Intrinsic Safety Training with certification

If you have been searching for a good resource to learn Intrinsic Safety online, Abhisam has a course just for this. This easy online Intrinsic Safety Training course is the easiest and most comprehensive way to learn about this subject.


What is Intrinsic Safety?

Intrinsic Safety is a method of explosion protection, used to prevent triggering an ignition in a hazardous area. You may be familiar with other methods of explosion protection such as the Explosionproof method. However, there are many ways of protection used to avoid explosions in hazardous areas and explosionproof is just one such method. There are many other methods such as Intrinsic Safety, Pressurization, Purging, Increased Safety and so on. Not all methods are used in all kinds of hazardous areas. However Intrinsic Safety is the only method of protection that is allowed everywhere.

What is a Hazardous Area?

A hazardous area is where there is a risk of a fire or explosion due to the materials stored or processed in that place. Hence you can find hazardous areas in a lot of places like underground coal mines having an explosive gas called Firedamp (composed mostly of Methane, also referred to as CH4), oil and gas fields, petroleum refineries, oil storage tanks, ships carrying flammable cargo such as Liquified Natural Gas, Crude Oil or other hydrocarbons and even places like grain storage silos.

Why should I take this Intrinsic Safety Training Course?

Intrinsic Safety is a method used to prevent ignition in hazardous areas, unlike other methods such as explosionproof. It is also the only method allowed in all hazardous areas. It allows you to do live maintenance in a hazardous area safely. If you are an Instrumentation, Control Systems or Automation engineer who works in plants and facilities having hazardous areas, then you must be competent in designing, installing and maintaining Intrinsically Safe systems. Intrinsic Safety is covered in IEC 60069 series of standards.

What will this course cover?

This course is divided into several modules that cover the following.

      1. Basics of Hazardous Areas
      2. Intrinsic Safety Basics.
      3.  Zener Barriers-working and selection
      4. Galvanic Isolators-working and selection
      5. Intrinsic Safety Standards (IEC and NEC)
      6. Using Intrinsically Safe Fieldbus devices including FISCO
      7. Inspections & Maintenance

These modules have easy to understand graphics, animations, explanations, real life example calculations and self assessment questions. Furthermore there is a  self assessment module in addition to these above.

It also has example calculations so that you can easily learn how to select suitable barriers, isolators and cables for your Intrinsically safe loops.

Will I get a Certificate?

Of course. Everybody who takes the course can take the associated exam and earn a certificate as well as an electronic badge that can be displayed online. Here’s a sample badge, however the actual badge will have your name and certificate linked to it. You can easily add this to social networking sites like LinkedIn to have greater visibility of your knowledge and skills.

Intrinsic Safety Badge

Where can I get more information?

You can visit the Intrinsic Safety training course page here to get more information including a detailed table of contents of the course.

If you wish to know about Hazardous Area Instrumentation that includes explosionproof, increased safety, pressurization, purging, increased safety in detail in addition to Intrinsic Safety, then you can take the Abhisam Hazardous Area Instrumentation training course that covers all of these.

Is there a free version available?

No, there is no free version of this course. However you can take the free Hazardous areas course here titled Introduction To Hazardous Areas , if you wish to learn more about hazardous areas in general without spending a dime.

Are there any discounts?

There is an early bird discount offer where you can get $100 off . Hurry, it is only limited to the first few learners.

Where do I get the course?

You can buy the course online via Credit Card or Paypal from the Course Information page here