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What is Chemical Warehouse Safety?


Chemical warehouse safety is an important aspect of managing the chemical supply chain. Unlike warehouses that store non hazardous goods, chemical warehouses need to be designed to safely store, handle and manage a large number of hazardous, explosive, toxic or environmentally damaging chemicals and materials, in large quantities, in a safe way. This Abhisam e-learning course covers all  aspects of chemical warehouse safety.


Why should we learn how to store and handle chemicals safely?

Unlike storage of non dangerous goods, chemicals can be very dangerous to humans as well as the environment, if they are not properly stored or handled. In the recent past there have been many incidents of ignorance of chemical warehouse safety that have led to massive accidents, like those in Tianjin, China and recently in Beirut, Lebanon where Ammonium Nitrate in a chemical warehouse caught fire and exploded.


What is different about this course as compared to a standard warehouse safety course?

Most warehouse safety courses include general aspects of warehouse safety which are applicable for storing non hazardous goods, such as for example, books, textiles, computer parts, auto parts and so on.  Such a course does not cover aspects of chemical safety. Hence, Abhisam has created this course so that people involved in the handling and storage of chemicals are fully aware of everything that they need to do to store chemicals safely.

This requires a special set of knowledge and skills, that are not available generally, as part of the normal warehouse safety courses available elsewhere.

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“I have worked in the International Oil and Gas Industry as a technical instructor for more than thirty years. I have both used and recommended the products of Abhisam. I recommend them highly to all engineers and technicians in our industry. No praise is too great!!
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Petroleum Training Institute, UK

Why should I take this course?

If you are in any way involved in the import, export, manufacture, storage, handling or logistics of chemicals, then you MUST take this course in order to understand how to handle them safely.

The importance of safety in today’s chemical storage facilities cannot be overstated. These facilities store everyday, hundreds or even thousands of tons of chemicals and are located in various areas, such as industrial manufacturing plants, logistics parks, shipping yards, ports and even airports.

If you are involved in the business of chemicals (including hydrocarbons, specialty chemicals, pesticides, agrochemicals, fertilizers, etc), you must have realized that they need to be handled very safely, to avoid accidents that have taken place earlier such as in Tianjin or Beirut.

This is not only to avoid the possibility of damage of goods, but also damage to the facilities, environment and even the general public at large.

Remember, you need to follow the best practices that are taught in this course, so that you can avoid accidents in chemical warehouses and be saved from subsequent liabilities.

In case of a chemical warehouse accident, not only will you lose the goods themselves due to fire, leaks or explosions, but you may also get sued by other people and businesses who may get damaged due to the accident.

What is included in the Abhisam  Safe Chemical Warehousing course?

This course consists of several modules (you can see details below in the Table of Contents given).

Full of easy to understand pictures, animations and simulations, this software makes learning Safe Chemical Warehousing very easy. Within a few hours, you will learn all that you need to know about safe warehousing and handling of chemicals. Plus you also get a number of Warehouse CHECKLISTS and TEMPLATES that help you

          a) Audit your own existing chemical storage warehouse with the appropriate checklist

          b) Evaluate a new warehouse or help in designing and constructing one with the aid of a checklist

        c) Inspect your existing chemical warehouse every month

        d) Streamline your warehouse operation with the loading/unloading checklist.

These are all given away as part of the training course! Use it for your own company or third party warehouse.

What do you mean by XPRTU?

This Abhisam e-learning course is called an XPRTU because it makes an expert out of you.

 It is organized into several modules, with a Self Assessment Test at the end of the modules. Then, when you feel you have mastered the subject, you can take the Abhisam online exam and on passing get a Certificate of Competency for free! That’s right, there’s no additional charge for this. Soon you will also get a chance to get a learning badge (an electronic badge) that you can display on your Linked In or other profile, that shows that you are a professional in warehouse safety.

Choose from any of the versions.

Scroll below to see complete contents.


