HAZOP Leader Certification Course is now online

July 16, 2020- The Abhisam  HAZOP Leader certification course is now a completely online, e-learning course now. With the incidence of the pandemic and lockdowns in various places around the world, many learners demanded that the popular course be offered online.

Abhisam is now pleased to inform participants that this HAZOP Leader certification course  online is now available as a full fledged , self paced, e-learning course that can be taken anywhere at your own convenience. You can access all the modules on our new Learning Management System via any device, be it a Windows PC, laptop or Mac or a tablet or smartphone.

The course is now completely modular and you can take it at your own pace.

What is this course about?

The Hazard and Operability technique is a well refined and proven method that is popular in the process industries to carry out hazard and risk assessment. It is to be done as a team, with a leader (also referred to as a HAZOP Chairman). This course prepares you to be in this role.

Why does HAZOP Leadership require such a course?

The Hazard and Operability technique is more than just a technique. You need to do much more than decide guide words and analyze deviations and suggest mitigations. You need to  carry out these safety studies in a special, multi-disciplinary  team that can deliver results. The one who is in a leadership role in this team needs to have technical skills, as well as people and technical management skills. These skills are enhanced via this course and certified by Abhisam.

Do you need to complete the Abhisam HAZOP Professional course?

Yes and No. If you have already completed the Professional course (incidentally now running successfully for almost a decade, with learners all over the world) and qualified as a HAZOP Professional after passing the associated exam, then you can immediately enroll in this course. For a limited time, there is a discounted course price available for all learners who have taken this course during the past five years.

Please contact us for the Coupon Code.

But you can also do it, if you have completed a HAZOP Certification course (either online or offline) from any provider, not just Abhisam. However the course must have had at least 16 hours worth of learning and you must have passed an exam.

What if I want to directly do this course?

You can, provided you have at least 10 years of industry experience in any process industry including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Nuclear, Food & Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Mining, or similar and have actually participated in HAZOP Studies. Experience can be either in Operations, Maintenance, Projects, Engineering , HSE or Safety.

What modules does the course have?

The course has several modules, the details will be updated on the Course page here soon. It will take about 24 hours of learning and self paced effort to take all the modules, complete the assignment and pass the associated exam. This exam is delivered online.

How can I enroll?

You can enroll on the course page directly or contact us with your profile to check eligibility.

What is the eligibility criteria?

You need to have a degree in Engineering or Science, or a Higher National Diploma, with at least five years of technical experience in the process industry, in any role, not necessarily in safety. It could be, for example, in Process Engineering, or Instrumentation & Control Systems, or Mechanical or any other discipline. You need to have participated in actual Hazop or  other Safety Studies during this time and must be well aware of the technique.

For more details, please see the HAZOP Leader course details here or contact us directly via email or phone.