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Abhisam has free online courses on Hydrogen Sulfide training, free RFID training, Hazardous Areas and more. Please scroll below to see the complete list.

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You can also view the free demos of our premium online courses such as those on Safety Instrumented Systems, Hazardous Area Classification, HAZOP, Industrial Cybersecurity and more. Please scroll below to see them.

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What are XPRTUs?

XPRTUs are computer software programs, full of interactivity, animations, simulations, graphics, real life photos, videos and other material, organized in the form of a self paced online training course, that help you learn about a particular subject in detail. That is why we call them XPRTUs-they make u into an expert!

What’s more, after mastering the material in an XPRTU, you can take our online exam and on passing earn a Certificate of Completion, as well as an Electronic Badge (based on the Mozilla Open Badges standard). Welcome to download and/or view online demos of our XPRTUs (interactive, self paced elearning courses). The links on this page will help you access the demo versions of our XPRTUs and also give access to some free modules, that are part of these XPRTUs.

Electronic Badges

Get Electronic Badges for free, that you can display Online on LinkedIn and other places, when you learn the subject and pass our exam!

This is the modern way to broadcast your skills, instead of paper certificates, that are difficult to authenticate. Here’s a sample badge that a learner who takes the Safety Instrumented Systems XPRTU gets, after he goes through all the modules AND passes the associated exam. Click on it to view details. When you display your own badge online, anybody can see if it is genuine by clicking on it and viewing the details on our website. These badges are compatible to the new Mozilla Open Badges standard and can be added to your backpack.

Free Courses and Demos of Premium Courses

Basic RFID Course (Free)

Basic RFID Training Course

Learn the basics of Radio Frequency Identification technology via this free online learning course on RFID.

After completing this course,  you can take the  full comprehensive Radio Frequency Identification Course (RFID Technology) course.

RFID Technology

RFID Training Course

This complete RFID Technology course is the easiest and fastest way to learn about Radio Frequency Identification technology.

Going much beyond what is there in the basic RFID course, this easy online training covers the subject in several modules that include RFID Physics, Middleware, Standards, Applications, Privacy and Security.

Easy animations and graphics make understanding complex concepts such as Walking Tree Protocol, or Antennae placement, very easy.

Includes free Certificate of Competency and an electronic badge.

ICS Security Training

Industrial Cyber Security Training Course

Most modern plants and facilities today use some kind of  control and automation system to monitor and control operations. This can be a DCS, PLC with HMI, SCADA or  other similar computer based systems. Many plants may also have a SIS to ensure safe shutdown of the plant.

Most of these Industrial Automation systems are not secure. This is why today ICS Security (also referred to as Industrial Cybersecurity) has become very important.  Learn how to secure your plant assets (not just the BPCS or SIS) but also equipment from cyber threats.

VFD Training Course

Variable Frequency Drives Training Course

Variable Frequency Drives have become very popular in recent years and have become an important part of the automation system of any facility.

This easy e-learning course will help you understand everything about VFDs in a few hours.

You can take the associated exam and get certified after you complete this course.

Click below to see the demo of the VFD Training Course.

Hazardous Area Instrumentation Course

Hazardous Area Instrumentation training

The instrumentation and control systems installed in hazardous areas have to be of a special type, to prevent ignition of the hazardous atmospheres present in such places.

Knowing how various protection systems work (such as Explosionproof, Intrinsic safety, Increased Safety, Pressurization and others)  is important for properly selecting, installing, maintaining and inspecting hazardous area instrumentation. This hazardous area training course enables you to do that easily.

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS Training)

Safety Instrumented Systems are used in many process plants where there is a risk of asset damage, environmental release or human fatalities due to the complex processes in these plants. This course will help you learn all about these systems in detail.

Learn about these systems in detail, including concepts like Hazard and Risk Assessment techniques, reliability concepts, Safety Integrity Level (SIL), SIL determination, SIL Verification and related calculations, design of safety devices, standards such as IEC 61508 and IEC 61511.

Free Hydrogen Sulfide Training Course

Hydrogen Sulfide gas (H2S) is found in a lot of places, including mines and oilfields. It is also a byproduct of some industrial processes. It is highly toxic and explosive.

