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What is Industrial Hygiene?

Industrial Hygiene is the science of anticipating, identifying, evaluating and controlling occupational conditions that may adversely affect worker health and safety in workplaces.  A Professional practitioner who specializes in this subject is known as an Industrial Hygienist. One of the major responsibilities of an Industrial Hygienist is to anticipate, identify and solve potential health problems within industrial plants and other workplaces.

Why should you learn Industrial Hygiene?

Industrial Hygiene is an important part of ensuring occupational health and safety of workers. In many industries such as industrial chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, mining & metals, pulp and paper,  thermal power generation workers may be exposed to several toxic hazards that can adversely affect occupational health and safety and general well being. 

Understanding the principles and concepts of Industrial Hygiene is essential, to not only make workplaces safer, but also mandated by many laws in different countries. Professionals who are specialize in this field are known as Industrial Hygienists.

 If you are in any way responsible for safety of any industrial facility, or in charge of safety of shipping vessels or trucking or warehousing, then you must be familiar with Industrial Hygiene. Or you may be working for a regulatory authority or a government agency in charge of industrial safety or public health. In all these situations, this course will give you complete knowledge and skills about Industrial Hygiene, to help you become an Industrial Hygienist.

What will you learn in this course?

This Abhisam course comprises of the following modules, note that Module 1 is free to view, so that you get an idea of the subject as well as the course, before you decide to buy it.

Module 1 - Introduction to Industrial Hygiene (view for free click here)

*What is Industrial Hygiene?

* Industrial Hazards

* Industries & Sectors

* Manufacturing Industries

* Types of Hazards

* Hazard Types in Industries

* Hazards in Manufacturing

* Hazard Types in manufacturing

* Industry wise hazards

* Industrial Hygiene importance

* Why Industrial Hygiene?

* Anticipation & Identification

* Evaluation

* Identification Tools

* Evaluation Methods and Calculations

* Control Methods

* Understanding via Case Studies

* Case Study 1- Introduction

* Case Study 2- Introduction

* Case Study 3- Introduction

* IH Problem Solving

* Question

* More about IH

Module 2 - Basic Concepts

*  Introduction to Industrial Hygiene

* Workplace Safety

* Process Safety & Occupational Safety

* Hazard Categories

* Hazard Types

* Physical Hazards

*Ergonomic Hazards

* Chemical Hazards

* Radiation Hazards

* Psychological Hazards

* Biological Hazards

* Classification of Hazards

* Correlation

* Summary

Module 3 - Anticipation & Identification of Hazards

* Introduction

* Anticipation & Identification of Physical (Condition) Hazards

* Anticipation & Identification of Physical (Condition) Hazards

* Air Contaminants

* Two Case Studies

* Checkpoints

* Case Study 1- Introduction

* Process Description

* Physical Hazards

* Hazard Worksheet-Physical

* Chemical Hazards

* Chemical Hazard Worksheet

* Ergonomic Hazards

* Ergonomic Hazards Worksheet

* Radiation Hazards

* Radiation Hazards Worksheet

* Biological Hazards

* Biological Hazards Worksheet

* Psychological Hazards

* Psychological Hazards Worksheet

* Summary of Hazards

* Hazard Summary Sheet

* Case Study 1- Summary

* Case Study 2- Introduction

* Physical (conditions) Hazards Worksheet

* Physical (conditions) Hazards Worksheet

* Anticipation & Identification of Chemical Hazards

* Anticipation & Identification Worksheet

* Anticipation & Identification of Biological Hazards

* Anticipation & Identification of Ergonomic Hazards

* Anticipation & Identification of Radiation Hazards

* Anticipation & Identification of Psychological Hazards

* Sources of data collection

* Templates for Hazard Identification

* Physical Hazard Template

* Chemical Hazard Template

* Explanation for various terms used in the templates

* Ergonomic Hazard Template

* Radiation Hazard Template

* Biological Hazard Template

* Psychological Hazard Template

Module 4 - Evaluation of Hazards (including calculations)

* Where are we?

