Who are you?

We are Abhisam Software, a knowledge based company, engaged in enhancing your skills, knowledge and expertise via e-learning courses (our XPRTU software), our learning management system (LMS) and training workshops and webinars.

We also offer some consulting services to some clients in niche areas of Process Safety, Industrial Cybersecurity, Technical Due Diligence and  Learning Management Systems.

What are your courses? Is it a Video or a pdf or a PowerPoint? Or will someone chat with me via Skype?

No, it is none of the above. Our e-learning courses are computer programs that we call XPRTUs. These have text, animations & simulations, videos, interactivity, situations, Real Life examples, case studies, self assessments and so on.

Probably you have not encountered an XPRTU, we suggest you view a demo on our website here and check out for yourself. These programs are either accessed online, or downloaded to your computer, depending on the version you select.

You can even get SCORM and TinCan versions, that can be run in your organization’s LMS (Learning Management System).

Why shouldn’t I opt for free courses from some other websites/ sources?

Sure you can, but the quality of the information, the presentation, the ease of understanding, the structure and usefulness will be different from ours.

Besides be careful about some “free courses” from some vendors, they are nothing more than thinly disguised sales pitches. They will most probably be some powerpoint , or a pdf document, masquerading as a “course”, certainly not an interactive XPRTU and certainly you will not get a Certificate or an electronic Badge that has value.

Abhisam courses are created by expert professionals, have a wealth of useful knowledge that you can use in your day to day work and a are vendor neutral-solely focused on the technology and on enhancing your own skills in the subject.

Remember, we are on your side!

Unlike our competitors, we do not manufacture chemicals or automation systems. We are completely vendor neutral.

We also have some free courses and demos on our website which you can check out.

But always, the regular (paid) versions of the courses will be much more detailed and informative than the free ones.


Can I not get free information on the internet? Why should I pay for courses?

Sure you can get lots of information on the internet for free. In fact you can get Terabytes of information on any esoteric topic.

But the problem is that you have no idea if the information is authentic or not, whether it is still current or not. Whether it is complete or not. (Half knowledge is dangerous).

Moreover, it is the form of several webpages, videos, ebooks, documents and lots of other unstructured information. Not all of it may be relevant to you and maybe you do not need to waste your time and money on searching for days and days and then finally coming up with a mass of information that is difficult to comprehend, isn’t it?

You can of course slog hard and become an expert in the subject.

But, you will also never get a third party certificate that says that you know about the subject.

Whereas for one low price of one of our courses, you get all the information that you need, in a highly structured form, via animations that easily help you grasp complex subjects and at the end you also get a certificate from us that demonstrates to the world that you know this stuff.

It is of course every individuals choice to value one’s time or not. Think of how many hours of searching and collating you will save, simply if you took one of Abhisam’s excellent courses.


Is this similar to Udemy? Or like MIT Open Courseware? Or any of the other MOOCs?

No, the courses on sites, such as Udemy, are for the most part videos of a “Professor” speaking.

Or for example, Open Courseware has lots of text documents, that you can study online. Our concept of learning is different. Our courses are software programs.

They may have videos inside, but the course itself is not a video.

Videos are included, but they are a small part of the entire Abhisam XPRTU. Our courses have interactive animations, case studies, situations, assessments and much more. They are a complete learning experience. The text in the programs is very easy to understand.

Besides, Abhisam courses have been developed by working professionals who are experts in their fields, working in different companies. They  thus have a more real life background, not only some theoretical background.


Will I get a certificate? Will I get an electronic badge?

Of course, after you complete our course, you can ask for an online test access. If you take it and pass, we will issue you a certificate. There is no additional cost for this service (except for free courses).

We also now issue Electronic Badges, in addition to printable certificates. These badges follow the generally accepted Mozilla Open Badges standard. They allow you to display your achievement and skills on a variety of places such as LinkedIn profiles, Facebook profiles and other places online. Get found easily by recruiters, potential employers and clients who are searching for skills that you have!


Why should we consider your courses?

Abhisam has been founded by a group of professionals with more than two decades of actual hands on experience in various industries and domains.

We have access to a large pool of subject matter experts, who work with leading companies in the world at senior levels and have a high level of competence and experience. They contribute to the “the technical content” of our offerings. This raw technical content is then developed into e-learning courses XPRTUs with the help of our own instructional designers, graphics and animation professionals and web designers. Every course is vetted by industry experts to ensure that it is easy to understand, does not contain any fluff and is error free.

