equipment in plants, marking and labelling. At the end of Program 2 will be a Question & Answer session moderated by Industry experts.

To participate in this workshop, please contact us via email or telephone.

If you are unable to participate due to location or dates not being convenient, you can take our Hazardous Area software XPRTU based training and get Certified. Details here.

Here are some pictures from our earlier workshops.