For one learner
$ 299
  • Course Duration: 20 hours of self paced learning (Earn 20 PDH)
  • Access the course online 24/7 via any device for one year
  • Exam & Certification for one learner
  • Lifelong Valid Certificate


For one learner
$ 399
  • Everything in Standard plus
  • Download course to any Windows 10 PC
  • 3 year license

Get Trial Access to all Abhisam courses, including this Chemical Warehouse Safety Course for $7. You will NOT be billed automatically after trial ends.

Table of Contents (Expand the + sign to see contents)

  • Introduction to the course

  • Basic Concepts

  • Warehouses

  • Accidents in warehouses

  • Personal Injury

  • Industrial type Accidents in warehouses

  • Preventing Accidents

  • Effects of accidents

  • Warehouse statistics

  • GHS (Globally Harmonized System)

  • Potential Hazard Sources

  • Good Management Practices

  • Good Warehouse Design

  • Importance of Product Storage

  • General Worker Safety

  • Security Aspects

  • Thank You !

  • What is a Hazard ?

  • The GHS

  • Hazard Classes

  • Hazardous Substance

  • Physical hazards

  • Health Hazards

  • Environmental Hazard

  • Transport Pictograms

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • SDS Contents

  • GHS label Example

  • Safety signs

  • Thank You !

  • Warehouse design

  • Location Selection

  • Segregation and separation

  • General Recommendations

  • General recommendations for limiting stock quantities in metric tons

  • Building Design

  • Interior

  • Walls

  • Fire wall

  • Doors in Fire wall

  • Roof

  • Retention

  • Ventilation

  • Humidity & Temperature Control

  • Lighting

  • Electricals

  • Emergency Exits

  • Fire Fighting

  • Lightning Protection

  • Other Facilities

  • Loading Zone

  • Loading Zone (Dock) -Loading and Unloading

  • Unloading

  • Outdoor Storage

  • Storage Plan

  • Aisles

  • Securing of Pallets

  • Stock control system

  • Product Storage

  • Segregation

  • Aisles and Lanes

  • Identification markings

  • Block Storage or Rack Storage

  • Rack Storage

  • Thank You

  • Health, Safety and Environment Requirements

  • General Safety Instructions

  • Work Permits

  • Medical Emergencies in a warehouse

  • Medical Aids

  • Inhalation / Ingestion

  • Smoking

  • Doctors & Hospitals

  • PPE

  • Alarms

  • Fire fighting

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Wall hydrant (Standpipe)

  • Fire Water Requirements

  • Sprays

  • Fire suppression system (Sprinkler Systems, foams )

  • Spill Control Systems

  • Waste Disposal

  • Thank You !

  • Warehouse Operations & Management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Organizational Procedures

  • Training

  • Stock Control

  • Material Storage

  • Special requirements

  • Markings

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Loading/Unloading

  • TREM Card

  • Pre-Loading Inspections – Packages

  • Securing of Loads

  • Load Segregation

  • Drum Unloading

  • Storage in trucks

  • Other Activities

  • Non-routine activities

  • Material handling

  • Good Housekeeping)

  • Thank You !

  • Security, Legal & Emergency Measures

  • Legal requirements

  • Security Requirements

  • Spillages

  • Emergency Planning

  • On Site Emergency Plan

  • Emergency Procedure

  • Emergency Equipment

  • Emergency Communication

  • Emergency Training

  • Sprinklers

  • Fires

  • Cleanup after an Emergency

  • Conclusion

This will enable you to evaluate your own understanding of the subject, before you take the Certification exam.

After you pass the certification exam, you can earn an electronic certificate and an electronic badge that you can display online anywhere, including your LinkedIn profile.

This showcases your achievements to potential clients and employers.

The Professional and Enterprise versions of the course include an Advanced Module that has templates and checklists as below:

  • Warehouse Audit Checklist

  • Warehouse Assessment Checklist

  • Warehouse Inspection Checklist

  • Warehouse Loading and Unloading Checklist

Just get this Safe Chemical Warehousing online learning course today

Note that it includes all the knowledge that you need to have to know how to safely store and manage a chemical warehouse.

