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You are here, reading this page, because you are well aware of the role of Radio Frequency Identification Technology in our everyday life. RFID technology is used by a wide range of organizations right from your local Wal Mart to the Department of Defense. The users of this new technology include supermarket chains (like Wal Mart), manufacturing industries of all types, logistics and shipping companies, hospitals, hotels and resorts, universities and many more. As a technical professional working in any of these industries, it is essential to understand how this new technology works and how it can benefit organizations by increasing productivity, reducing pilferage, increasing throughput and efficiency all around. However until now, there was no single resource that one could refer to, that explained this new technology in an easy to understand manner, without complicated math and physics, or partial differential equations (ugh!) or other such complex stuff.

The only choices a working technical professional like you had, were to surf the internet endlessly for information, or refer to expensive books that were complicated to read and understand, or enroll in an expensive classroom course. Each of these options has its advantages, but we say many disadvantages as well. For example you cannot spend hours of your valuable time surfing the net for information that may not be relevant or of of dubious accuracy. Books may be outdated or full of complicated math and physics, which unless you are designing some new identification technology itself, you really need not know.

Key Benefits of the Abhisam RFID Course

Get Certified as a RFID Professional! Earn an electronic badge that you can display online.

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“Thank you for allowing me to use the Abhisam RFID Course in my classroom. The students appreciate the timeliness and challenge of the cases relating to current supply chain issues. Discussion blossomed when the students discovered that the questions I asked regarding the cases currently have no “right” answers. The case studies enhanced their understanding of current challenges and opportunities with RFID technology in supply chain management”.

Ms. Carol Putman,
Penn State University, US


Learners from Marquee companies have taken this course

Real Life Applications

Learn how to implement RFID in real life applications such as

  • Tracking flow in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

  • Container tracking in a yard

  • Hospital patient identification & tracking

  • Airline baggage handling

  • Car parking access control

  • Car parking access with RFID

  • Hotels & Resorts

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For one learner
$ 199
  • Course Duration: 8 hours of self paced learning (Earn 8 PDH)
  • Access the course online 24/7 via any device for one year
  • Exam & Certification for one learner
  • Lifelong Valid Certificate


For one learner
$ 299
  • Everything in Standard plus
  • Download course to any Windows 10 PC
  • 3 year license

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Table of Contents.

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  • Basic Concepts

  • Introduction to RFID

  • A modern history of RFID

  • An Attractive technology

  • Automatic Identification

  • Bar Codes

  • Matrix Bar Code

  • Use of Automatic Identification

  • What does a bar code reveal?

  • Do bar codes follow any standards?

  • What is a tag?

  • Active, Passive & Semi-Passive Tags

  • More RFID tags

  • What does an RFID reader read?

  • How is an RFID tag different from a bar code?

  • RFID systems

  • A shop using bar codes

  • A shop using RFID tags

  • Some Advantages of RFID over bar codes

  • Bar Code reader for a moving conveyor

  • RFID reader for a moving conveyor

  • Anti Counterfeiting

  • Advantages of RFID

  • Disadvantages of RFID

  • Summary of Basic Concepts

  • What are Waves?

  • Development of a wave

  • Parts of a wave

  • Electricity & Magnetism

  • A practical experiment

  • Amperes law & Biot Savart’s Law

  • Maxwell’s findings

  • Electromagnetic Waves

  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • An electromagnetic wave

  • A transformer

  • A radio communication system

  • Antennas

  • Half wave dipole

  • Magnetic & Electric fields around antennas

  • Near field & Far field

  • What is Resonance?

  • A basic radio tuner

  • How does a Radio receiver work?

