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Take this absolutely free Basic Radio Frequency Identification ECourse from Abhisam and learn all the basics of this amazing new technology, sitting in the comfort of your home or office!

Have you ever wondered why many of those nifty little bar codes, that the supermarket's checkout counter clerk uses to generate your grocery bill are being replaced by rfid barcode tags? Do you know how bar codes work? Do you know their advantages and disadvantages?

RFID tags are being used in so many places, that you do not notice them anymore. So right from those toll passes that are affixed to your car, to hospitals using smart rfid bracelets for identifying their patients, to hotel guests using rfid keyfobs to access their rooms, this technology is now everywhere. You should know how this technology works, what it can do and what it cannot. 

You may be an engineer, or a technician or a businessperson- know how this new technology can help your workplace or business. For example you can use it to tag all your warehouse items, so that you can inventory them quickly. You may be able to speed up many processes in your work area by using these tags, instead of the good old barcodes.

Say you are the manager of a resort, you can make it super easy for guests to access the services they need, without having to carry printed coupons or cards in their pockets. Simply allocate rfid wristbands to them (you can make them look very nice so that guests gladly wear them). The wristbands can then be used to grant access to restricted areas such as pools, or you can even top them up with free drink coupons- guests need not carry anything like wallets, etc-the wristbands are their wallets.

This is just one amazing use of this technology.

So why can't I surf the internet to find this information or perhaps read a book?

Sure you can, perhaps that is how you landed here. Now you can make really good use of your valuable time, by learning the basics about RFID technology by taking this free e learning course. This free training course, has been prepared by Abhisam's subject matter experts and you will find everything explained in a very easy to understand and logical manner. One thing leads to another and all your confusion (if you had any about barcodes and rfid) will vanish. You will learn everything in a short amount of time, sitting in your home or office, or anywhere there is an internet connection. You can simply click on the View Free Course button and you're good to go!

There is no free book/ebook that explains everything so beautifully, in a short amount of time.

This course is as far as we have seen the only really completely free one with no ads or other annoying stuff. It is a completely rfid company neutral (vendor neutral) course, unlike some others that are seen online.

So How do I start?

Nothing to download, simply sign up for a free account at the new Abhisam Training Portal at PrettyGoodCourses and you can start accessing it immediately.  Or Click the View Free Course button above and you are good to go.

What if I want a Certificate?

Sure you can take the regular (paid) RFID Training Course (click here for more info), which has a much more detailed explanation about various aspects of the technology, including how you can use it for warehouses, supply chain management, car parking systems and more. It has several modules that cover the physics behind the tech, types of RFID tags and the various frequencies that they operate at, including long range RFID tags, security & privacy issues, standards and more. After completing it, you can take the online exam and on passing earn a certificate of competency and an electronic badge issued via Credly, that can be added to your LinkedIn profile, so that you can gain the visibility that you desire among your bosses and peers, clients and peers/colleagues.

So what does this course contain?

Do think that because it is "free" , it is a low quality course.  The free designation is so that more people can easily learn about this technology without spending any money on it. If they need more and detailed information, they can then always opt for our regular one.

In fact in future, we may start charging for it, so better take it before we do that!

This course is a great basic course on RFID Technology and covers the following.

This free e-learning training course has the following contents:


*Introduction to RFID

*So what's new now?


*Mandates & Pilots

*Automatic Identification Basics

*What is a bar code?

*Barcodes and Auto ID

*RFID Tags

*RFID Systems

*Auto ID using bar codes

*Auto ID using RFID TAgs

*Comparison between Auto ID Systems

*Manual car park

*RFID enabled car park

*Types of RFID Tags

*RFID Frequencies


*RFID Standards

*What is the EPC

*RFID Security and Privacy

*What next?

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