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What-If Method Workshop

Participate in the next Abhisam Instructor led What-If Method Workshop to learn the What-If Analysis technique. Learn from experts with decades of real life experience in industry.

What is the What-If Method?

The What-If Method is a qualitative  risk assessment technique used in industry. One can conduct a PHA (Process Hazard Analysis) using this method more quickly as compared to a HAZOP Study.


What-If method

Why should I participate in the Abhisam What-If Method Workshop ?

Abhisam has more than a decade of experience in conducting Instructor led training workshops on the What-If Method  technique. Additionally, Abhisam was one of the first companies in the world to introduce a fully online e-learning course on the What-If safety risk analysis method. Today it is by far the most popular What-If Method Online Course in industry globally.

However some participants want a hands on guided approach for learning What-If and hence even though the e-learning course is available, Abhisam continues to offer this Instructor led What-If Workshop for those learners who prefer this format.

Abhisam’s What-If Workshop includes a real life case study that participants can work hands on to learn the method easily. Additionally they can use the blank What-If templates that are provided as part of the workshop to use in their own What-If studies.

What is included in the What-If  Training Workshop?

The Instructor led What-If Training workshop is a one day event and will cover the following:

      • Basic Concepts of Hazard and Risk Assessment.
      • Basic Concepts of the What-If Method
      • Types of Risk Assessment
      • Case Study with participation of attendees
      • Past incidents that could have been prevented by using proper What-If Studies


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