* Introduction to Evaluation phase

* Evaluation of Physical Hazards

* Evaluation of Light

* OSHA Recommended Values

* Evaluating exposure to Dust-1

* Evaluating exposure to Dust-2

* Example-Single Dust Exposure Evaluation

* Example-Dust Mixtures

* Hearing Protection

* Measuring Noise

* Hearing Damage Risk

* Evaluating exposure to Noise

* Example-Noise Exposure calculation

* Evaluation of Ventilation

* Evaluation of Physical Hazards

* Evaluation of Chemical Hazards

* Evaluating exposure to Volatile Toxicants by monitoring

* Example-Exposure calculation

* Evaluating exposure to multiple toxicants

* Evaluating exposure to Volatile Toxicants-2

* Example -Multiple Toxicant calculation

* Evaluating exposure to Toxic vapors

* Mixing Factor

* Component material balance in steady state

* Evaluating exposure to Toxic vapors

* Example using mixing factor

* Estimating vaporization rate of a liquid

* Example -Evaporation Rate & Concentration

* Vessel filling operation

* Summary

Module 5 - Control of Hazards (including calculations)

* Where are we?

* Control of Physical Hazards-Light

* Control of Physical Hazards-Noise

* Control of Physical Hazards-Dust

* Control of other Physical Hazards

* Control of Biological Hazards

* Control of Radiation Hazards

* Control of Chemical Hazards

* Chemical Hazards Control Techniques-1

* Chemical Hazards Control Techniques-2

* Chemical Hazards Control Techniques-3

* Local Ventilation-Advantages

* Design considerations of local ventilation

* Example Calculation

* Dilution Ventilation

* Dilution Ventilation Advantages

* Design considerations of Dilution ventilation

* Example-Ventilation Calculation

* Chemical Hazard Control Techniques-2

* Using Scrubbers

* Chemical Hazards Control Techniques-3

* Personal protection as a control measure

* Head Protection

* Eye Protection

* Hearing Protection

* Feet Protection

* Respiratory Protection

* Body Protection

* Summary

Module 6 - Government Regulations

* Government Regulations-US (OSHA)

* Government Regulations-EU

Module 7 - OSHA PSM Standard & Compliance to Industrial Hygiene 

(Note: This module is only for relating the Industrial Hygiene aspects of the OSHA PSM standard. It is not a training on the standard itself)

* OSHA PSM Standard Compliance

* Employee Participation

* Process Safety Information

* Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

* Operating Procedures

* Training

* Contractors

* Pre-Startup-Review

* Mechanical Integrity

* Non-routine Work Authorizations

* Management of Change

* Incident Investigation

* Emergency Planning & Response

* Compliance Audits

* Trade Secrets

* Summary

Module 8- Case Study

This will be a very detailed Case Study of a unit in a manufacturing facility. By studying this you will experience the entire Industrial Hygiene work flow process, for any new facility including the Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation and Control of hazards. You can correlate this to your own workplace or wherever you wish to apply Industrial Hygiene. You can use the templates given here for your own work.

Module 9 - Self Assessment Test

This will enable you to evaluate your own understanding of the subject, before you take the Certification exam. After you pass the certification exam, you can earn an electronic certificate and an electronic badge, issued via Credly, that you can display online anywhere, including your LinkedIn profile. This showcases your achievements to potential clients and employers.

What does this course contain?

This course is in the popular Abhisam XPRTU format. This means that you will see a mix of text, animations, videos and pictures, real life examples and exercises that help you gain a deep understanding of the subject.

What versions are available?

At present two versions are available for the stand alone course, Online and Standard. The online version allows you to access the course online on the Abhisam Learning Portal for a period of 1 year at any time. The Standard version allows you to download the program and install it on any one Windows 10 machine. The price includes the certification exam, certificate and an electronic badge that can be shared online at portals such as LinkedIn.

Is this part of the Abhisam GOLD membership plan?

Yes this is  included in the Abhisam GOLD Membership plan.

Online $495 US
For Individuals
Course Duration: 40 hours (Approx five days of self paced learning)
Get 40 PDH (Professional Development Hours)
Includes Online Exam and Certification for 1 learner
Certificate Validity: Lifelong
>Unlimited Online Access to the course for 1 Year
Course access renewal (if required) at discount
All modules
View with any device with a standard browser (PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile)
Standard $595 US
For Individuals
Course Duration: 40 hours (Approx five days of self paced learning)
Get 40 PDH (Professional Development Hours)
Includes Online Exam and Certification for 1 learner
Certificate Validity: Lifelong
Unlimited Online Access to the course OR Download to any Windows 10 PC (3 year license)
Renewal after 3 years at discount
All modules
View online via any device with a standard browser (PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile) OR install on any Windows 10 PC
Included in Gold Membership
For Individuals
Gold Membership : First Month $399 US and then $149 US Per Month only
Access to All Abhisam Courses (Online Versions) 24/7 for Gold Members
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