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Learn everything about Hazard and Operability Study in this easy online, self paced e-learning course. Animations, videos, real life examples, case studies and templates make it a great learning experience. Includes Control HAZOP (CHAZOP) and Manual Actions (Human Factors HAZOP) too.


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Easy learning on Hazard and Operability Study with Certificate of Competency

Hazard and Operability Study, is a well  known PHA (Process hazard analysis) technique used for risk assessment and mitigation. It is considered an important part of process safety management and HSE risk assessment of plants and facilities. It is a highly structured and systematic method, to identify all hazards in a process, evaluate the design intention, work out possible deviations & then think of mitigating those which could cause bad consequences such as safety incidents. The deviations also include human factors, including non malicious as well as malicious intent. It is not a quantitative technique like QRA.

Abhisam first developed this  easy online e-learning course more than 8 years ago and it has become popular all over the world, with hundreds of safety professionals, as well as other engineering professionals taking it and getting certified every year. It one of the most engaging risk and safety related course that you may have come across anywhere, with Interactive Animations & Simulations, “why-we-do-it and how-to-do-it” training course. It is NOT just a safety video of a boring guy speaking in front of a whiteboard OR a simple risk and safety related PPT

Key Benefits of the Course

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Real Life Case Study for a Process

The complete course is full of real life hazop examples and cases, for hazard analysis with extensive animations and simulations, plus a hazop template that you can use. Also a full case study is included that has

  • The P & ID before the Study
  • The Study and Recommendations
  • Updated P & ID after the study is completed
  • Audit

The hazop methodology that is shown here can be used in your own plant or facility, for both batch processes and continuous processes.


HAZOP Studies are not just a one time activity, but is done at different stages of a plant’s lifecycle to cover different aspects of hazard & risk analysis as a part of Process Safety Management. This is the only course that covers all these different types of hazard and operability safety studies. Understand all of these when you take this course

  • Concept HAZOP
  • Commissioning HAZOP
  • Detailed HAZOP
  • Control HAZOP (CHAZOP)
  • Human Factors HAZOP (Manual actions)

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  • Access the course online 24/7 via any device for one year
  • Exam & Certification for one learner
  • Lifelong Valid Certificate


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Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the course

  • What is Hazard and Operability Study?

  • More about HAZOP

  • History



  • FMEA

  • Hazards & Risks

  • Use of HAZOP

  • Types of hazards- Fire & Explosions

  • Types of hazards – Toxic Material

  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis

  • Consequence Analysis

  • Risk & Harm

  • Risk Graph

  • Risk Reduction

  • The ALARP principle

  • Risk Reduction in process plants

  • Risk Reduction explained

  • Risk & Cost Calculations for bean counters

  • Example – Cost Justification

  • Layers of Protection

  • Layers of Protection in the process industries

  • Diversity

  • Diversity Example

  • Preventive & Mitigative layers

  • Introduction

  • Design Intent

  • Intentions & Deviations

  • Causes and Consequences

  • Benign Consequences
  • Method Outline

  • Node Identification

  • Guide Words

  • Parameter Deviations

  • Deviation Recognition

  • Why deviation recognition fails

  • Types of Deviations

  • Example – Chlorine

  • Types of Deviations

  • CIP Example

  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) deviations example

  • Tank Truck unloading example

  • Normal Operation

  • Guide Word High

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word High

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word Low

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word Low

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word Low

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word Reverse

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word Other Than

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Before starting the HAZOP

  • Other documents

  • Guide Words & Parameters

  • Worksheet

  • Guide Word High

  • Guide Word Low

  • Guide Word Reverse

  • Guide Word Other Than

  • Recommendations

  • Recommendation sheet

  • The P & ID after

  • Summary

  • Double Jeopardy

  • Boolean Logic and Safety
  • Protection Measures

  • Additional Measures

  • Boolean Logic applied to safety studies

  • Human Errors

  • Human Factors HAZOP

  • Human Factor Guide Words

  • Parameter Deviations with Human element

  • Worksheets for Human Errors

  • Features

  • Tank Truck Unloading with Human Factor guide words
  • Standards

  • IEC 61882

  • IEC 61882 Ed 2

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 14001

  • Legal requirement

  • The Seveso Directives

  • Seveso III

  • OSHA

  • UK HSE

  • Types of HAZOP

  • Greenfield HAZOP

  • Various Stages

  • Concept HAZOP

  • Worksheets

  • Basic Design HAZOP

  • Detailed HAZOP

  • Commissioning HAZOP

  • Brownfield HAZOP

  • Brownfield HAZOP Process


  • Need for CHAZOP

  • CHAZOP Methodology

  • Typical CHAZOP format

  • CHAZOP Example

  • CHAZOP Summary

  • Why is Managing HAZOPs so important?

