Abhisam has been in the business of e-learning from the year 2003. Yes, we go back a long way.


Abhisam customers & learners include those who work for leading Fortune 500 corporations, large multinational companies as well as mid sized  & small companies, universities, regulatory authorities, government organizations, research labs and many other kinds of enterprises. Our customers include those who work as individual engineers, technicians and other professionals.


The logos below represent some of our direct customers, as well as  employers of our learners. Abhisam’s customers & learners, span the entire globe including regions such as North & South Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia & NZ, Asia including the Indian subcontinent, SE Asia and the far east.


Note – The logos below are just to give a snapshot of the kind of customers that we have in various industries and sectors. This list is not at all comprehensive! All logos belong to their respective owners.

Check out these popular online courses that many of our customers love

HAZOP Training

Learn all about the HAZOP Study process including how to use Guide words to analyze possible deviations and mitigate consequences via protective measures. Includes  topics like CHAZOP & Human Factors (deviations due to humans) that are not covered in any other course.

Industrial Hygiene Training

This Industrial Hygiene course is an excellent way to learn about the anticipation, evaluation and mitigation of industrial hazards. It covers everything in a very easy to understand way, with real life cases and examples with calculations.

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