PPE Training Online with certification

This Personal Protective Equipment usage training course can be delivered to all your employees instantly and easily. Get a dashboard to monitor employee activity.

Personal Protective Equipment Training & Certification

Easily train hundreds or even thousands of your employees in using PPE & maintain records.

Compliance Problem? Struggling to deliver PPE training AND prove that you did it?

Every year employers need to train hundreds or even thousands of their employees in use of Personal Protective Equipment, such as Helmets, Safety Googles, Face shields, gas masks, safety shoes and more.

This is a big problem for many employers because arranging onsite safety training, for so many workers at the same time, at multiple locations, is nearly impossible.

Plus you need to prove that this was actually done and to do this you need to maintain training records for all of them. What training was imparted, when was it imparted, whether they learned anything and so on. This is a very common requirement by law in many jurisdictions, including the US, where OSHA mandates this.

Luckily  this is now easily possible via our Abhisam online PPE training courses via our learning platform.

If the employers fails to do this and worse, even if they do it but fail to provide evidence, they are liable for fines and penalties.

We have solved this issue for you! Now not only do your employees get  online PPE Training, but you as an employer, also get an electronic training record of every employee who has taken this online training, along with date and time details, login times, test scores and more!

(Please select the Team or Enterprise option in case you wish to have this feature).


For one learner
$ 129
  • Course Duration: 10 hours of self paced learning (Earn 10 PDH)
  • Access the course online 24/7 via any device for one year
  • Exam & Certification for one learner
  • Lifelong Valid Certificate

Get Trial Access to all Abhisam courses, including this PPE course for $7. You will NOT be billed automatically after trial ends.

Table of Contents (Expand the + sign to see contents)

Learn about the importance of using PPE to protect themselves from injuries at the workplace & relevant OSHA rules.

Learn about the importance of Head Protection and use of helmets of different types, usage and disposal.

Learn how to protect the eyes and face from typical workplace situations, such as while welding or handling chemicals.

Unfortunately, even today, hand injuries are very common in workplaces. Learn all about protecting hands from workplace injuries.

Learn how to wear the right type of footwear, such as safety shoes to prevent foot injuries in the workplace.

Learn how to protect your body while carrying out tasks that may be hazardous, such as handling chemical drums.

Ear protection is very important in many workplaces, that have high noise. Learn about how to determine unsafe noise levels and if required use the proper type of ear protection.

Learn how to protect yourself from workplace hazards that can affect your respiratory system, such as chemical vapors and dusts, biological hazards.

At the end of every module, is a certification test that enables you to earn points that get you a certificate.

When you pass all the tests (one for every module) you earn a certificate and an electronic badge.

Just get this PPE e-learning course today for your employees and be assured that you have the easiest & fastest way to deliver this training to all of them.

Attention Employers

Company owners, managers, foremen, and anyone who is in charge of personnel who are required to undergo this training…

You know that it’s YOUR responsibility to train your employees… So what are your options?

You could ignore training requirements opening yourself up to MASSIVE liabilities, if your employees are injured or killed on the job …You could be out of business… Or even worse… Almost instantaneously…
You could pay thousands of dollars to send employees to a classroom training program OR  to arrange onsite training programs on PPE for your workers.

OR you can subscribe to our online training course, to get the fastest and easiest way for employees to learn… And RETAIN… Information about this important subject.  

Let’s face it, you probably don’t wake up in the morning excited about getting started with  safety training… It’s not the most fun subject in the world to learn about…

But our software has completely revolutionized the training experience…

Our interactive software based training presents everything in professional quality format, so you can train at your own pace. It is not a simple video of a guy speaking. It is a complete e-course with text, videos, voice narration and an assessment test that evaluates if the employee has understood the training.

Employees can take it online via your PC or laptop, or via their own tablet or mobile phone ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. It is always available (during your license period) for access for as many times as you want.

 Don’t understand something? No problem, you can retake certain parts as many times as you need to.

So what does this Online PPE Training consist of?

This ecourse has several modules, every module covers one or more body parts.


The course can be customized to include any special PPE that is required to be worn by the employees at your location, or other special instructions that they should understand. The Certification Test can be modified to test for your requirements.  It can also be translated into multiple languages, please contact us with your requirements.

We will modify the modules to add this, these will be accessible to only your learners.

Co-branding of certificates is possible.

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