Additionally, all Abhisam courses are vendor-neutral. We do not hawk a particular vendor’s model or technology, so you get an unbiased training from us.

Our courses are in the form of computer programs, called XPRTUs that make learning even complex technical subjects, very easy.

Plus there is no constraint of time or place, they are completely self paced. Learn at your own pace, anywhere where you can carry your laptop or tablet or phone. No restrictions at all.

The same principle applies to our Training Workshops.

We have been in e-learning since the year 2003, when many people were not even aware of the concept.


Who uses your courses?

Our courses are used by professionals working in leading Fortune 500 companies, as well as in small and mid size companies, individuals working as engineers, technicians and consultants, technical trainers & technical training institutes, universities, industry associations and government institutions to enhance their skills and knowledge, as well as to prove their competency by  third party assessment.


Are your courses accredited or approved by somebody?

Abhisam has created these courses completely and own all the Intellectual Property associated with them. Our certifications are issued by us independently. Or badges are issued by us and managed by either Credly or Badgr, two of the world’s largest badge issuers today.

However, we do have some co-branded courses that have both Abhisam’s and the partner organization logo. They have either been developed by the partner completely or via collaboration with us. Some International professional engineering bodies,  do license our courses and we get paid a royalty for it. 

Abhisam’s courses are well regarded all over the world and certificates are sought after, to demonstrate competency in the subject.

Abhisam certificates are used to demonstrate knowledge and competency all over the world including the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, all of Asia including India & Australia.

Our learners are all over the world in places from Canada to South Africa and Russia to Papua New Guinea.


How can I get a demo of these courses?

Please visit our Demos page to access them. If you are an enterprise buyer, buying for your organization and wish to walk through an entire course before buying, or to get an approval from your management, feel free to schedule a walk-through, of any of our courses online by getting in touch with us. One of our experts will assist you in showing you the course.


How do I buy your course?

You can buy our course either directly from this site (via our E-Commerce partners Fast Spring or Share-It/Digital River) . When you click the “Buy Now” button on our pages, you will be directed to the secure site that processes our orders.  All orders are processed securely.

Alternately, you can buy our courses from the Abhisam Learning Portal at or from https://prettygoodcourses.com

You can also buy from our resellers and affiliates. For a list of authorized resellers and affiliates please see Partners


How do I know if your courses are good enough?

We have sold our courses  to thousands of individuals and organizations all over the world. Some of them wrote back to us saying how happy they were with our courses-you can see a few of these testimonials on the website. We have received quite a few of them and decided to publish a few, as examples of what our customers think about our courses. We are sure that you will like our courses and find them to be of immense value to you and your organization.

OR you could check out some of our Free Courses or subscribe to the $7 Trial .


Are you just selling Power Point slides? Or ebooks? PDF documents?

Certainly not! Our courses are XPRTUs (computer programs that have a blend of text, graphics and interactive animations/ videos with assessments). They are totally different from (and far superior) to Power Point presentations. A Power Point presentation is meant to be explained by a human speaker, who is supposed to go through each point and elaborate.

Abhisam XPRTUs are designed to be learned all by yourself, they do not need anybody to explain, it is all self explanatory.


What payment options do I have?

You can pay online via most Credit Cards,  Amazon Pay, Paypal, wire transfer, or by bank transfer, or order manually by a physical check. In some countries we can accept Giropay and iDeal too. You will see these options during the checkout process.

Just select the option during the order process.


What are the licensing options on offer?

We have several options for you. All versions include Online Exam and Certification. Please see below:

Standard Version (for Individuals)

The Standard Online version allows you access to the course for a period of ONE YEAR via the internet. Any browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer will be OK to access it.  Learners can access either via PCs, laptops or other devices.  This version includes an Online Exam and Certification at no additional cost.


Professional Version  (Download/Access online)  for Individuals

The Professional Version  is meant for an Individual  who wishes to access the course online as well as download and install this program on their own PCs/Laptops. It includes a user license, that will work on ONE PC/laptop computer running Windows 10 OS. Online registration and activation is required during installation. It will not run on a Mac OS or other Operating Systems. This version resides  on the PC (as long as you don’t throw away the PC, or change the hard disk). License duration is 3 years. Note that this version is generally meant for individuals and not enterprises or other large organizations, since installation of programs on individual PCs is generally not allowed by many IT departments.


