Functional Safety and SIL Training Workshop

Abhisam Functional Safety, SIL & SIS Cybersecurity Training workshop

Participate in the next Abhisam Instructor led Functional Safety, SIL and SIS Cybersecurity (Level 1) Training workshop to learn everything about Functional Safety according to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, as well as key aspects of cybersecurity of Safety Instrumented Systems. Learn from experts with decades of real life experience in industry.

What is Functional Safety & SIL?

Functional Safety refers to active systems that are used in industry to implement safety functions, as opposed to using passive systems. Functional Safety uses sensors, logic solvers and actuators (along with other elements if needed) that comprise a Safety Function to achieve safety.

SIL stands for Safety Integrity Level and is a measure of reliability of the safety function.

To understand the basics of Functional Safety, please read this.

Free Functional Safety Book

If you would like to have a quick, free guide to Functional Safety, SIL and SIS cybersecurity then you can download the Functional Safety book shown here by filling the form.

Functional Safety Training workshop

The Abhisam Quick Guide to Basic Functional Safety & SIL

Why should I participate in the Abhisam Functional Safety Workshop ?

Abhisam has more than 12 years experience in conducting Instructor led training workshops on various topics related to Functional Safety and SIL, including Functional Safety Professional certification courses, Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) training workshops, Software aspects of IEC 61508 and many more. Additionally, Abhisam was one of the first companies in the world to introduce a fully online e-learning course on Safety Instrumented Systems more than 12 years ago. Today it is by far the most popular SIS  Online Course in the industry globally with hundreds of learners from marquee organizations having taken it and learnt all about Safety Instrumented Systems.

Participants  who want a hands on guided approach for learning SIS can attend this workshop.

Abhisam’s Functional Safety & SIL Workshop includes subjects that are not included in other similar Training providers courses, such as cybersecurity aspects of Safety Instrumented Systems.

What is included in the Functional Safety Training Workshop?

The Instructor led Functional Safety Training workshop is a three day event that will cover the following:

    • Basic Concepts of Functional Safety
    • Hazards & Risk Assessment
    • Safety Instrumented Systems
    • Failures & Reliability of SIS
    • Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
    • Functional Safety Standards (IEC 61508, IEC 61511/ISA S84)
    • Functional Safety Management
    • Basic Concepts of Industrial Cybersecurity
    • Cyber security of Safety Instrumented Systems

Cannot participate in the Functional Safety workshop? Take our online Functional Safety, SIL and SIS Cybersecurity courses here

Take the excellent Functional Safety Course  that comes with a Certificate of Competency and an electronic badge on successfully passing the Level 1 exam.

Functional Safety Online Course

Safety Instrumented Systems

If you wish to know about Functional Safety, SIL and Safety Instrumented Systems in detail and qualify as a certified Safety Instrumented Systems professional, please take the online Safety Instrumented Systems course now.

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