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What is HAZOP?

How do I become a HAZOP Professional?

How do I become a Certified HAZOP Leader?


What is HAZOP?

HAZOP is an acronym that is short for Hazard and Operability Study. Since inception in the 1960s by the then ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries of UK) it quickly became a popular risk assessment technique used in the process industry. HAZOP is a structured technique to study plants and processes, evaluate what can go wrong and suggest mitigations to reduce the overall risk of an unwanted incident

This technique is not used only in the process industries (such as Oil and Gas, Petroleum refining, chemicals manfacturing, etc) but also in diverse sectors such as Electrical Systems, Railway Safety and Software.

Abhisam has several resources for you to help you become a certified HAZOP Professional or HAZOP Leader (also known as HAZOP Chairman).

How is HAZOP carried out in practice?

The Hazard and Operability Study for any plant or process is a team effort. Typically professionals from different disciplines of engineering, operations people, safety professionals form a team to carry it out via a structured brainstorming exercise that uses Guide Words, to identify possible deviations from normal in a process and suggest actions or modifications to reduce the likelihood of these deviations (and thus accidents).

The team members are known as HAZOP Professionals and the leader, who leads, directs and manages the entire study is known as a HAZOP Leader or HAZOP Chairman.

Who is a HAZOP Professional? How do I become one?

Any technical professional who is knowledgeable about the Hazard and Operability technique either via formal training in the method, or by virtue of having participated in many HAZOP sessions, is referred to as a HAZOP Professional.

The easiest and fastest way to become a certified HAZOP Professional is to enroll in the Abhisam HAZOP Course. Once you enroll in the self paced online e-learning course, complete all the modules and pass the exam, you will earn a certificate of competency as a HAZOP Professional and can easily participate in any HAZOP Study as a team member.

Who is a HAZOP Leader? How to become a HAZOP Leader?

Becoming a HAZOP Leader requires minimum experience of at least 5 years and a familiarity with the technique, as well as good people management skills.

The easiest and fastest way to become a Certified HAZOP Leader is to enroll in the Abhisam HAZOP Leader course. This is an entirely online, self paced course that can be taken by experienced professionals, who have participated in at least one HAZOP Study as a team member, or have undergone formal training in the technique (such as the Abhisam HAZOP Professional course). Additionally they need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in any technical subject (or a Diploma) with minimum 5 years experience in any process industry. They can then apply to take the course. Enrollment is not automatic however, please contact us before you enroll.

After completing all modules in the course (10) passing the associated exam and successfully submitting the given assignment the learner gets awarded the Abhisam HAZOP Leader designation, certificate and electronic badge.

HAZOP Courses Provided By Abhisam

We have the following Online courses and Instructor led technical workshops on HAZOP.

HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study)

HAZOP Professional course

Hazard and Operability Study is a the predominant risk assessment technique used in the process industry.

The Abhisam HAZOP course also includes CHAZOP (short for Control HAZOP or Computer HAZOP), which is used to analyze Automation and Control systems in the process industry that are  DCS, PLC or SCADA or SIS.

The course consists of the following modules:

a) Basic Concepts

b) HAZOP Methodology (Part 1 and Part 2)

c)  HAZOP Types, Standards & Legal Requirements

d) Managing HAZOPs

e)  Case Study

f) Self Assessment Test.

Click for more details of the HAZOP course

HAZOP Leader

HAZOP Leader

The HAZOP Leader course is an advanced course meant for industry professionals, who wish to be certified as HAZOP Leader.

This course requires that the participant be an already experienced professional, who has either already completed and passed the HAZOP Professional Level course (see left) OR have had another equivalent formal training from any other course provider, along with sufficient experience of being a participant in HAZOP Studies. The participant also needs to have at least 5 years of industry experience after completion of a Bachelor’s degree in any Scientific, Technological  or Engineering area. The experience need not be fully in Safety.

After enrolling in the course the participant needs to complete a set of learning modules, pass the associated exam and submit an assignment that will be given as part of the course.

On successful completion, the participant gets awarded the HAZOP Leader certificate and an electronic badge.

The Certificate and Badge are lifelong and do not expire.

For more details please see the  certified HAZOP Leader program.

HAZOP Workshop

Abhisam HAZOP Training workshop

Abhisam occasionally conducts both public and private training workshops in the traditional Instructor led mode in various locations.

The Abhisam HAZOP workshop is an Instructor led training workshop that features hands on exercises in various Case Studies from process plants and a simulation of an actual HAZOP Study.

All participants earn a Certificate of participation.

However they can choose to upgrade their qualifications to a HAZOP Professional or HAZOP Leader (if eligible) by paying the upgrade cost.

The HAZOP Workshop consists of the following modules.

    • Basic Concepts of Hazard and Risk Assessment.
    • HAZOP Methodology (including Intentions, Deviations, Causes, Consequences, Nodes, Parameters, Guide Words, documentation, Worksheets, Recommendations, modifications).
    • Other HAZOP Aspects (Human Factor guide words,  Double Jeopardy, Auditing the HAZOP Study, Limitations).
    • Key HAZOP Management aspects
    • CHAZOP (Computer HAZOP/Control System HAZOP)
    • HAZOP Standards
    • Case Study with participation of attendees.

Currently this is being offered only in India, although depending on the conditions, classes may soon start in the Middle East.

To know more please see more on HAZOP Training in India

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HAZOP White Papers and Videos } Technical Information

What is HAZOP?

This easy to understand guide explains the HAZOP Study method in a very easy to understand way.

Read Here for more info

The HAZOP Video below also explains the basic technique.

What is CHAZOP?

Computer HAZOP or Control HAZOP is a variant of the HAZOP technique used to carry out risk assessment of the Control System. Since many of the mitigations suggested in a typical HAZOP Study involve the Computer based Control System of the plant, it is important to know how well it can function in case of deviations. Find out more about CHAZOP here.

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