Abhisam GOLD membership plan

The Abhisam GOLD membership plan enables you to sign up with a one time membership setup fee and a recurring monthly subscription, that entitles you to get access to the FULL CATALOG of courses from Abhisam (Standard Online versions only and some courses such as HAZOP Leader are not included).  Any browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer will be OK to access it.  Learners can access either via PCs, laptops or other devices.  This plan includes one Online Exam and Certification per month. If you need more certifications, then you can buy them at a discounted rate, or alternately take the certification in the next month (since you get one certification per month for free under this plan). More details here

You can try the membership with a $7 TRIAL. Click here to take the Trial Plan.

The Trial allows you to have a preview of the entire catalog of courses under the GOLD plan. Only the first few modules of every course can be accessed. Your card will NOT be billed automatically at the end of the trial. If you wish you can either subscribe to the membership at the end of the trial or buy an individual course.

The Abhisam GOLD membership plan is only for individuals, for organizations, please see the Abhisam PLATINUM membership plan.


Enterprise Versions

Abhisam PLATINUM membership plan

This is great for Enterprises who wish to train multiple employees. At the lowest tier, sign up with a membership set up fee and an annual membership fee, that entitles all your employees to access the entire catalog of Abhisam courses (online versions only).

The Enterprise version of some courses, also have access to Advanced Modules that are not available in other versions. These may be additional learning modules, mock tests, downloadable templates and so on.


Can you offer SCORM or TinCan /xAPI compatible versions? Do you provide LRS statements?

If you need a SCORM or Tin Can/xAPI compatible version, then we can provide that. We will stream the course directly to your inhouse LMS via the internet. Costs depend on number of learners and duration of access. We stream to our own LRs (Learning Record Store) and can provide you Learning Records at an additional charge.


Do you offer Unlimited / Site Licenses?

Yes, please contact us for details.


What happens in case my PC crashes, hard disk needs changing or I change my PC/laptop? (only applicable to Professional Download version)

Please contact our support team, they will transfer your current license to your current machine, provided your license is still valid.


I do not want your “standard” courses, I want an e-learning course tailored to my needs. How do I get it?

Yes, we can. The subject matter experts can be from either our side or yours.  We also  offer  course customization of any of our standard existing courses, at an additional charge. Please send your request to sales@abhisam.com or call us on + 1 305 407 2679 (US)  or +91-7208060349(India).


Can you develop an e-learning course exclusively for me?

Please see above.


I require a face-to-face classroom training session/ workshop. Can you do it for me/us? Where?


Currently due to the pandemic we have stopped conducting classroom training workshops.

I am a subject matter expert. I believe I can contribute to your courses. Can I do so? How much will I get paid for it?

Sure, we are always on the lookout for subject matter experts in various fields. If you are one, simply send your proposal to mail@abhisam.com with “Subject Matter Expert” in the subject field of the email. We will get back to you. Our acceptance depends on your level of expertise. Payment depends on your level of expertise, the rarity of your knowledge and the market demand for it.


I would like to be a reseller of your courses. How do I sign up?

Sure, please join our growing network of resellers and help spread the knowledge, while also earning money. Send an email to sales@abhisam.com with the subject as “Reseller” or call us directly on + 1 305 407 2679 (US)  or +91-7208060349 (India)


Can you do HAZOP Study for our plant/project? Do you carry out LOPA Studies? Do you carry out Cyber Risk Assessments for my plant that is controlled by a DCS?

Sure we can do any and all of the above, including a CHAZOP for you. We can also help you in other areas such as Technical Due Diligence, or Decommissioning. Please take a look at our consulting offerings here.


I did not find an answer to my question here.

Please send us an email with your question to sales@abhisam.com or call us on + 1 305 407 2679  (US)  or +91-7208060349 (India)

Check out some of our popular courses here.

HAZOP Training

Learn all about the HAZOP Study process including how to use Guide words to analyze possible deviations and mitigate consequences via protective measures. Includes  topics like CHAZOP & Human Factors (deviations due to humans) that are not covered in any other course.

Industrial Hygiene Training

This Industrial Hygiene course is an excellent way to learn about the anticipation, evaluation and mitigation of industrial hazards. It covers everything in a very easy to understand way, with real life cases and examples with calculations.

Get certified for free when you take this course today.

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