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Learn all about confined space safety in this easy online training course from Abhisam, based on OSHA norms. Get certified for free.

Confined Space Safety Training & Certification from Abhisam- compliant with OSHA guidelines

A Lack Of Knowledge Can Cost You Your Job, Your Money, Your Business… Even Your Life…

Shocking fact! Every year hundreds of employees die every year from ignorance about working in confined spaces. The employees lose their life and the employers lose their best workers and also get fined. Get this Confined Space Safety training course from Abhisam and save lives.


Luckily You Can Learn Everything You Need To Know In Less Than A Few Hours… & also earn a Certificate of Completion

And if you are an organization that employs people, then  you need to not only train your employees in this subject, but you also need to PROVE that you have already done so.

We have solved this issue for you! Now not only do your employees get trained in Confined Spaces Safety, but you as an employer also get an electronic training record of every employee who has taken this online training, alongwith date and time details, login times, test scores and more!

Earn a Certificate and Electronic Badge that you can display online.


“I have worked in the International Oil and Gas Industry as a technical instructor for more than thirty years. I have both used and recommended the products of Abhisam. I recommend them highly to all engineers and technicians in our industry. No praise is too great!!
John Longden
GCGI LCGI. Senior Trainer
Petroleum Training Institute, UK

Attention Employers: Company owners, managers, foremen, and anyone who is in charge of personnel who are required to undergo this training…

You know that it’s YOUR responsibility to train your employees… So what are your options?
You could ignore training requirements opening yourself up to MASSIVE liabilities if your employees are injured or killed on the job …You could be out of business… Or even worse… Almost instantaneously…
You could pay thousands of dollars to send employees to live training workshops, or several hundreds of dollars on study guides, books and courses…
OR you can pay a one time fee, to get the interactive training course that has proven to be the fastest and easiest way for employees to learn… And RETAIN… Information about this important subject.

We make the learning process fun and easy. Our e-learning course is not a video of a recorded lecture. We call it as an XPRTU software (it makes an expert out of you). This software based training has graphics and animations/ simulations, video that are is not only entertaining to watch, but also highly informative. Being incredibly simple to understand, it provides the fastest and easiest way to learn everything you need to know about this complex subject.

We’ll Teach You Everything You Need To Know regarding this… And We’ll Make It More Fun To Learn, Easier To Understand, And More Cost Effective Than Any Other Training Solution… Guaranteed!


Why should I take this course?

Here are some of the recent accidents in the news…reported and investigated by OSHA. Directly related to lack of knowledge about confined space safety.

Alhambra Foundry, CA, Aug 2018

OSHA has cited Alhambra Foundry located in California for confined space norm violations, that resulted in a serious accident to workers. The fine was more than $280,000

Enviro Tech Services, Greeley, CO, June 2018

OSHA fined the company $65,000 for a confined space accident that resulted in a fatality. The worker was cleaning the inside of a rail car, when the incident happened.

D & D Construction, Bel Air CA, May 2017
The company was fined an amount of $352,570 for a confined space accident that resulted in a fatal accident for a worker who was cleaning the inside of an excavated area.

The list goes on and on…..

Let’s face it, you probably don’t wake up in the morning excited about getting started with Permit Required Confined Spaces or occupational safety training… It’s not the most fun subject in the world to learn about…

But our software has completely revolutionized the training experience…

It’s fun to use, it only takes a few hours, it teaches you everything you need to know, and you’ll retain the information much better than you would from reading books or sitting in a classroom, beacuse if a Picture is worth a thousand words, then an animation is worth a thousand pictures.
Our interactive software presents everything in professional quality format, so you can train at your own pace…

You can take it online via your PC or laptop or tablet or mobile. It is always available (during your license period) for access for as many times as you want.

Don’t understand something? No problem, you can retake certain parts as many times as you need to.
Have trouble learning from books or in a classroom environment? No problem, our proprietary software makes learning easier than ever before…
Do you need training, and don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on expensive courses or text books? This is the perfect solution…

What is included in the Abhisam  Confined Space Safety course?

This course consists of several modules (you can see details below in the Table of Contents given).

Easy to understand pictures, animations and simulations, this training software makes learning about Confined Space Safety very easy. Within a few hours, you will learn all that you need to know about being safe in confined spaces.

Plus you also get sample permits for Permit Required Confined Spaces, so that you can modify them and use them in your workplace.

What do you mean by XPRTU?

This Abhisam e-learning course is called an XPRTU because it makes an expert out of you.

 It is organized into several modules, with a Self Assessment Test at the end of the modules. Then, when you feel you have mastered the subject, you can take the Abhisam online exam and on passing get a Certificate for free! That’s right, there’s no additional charge for this. You also get an electronic badge in addition, that you can display on your LinkedIn or other profile, that shows that you are have completed the Confined Space Safety course.

Choose from any of the versions.

Scroll below to see complete contents.


For one learner
$ 99
  • Course Duration: 4 hours of self paced learning (Earn 4 PDH)
  • Access the course online 24/7 via any device for one year
  • Exam & Certification for one learner
  • Lifelong Valid Certificate


For one learner
$ 199
  • Everything in Standard plus
  • Download course to any Windows 10 PC (Temporarily unavailable)
  • Access for 3 years

Get Trial Access to all Abhisam courses, including this Confined Space Safety course for $7. You will NOT be billed automatically after trial ends.

