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Abhisam publishes free white papers, videos, reports and podcasts on many subjects including Process Safety, Occupational Safety, Functional Safety and SIL, Hazardous Areas, Instrumentation & Automation, Cyber Security, RFID and the Internet of Things, E-learning technology, Learning Management Systems and more.

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The Abhisam Quick Guide to Basic Functional Safety & SIL


Free White Papers

Functional Safety & SIL White Papers

Here are links to the Abhisam free Functional Safety & SIL white papers.

    1. Introduction to Functional Safety & SIL.
    2.  Integrated SIS DCS or separate?
    3. HIPPS-Hight Integrity Pressure Protection Systems-How do they work?

Hazardous Areas White Papers

Here are links to the Abhisam free functional safety white papers.

    1. How to make hazardous areas safer without increasing costs?
    2. Intrinsic Safety- How it works?
    3.  Manage Hazardous areas safely using Gas Monitors.

Instrumentation & Automation White Papers


Here are links to all the Abhisam Instrumentation and Automation White Papers.

  1. Safety Instrumented Systems-5 Design Tips for Engineers.

Cybersecurity  White Papers

Here are links to the Abhisam free Cybersecurity white papers.

    1. Industrial Cybersecurity-Top 5 myths busted!
    2. What is ICS Security? ( DCS / PLC / SCADA Cyber security)

Occupational Safety White Papers

Here are links to the Abhisam free Occupational Safety white papers.

    1. Confined Space Safety Checklist- 5 things that you must know.
    2. Personal Protective Equipment-Employers’ Liability?

Learning Management System  White Papers

Here are links to the Abhisam free Learning Management System white papers.

    1. E-learning in the Process Industries.

Industrial Cybersecurity Report

Here is the latest Industrial Cybersecurity Report-2020

    1. Industrial Cybersecurity Report.

Big Data Analytics White Papers


Here are links to all the Abhisam Big Data White Papers.

  1. Big Data in Chemical Industries, Oil & Gas, other process industries.

Free Videos

Abhisam publishes free videos on many subjects, find them here.

Industrial Cybersecurity Myths

The video is about commonly held myths regarding Industrial Cybersecurity.

What is HAZOP?

This easy video explains the basics of HAZOP.

What is LOTO?

Understand what one means by LOTO and its importance. Watch the LOTO Video below.

Industrial Cybersecurity Game

Participate in the Abhisam Industrial Cybersecurity game when you enroll in the Industrial Cybersecurity Certification course.

Why conduct a SIL Study?

This interesting video is about SIL Study. Find out how to conduct one and how to not only determine the Safety Integrity Level but also carry out SIL Verification calculations, when you enroll in the Abhisam Safety Instrumented Systems course.

What is CHAZOP?

Easily understand what is CHAZOP when you enroll in the Abhisam HAZOP Course.

Free Podcasts

Abhisam publishes free audio podcasts from time to time. You can listen to them here.

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Latest Episode -What is HAZOP and CHAZOP?

Free Books

Abhisam publishes some books that you can get for free many times a year.

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