  • Modulation

  • Frequency Modulation

  • Digital Modulation

  • An example of Digital modulation

  • Amplitude Shift Keying

  • Frequency Shift Keying

  • Summary

  • RFID Tags

  • A Practical RFID system

  • Types of tags

  • Physical Construction

  • Smart label tags

  • Plastic encased tags

  • Tag Generations & Classes

  • RFID System Classifications

  • Tag Frequencies

  • Countries & Frequencies

  • Selection of Frequencies

  • RFID Readers

  • RFID Antennas

  • Doorway Antennas

  • Near Field & Far Field

  • Near Field Reader

  • Far Field Reader

  • Antenna Coverage Area

  • EAS Systems

  • EAS Reader-Working

  • Contactless Smart Cards

  • Near Field systems working

  • Data Transfer in NF systems

  • Load Modulation

  • Backscatter

  • Data transfer using backscatter

  • Collisions

  • Space,Frequency,Time domain anticollision

  • Singulation

  • Tree walking protocol


  • Slotted ALOHA

  • Summary

  • Middleware & Standards

  • What is Middleware?

  • Need for Middleware

  • Functions of Middleware

  • What is a Savant?

  • Middleware Architecture

  • EPCglobal

  • Electronic Product Code

  • What is EPCIS?

  • Object Naming Service

  • What is an EPC Tag?

  • How will the system work?

  • Standards in RFID

  • The Air Interface Protocol

  • Standards in RFID

  • Standards laid by ISO

  • Summary

  • Pharma Supply Chain

  • Container tracking in a yard

  • Hospital patient identification & tracking

  • Airline baggage handling

  • Car parking access control

  • Car parking access with RFID

  • Hotels & Resorts

  • Other applications

  • Summary

  • Security & Privacy fundamentals

  • Security Issues in RFID

  • Eavesdropping

  • Summary of Security Issues

  • Example of Privacy invasion

  • Privacy protection

  • Labeling the tag

  • RFID Reader Warnings

  • Use of a blocker tag

  • Blocker tag disadvantages

  • Killing Tags

  • Faraday Cage

  • Tracking with RFID

  • Summary

The RFID self assessment test enables you evaluate your own understanding of Radio Frequency ID tech, bar codes, auto-ID technology and other related topics. This also works like a mock test before you take the Abhisam RFID Certification exam.

Just get this RFID e-learning course today and for a much lesser price that you would be paying for any other course out there!

Note that it includes all the things that you must know regarding automatic identification technology including bar codes and RFID.  No other course (Classroom or e-learning or software or online or video or any other) includes all of these in one package!

Can I not get this information free from elsewhere?

There is a myth  “Just Google it”

Unfortunately it is not true. If you Google for it you are likely to get a large number of RFID related articles, videos, ebooks, blog posts, forum discussions and other stuff. You will spend a lot of your precious time to read it and after hours of doing this you may

a) Not be able to string it all together-most information on the internet is in chunks (although large ones). It is not put out there as a logical construct or in any sequential manner.

b) Be more confused than what you were before you started searching for it

c) You may not be sure that whatever information you get is current (updated) and authentic. Some people simply put out their opinion and call it as fact

d) Nobody will give you a certificate for your internet research.

You will spend several days doing all this for zero returns on your investment!

But, when you take this Abhisam RFID Training course, you know that

a) It is very carefully made, with inputs from subject matter experts in the field of Automatic Identification, Wireless technology and RFID.

b) Utilizes animations and simulations to help you understand concepts real quick. These are not available anywhere else.

c)) Earn a Certificate when you pass the associated exam and also get an electronic badge that can be displayed online on places such as LinkedIn. Get Noticed as  knowledgeable RFID professional!

Can I not simply buy a book? That will be much cheaper!

Of course, you could always  decide to go for  buy a book on this topic,


remember that there are some disadvantages with this approach

a)  There is no single book that covers all the topics that you need to know regarding RFID, Automatic Identification and Wireless physics. On the other hand, there are a lot of things in every book, that you can safely skip, without missing anything.

b) Some of these books may be outdated

c) Learning from an animated simulation makes you grasp a concept much faster than merely reading about it.

d) Nobody gives you a certificate if you simply read a book.

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