Table of Contents (Expand the + sign to see contents)

  • Definition of Confined space by OSHA
  • Identification of Confined Spaces with examples
  • Why entry in a Confined Space can be dangerous?
  •  Types of Confined spaces
  • Permit Required Confined Spaces (PRCS)
  • Non Permit Required Confined Spaces
  • PRCS Details
  • Case Study 1:  Incident (Entry without safety precautions)
  • Video
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Alternative Entry Procedures
  • Non Permit Required Confined Spaces-details
  • Real Life Example of a PRCS using a Reactor
  • PRCS– Requirements as per OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146
  • PRCS-Oxygen, Explosivity & Toxicity
  • PRCS- Temperature, Lighting, Moving Parts
  • Development of Procedures
  • Verification
  • Maintenance of Equipment
  • Other Requirements
  • Co-ordination, Cancellation & Reviews
  • Case study 2: Entry with precautions
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Fire or explosion
  • Presence of toxic chemicals
  • Moving parts
  • Working conditions
  • Permit System Requirements as per OSHA
  • Permit Restrictions
  • Information in the permit-1
  • More Information in the permit
  • Sample Permit (Downloadable)
  • Training Requirements as per OSHA
  • Duties of Authorized Entrants as per OSHA
  • Duties of Authorized Attendants as per OSHA
  • Duties of Entry Supervisors as per OSHA
  • Training courses for entrant, attendant and supervisor
  • Site Specific Training Programs
  • Rescue and Emergency Services as per OSHA
  • Outside Rescue Services
  • Response Times
  • Non Entry Rescue

This will enable you to evaluate your own understanding of the subject, before you take the associated exam.

After you pass the exam, you can earn an electronic certificate and an electronic badge that you can display online anywhere, including your LinkedIn profile.

This showcases your achievements to potential clients and employers.

Just get this Confined Space Safety e-learning course today and get trained in working safely in confined spaces.

Note that it includes all the knowledge that you need to have to know how to work safely in confined spaces.

Can I not get this information free from elsewhere?

There is a  common myth  “Just Google it”

It is a myth that you can simply Google for Confined Space   information and get everything that you need to know.

Most likely you will get a large number of occupational safety articles and information, some videos, some power point slides, but much of the information may be in bits and pieces.

While you can get some basic information about confined space safety from these sources, it may not be complete. Even if you do find enough material, it will take you a long time to sequence it all together in one coherent document that makes sense to you.

Even after doing all this there is a possibility that you may not get what you really need to know from an OSHA compliance perspective

Plus you will spend several hours of your time doing all this for zero returns on your investment!

On the other hand, when you take this Abhisam Confined Space safety course, you know that

    1.  It is very carefully made, with subject matter experts in the field of Occupational Safety, Process Safety & Industrial operations who have spent decades in the actual field creating permit systems, investigating incidents and streamlining methods to reduce or eliminate confined space safety accidents.
    2. Utilizes easy graphics, animations and simulations, real life examples of dos and donts, correct and incorrect practices  that enable you to understand everything easily.
    3.  Earn a Certificate when you pass the associated exam and also get an electronic badge that can be displayed online on places such as LinkedIn. Get Noticed.

Can I not simply buy a book? That will be much cheaper!

Of course, you could always pass this up and decide to go for  buy a book on this topic,


remember that there are some disadvantages with this approach

    1.  The first is that not a single book is available  that covers all the topics that you need to know. On the other hand, there will be many books on general workplace safety, occupational safety, permit systems, that may be relevant to only those working in normal workplaces, not those having confined spaces.
    2.  Some of these books may be outdated and obsolete.
    3.  Nobody gives you a certificate if you simply read a book!


What does the $7 trial include?

The $7 trial includes trial access to ALL the courses in the Abhisam Catalog for a limited time including this Confined Spaces Safety course

After the trial is over you can choose to either buy an individual course OR subscribe to the GOLD or PLATINUM membership plans.

Your card will not be billed automatically.

Which versions are available?

This course is available as either stand alone (select the Standard version above), Professional, or as part of the Abhisam GOLD membership level.

The Standard version allows you to access the course online from any device (PC/tablet/smartphone) that has an internet connection and a browser that supports HTML 5 (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc). You can access the course for a period of one year, within which you need to take the exam to earn a Certificate (electronic). You will also earn an electronic badge that can be displayed online on LinkedIn and similar portals.

The Professional version allows you to  download the course to your own Windows 10 PC/laptop (3 year license). Additionally, you can also choose to access the course online from any device (PC/tablet/smartphone) that has an internet connection and a browser that supports HTML 5 (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc). You can access the course for a period of three years, within which you need to take the exam to earn a Certificate (electronic). You will also earn an electronic badge that can be displayed online on LinkedIn and similar portals.

The content in the Standard and Professional versions is the same.

What is the Abhisam GOLD membership?

When you subscribe to the Abhisam GOLD membership, you get access to all the courses in the Abhisam Catalog, by paying just one low monthly subscription with no commitment as you can cancel anytime. You can also get a free certification exam every month. If you are interested in taking a bunch of courses, then the GOLD membership gives you an affordable plan to do this. This is available to individuals only.

What is the Abhisam Platinum membership?

This is meant for organizations with multiple learners. When you subscribe to the Abhisam Platinum membership, your learners get access to all the courses in the Abhisam Catalog, by paying just one low Enterprise yearly subscription. You can also get a free certification exam every month. 

Additionally Platinum membership gives you a Dashboard where your Training Manager can see the progress of the learners, such as learner module completion, login times, test scores, etc.

Free White papers

Confined spaces are one of the top workplace hazards today. In the US, OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regularly publishes confined space fatality data which shows that this is one of the biggest workplace hazards today. This free White paper provides cases from different industries and a confined space safety checklist that helps identify confined space hazards in your own workplace.


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