Take this free online H2S training course to learn how to handle it and safety work and operate, in areas that may have H2S presence.

Optionally earn a certificate and an electronic badge when you complete the course.

Fieldbus (FF, Profibus, HART and ASi bus)

Learn the four major Fieldbus technologies in use in the world today. This one online Fieldbus course includes FOUNDATION Fieldbus training, Profibus training, HART training and ASi Bus training. 

It also includes a complete real life case study of how to implement Fieldbus, right from the P & ID development stage, to designing the segments, to installation and commissioning.

Earn a Certificate of Competency and an electronic badge.

HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study)

This is a very popular PHA technique. Learn all aspects of carrying out a HAZOP Study including the methodology that uses intentions & deviations via guide words, real life examples and sample worksheets, Computer HAZOP (CHAZOP), manual operations (Human Factors HAZOP) and various stages at which this is done.

Includes a real life case study, audits, information about the IEC 61882 standard and more. Earn a certificate of competency and an electronic badge.

Gas Monitors

Gas Monitors Training

Gas Monitors (also referred to as Gas Detectors), are used to detect and measure explosive gases & vapors, toxic gases and Oxygen. This Gas Detectors course will consist of several modules that cover all basic principles of gas detection, include all major gas sensing technologies such as Catalytic Combustion, Electrochemical, Photoionization (PID detectors), Infrared detectors and semiconductor sensors. Covers fixed gas detection systems as well as portable gas detectors and personal gas detectors.

Includes selection, installation, placement, calibration and maintenance.

Free Certificate of Competency and an electronic badge when you take the course.

Safe Chemical WarehousingSafe Chemical Warehousing

Chemical warehouse safety is a very important aspect of chemical safety.

Note that the normal warehouse safety courses are generic and cover the basic safety aspects for any warehouse including those storing non hazardous items such as garments or books.

However, organizations that manufacture, import,  export, store and ship chemicals have to be very competent in handling and storage of hazardous chemicals to avoid accidents such as those that occured in Tianjin or Beirut.  This comprehensive course from Abhisam covers all aspects of safe storage & handling of dangerous goods in chemical warehouses.

Free Certificate of Competency and an electronic badge when you take this course.

Confined Space Safety

Confined Space Safety Training

Worldwide, thousands of fatalities happen each year, due to lack of awareness of working safely in confined spaces. Even after strict OSHA rules, such accidents continue to take place, even in the US.

This online Confined Safety training course is meant to educate all persons responsible for supervising work in permit required confined spaces. Covers all that you need to know, including sample confined space safety permits.

Free Certificate of Completion and an electronic badge when you take the course.

Introduction to Hazardous Areas (Free)

Hazardous Area Introduction Course

This free hazardous area online course helps you understand the basic concepts about hazardous areas, including properties of hazardous materials, incidents that have occurred in hazardous areas and basic information about protection methods used.

It covers not only classified locations that may have flammable vapors and gases, but also combustible dusts that cause dust explosions.

Functional Safety Mock Test (free)

Take this free Functional Safety Mock test to know your own understanding of Functional Safety, Standards such as IEC 61508, IEC 61511, Safety Instrumented Systems, concepts about reliability, voting logic and proof testing.

Ideal for practicing before you take the certification exam of any Functional Safety Professional course provider.

And if you do not fare well, do not worry! If you take the Abhisam Safety Instrumented Systems course, you will pass easily.

Hazardous Area Mock Test (free)

Hazardous Area Mock Test

Take this free Hazardous Area mock test to know how well you understand concepts about the subject such as area classification, hazardous gases, vapors and dust classification, IEC standards, NFPA standards, explosionproof equipment, intrinsic safety, ATEX regulations and more.

If you do not fare well, worry not! Taking the Abhisam courses on Hazardous Areas will make you completely knowledgeable about the subject.

Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)


This Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) course helps you master the LOPA Hazard and Risk Assessment technique, which is  one of the most comprehensive methods used for Risk Assessment in the Process Industry.

This course consists of 12 modules, a self assessment test and an associated exam that helps you earn a Certificate of Competency in LOPA.

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