  • Management Support

  • Management Support – example

  • The Team

  • Team Example

  • Team Work

  • Consultants

  • Role of the leader/ Chairman

  • Role of secretary or scribe

  • Role of  team members

  • Number of team members

  • Team Skill Level

  • Documentation

  • Auditing

  • The Process Description

  • The plant

  • The P&ID

  • Carrying out the HAZOP

  • Worksheet

  • Recommendation Sheet

  • The P&ID after the study

  • The Audit

  • An actual incident

  • Learning from the incident

  • A Final Word

A Self Assessment Test is included that can be used as a mock test to practice before taking the Certification Exam.

  • Case Study of a Distillation Unit
  • Case Study of a Storage Tank
  • Case Study of a Filtration Unit    

Why should you get this HAZOP e-learning course from Abhisam?

Abhisam was one of the first companies in the world to introduce an online, e-learning course on HAZOP when many people were not even aware of what an online learning course should be like.

Since then this course has been taken by thousands of learners all over the world ranging from individuals, to Fortune 500 company teams.

This is the only course that explains the process via software simulations and animations, making it much easier and faster to grasp. It is not simply a hazop pdf or a hazop ppt. We call this software based e-learning course an XPRTU- it makes you an expert.

Furthermore, this is the only course that covers all the below topics, that are not covered by any other course provider in a single, self paced e-learning course.

      • Computer HAZOP (Control HAZOP) with a different set of guide words
      • Human Factors in HAZOP using human guide words
      • Concept HAZOP
      • Using Boolean Logic


What is the purpose of a Hazard Operability Study?

The Hazard and Operability Study is the de-facto hazard and risk assessment technique that is used in process industries. OSHA recommends using such PHA techniques to comply with their PSM Standard requirements.  It helps us evaluate the hazards and risks that are present in a process in a very structured and systematic manner by analyzing the intentions and deviations of every node.  A node is an identified section of a plant that carries out a specific function, such as for example a storage tank or a pumping unit. Once we do this then we can take steps to improve the level of safety of the entire process, including failures of equipment, machines or humans. This technique is a part of the discipline of Process Safety.

When should a HAZOP be done?

This is done at several stages of the plant’s lifecycle starting from the conceptual design / early design stage right, then during the basic engineering stage, then during the detail engineering stage up to the  pre commissioning trials stage (also known as Pre Startup Safety Review PSSR stage).  Ideally there should also be an audit of the process after everything is done to identify any gap and know about the residual risks. You will learn all these various types in this course.

What are HAZOP Guide words?

When carrying out a Hazard and Operability study we use a set of guide words in order to quickly and systematically run through a set of deviations. These guide words can be terms such as “more than”, “less than”, “early”, “late” and so on. These are paired with process parameters to form the deviation term. For example when we use the guide word “more than” with the word “flow”, we get a deviation of “more flow” or “excess flow”.

Do not worry, everything is explained very beautifully in the course.

What does the $7 trial include?

The $7 trial includes trial access to ALL the courses in the Abhisam Catalog for a limited time.

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Which versions are available?

This course is available as either stand alone (select the Standard version above), Professional, or as part of the Abhisam GOLD membership level.

The Standard version allows you to access the course online from any device (PC/tablet/smartphone) that has an internet connection and a browser that supports HTML 5 (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc). You can access the course for a period of one year, within which you need to take the exam to earn a Certificate (electronic). You will also earn an electronic badge that can be displayed online on LinkedIn and similar portals.

The Professional version allows you to  download the course to your own Windows 10 PC/laptop (3 year license). Additionally, you can also choose to access the course online from any device (PC/tablet/smartphone) that has an internet connection and a browser that supports HTML 5 (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc). You can access the course for a period of three years, within which you need to take the exam to earn a Certificate (electronic). You will also earn an electronic badge that can be displayed online on LinkedIn and similar portals.

The content in the Standard and Professional versions is the same.

What is the Enterprise version?

This is meant for organizations with 10 or more learners. This version also has an Advanced module. Contact Us for pricing.

What is the Abhisam GOLD membership?

When you subscribe to the Abhisam GOLD membership, you get access to all the courses in the Abhisam Catalog, by paying just one low monthly subscription. You can also get a free certification exam every month. If you are interested in taking a bunch of courses, then the GOLD membership gives you an affordable plan to do this. This is available to individuals only.

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