No other course (Classroom or e-learning or software or online or video or any other) includes all this in one course!

Can I not get this information free from elsewhere?

There is a  common myth  “Just Google it”

It is a myth that you can simply Google for Chemical Warehouse Safety   information and get everything that you need to know.

Most likely, you will get a large number of warehouse safety articles and information, but many will be related to normal warehouses that store non hazardous goods.

Even if you do find enough material, it will take you a long time to sequence it all together in one coherent document that makes sense to you.

Even after doing all this there is a possibility that you may not get what you really need to know from a chemical storage perspective.

Plus you will spend several hours of your time doing all this for zero returns on your investment!

On the other hand, when you take this Abhisam Safe Chemical Warehousing course, you know that

      1.  It is very carefully made, with subject matter experts in the field of Chemical Logistics, Warehouse Safety, Chemical Handling and Storage, Process Safety & Environmental science who have spent decades in the actual field handling dangerous goods.
      2. Utilizes easy graphics, animations and simulations, real life examples of dos and donts, correct and incorrect practices  that enable you to understand chemical warehouse safety quickly.
      3.  Earn a Certificate when you pass the associated exam and also get an electronic badge that can be displayed online on places such as LinkedIn. Get Noticed as an Expert!

Can I not simply buy a book? That will be much cheaper!

Of course, you could always pass this up and decide to go for  buy a book on this topic, but, remember that there are some disadvantages with this approach

      1.  The first is that not a single book is available  that covers all the topics that you need to know. On the other hand, there will be many books on warehouse safety, general logistics and supply chain management, that may be relevant to only those working in general storage warehouse environments, not chemical warehouses.
      2.  Some of these books may be outdated and obsolete.
      3.  Nobody gives you a certificate if you simply read a book!


What does the $7 trial include?

The $7 trial includes trial access to ALL the courses in the Abhisam Catalog for a limited time.

After the trial is over you can choose to either buy this individual course on Chemical Warehouse Safety,  OR subscribe to the GOLD or PLATINUM membership plans where you will get instant access to ALL the courses, including this one.

Your card will not be billed automatically at the end of the trial.

Which versions are available?

This course is available as either stand alone (select the Standard version above), Professional, or as part of the Abhisam GOLD membership level.

The Standard version allows you to access the course online from any device (PC/tablet/smartphone) that has an internet connection and a browser that supports HTML 5 (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc). You can access the course for a period of one year, within which you need to take the exam to earn a Certificate (electronic). You will also earn an electronic badge that can be displayed online on LinkedIn and similar portals.

The Professional version allows you to  download the course to your own Windows 10 PC/laptop (3 year license). Additionally, you can also choose to access the course online from any device (PC/tablet/smartphone) that has an internet connection and a browser that supports HTML 5 (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc). You can access the course for a period of three years, within which you need to take the exam to earn a Certificate (electronic). You will also earn an electronic badge that can be displayed online on LinkedIn and similar portals.

The content in the Standard and Professional versions is the same.

What is the Enterprise version?

This is meant for organizations with 10 or more learners. This version also has an Advanced module. Contact Us for pricing.

What is the Abhisam GOLD membership?

When you subscribe to the Abhisam GOLD membership, you get access to all the courses in the Abhisam Catalog, by paying just one low monthly subscription. You can also get a free certification exam every month. If you are interested in taking a bunch of courses, then the GOLD membership gives you an affordable plan to do this. This is available to individuals only.

What is the Abhisam Platinum membership?

This is meant for organizations with multiple learners. When you subscribe to the Abhisam Platinum membership, your learners get access to all the courses in the Abhisam Catalog, by paying just one low Enterprise yearly subscription. You can also get a free certification exam every month.  Additionally you also get a Dashboard where your Training Manager can see the progress of the learners, such as learner module completion, login times, test scores, etc.

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