Functional Safety Training in India

Functional Safety Training in India at Baker Hughes

Functional Safety Training in India After a gap of two years, Abhisam has restarted Functional Safety Training in India. Recently, Abhisam conducted the Abhisam Functional Safety, SIL & SIS Cybersecurity (Level 1) workshop for engineers of Baker Hughes at their Mumbai office. About Baker Hughes Baker Hughes is a leading Energy Technology company in the world. For more than a century Baker Hughes inventions have revolutionized the world of …

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What is an SRS?

What is an SRS (Safety Requirement Specification)? Why is it important?

What is a Safety Requirement Specification? (SRS for short)? A Safety Requirement Specification is one of the most important documents in any Safety Instrumented Systems project. This document forms the design basis of the Safety Instrumented System and has the detailed specifications of every Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) which comprises the SIS. When is the document made? If you refer to the Safety Lifecycle according to IEC 61511 (ISA …

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What is SIL?

What is SIL? Should we select SIL 4 for our Safety Instrumented Function?

Jenny is a young engineer assigned to a project to install a new Safety Instrumented System for a plant. Eddie is her supervisor, who is in charge of the project. Jenny wonders why have different SILs for different SIFs. Eddie explains the reasons. Watch the video below to know more. What is SIL? Safety Integrity Level (SIL) is a measure used to describe the integrity of a Safety Instrumented …

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Safety Instrumented Systems design

Safety Instrumented Systems- Design

Many process plants handle large amounts of hazardous materials (including flammable, explosive or toxic chemicals)  at high temperatures and pressures (or in vacuum conditions)via complex processes. Hence there is a risk that there could be a disaster if something goes wrong and we could have fires, explosions and toxic chemical releases that can harm people and the environment. These incidents also damage assets and cause large scale destruction. In …

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Safety Instrumented Systems a life-cycle approach

Safety Instrumented Systems- a Life-cycle approach works best

What are Safety Instrumented Systems? Safety Instrumented Systems are automation systems that kick into action when some deviation from the normal operating parameters has the potential to trigger an unwanted incident. These include both (relatively) simple systems like OPS (overfill prevention systems), that prevent overfilling a storage tank by sensing the high level and automatically stopping the inlet flow on high level, as well as more complex systems such …

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Competency Management System

IEC TR 61511-4:2020- Competency Management Requirements

What is IEC TR 61511-4: 2020? This is the latest publication in the IEC 61511 (Functional Safety – safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector) series. It  is a Technical Report which gives explanations for updates to the various clauses in the latest edition of IEC 61511. According to the IEC website this technical report: • specifies the rationale behind all clauses and the relationship between them, • …

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Free Functional Safety ebook pdf

Free Functional Safety Book pdf | Abhisam

Abhisam is pleased to launch its Quick Guide to Basic Functional Safety & SIL, which is being offered free for a limited time. This free functional safety book pdf guide explains eveything that you need to know about the basics of functional safety and SIL (safety integrity level). This can be used by any engineer or technical professional who wants to understand Functional Safety as used in industry. Why …

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What is the Safety Life Cycle? | Functional Safety IEC 61511

The Safety Life Cycle The Safety Life cycle is an important concept in the domain of Functional Safety. It recognizes the fact that “Safety” is not a one shot affair, or something like a standard product or service that can be obtained by a one time payment or effort. Rather Safety (including Functional Safety, Process Safety, Occupational Safety and all other branches of Industrial Safety) are a process and …

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Safety Logic Solver

What is a Safety Instrumented System?

A Safety Instrumented System (SIS for short)  is used in many process plants to ensure continued safe operation of the process. In case of any disturbance that is likely to result in an unwanted incident the SIS automatically brings the process to a safe state and prevents loss of life, asset damage and environmental damage. For process plants that handle hazardous, toxic, explosive or other similar materials, Safety Instrumented …

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What is a Safety Instrumented Function?

What is a Safety Instrumented Function? One of the most fundamental questions related to Functional Safety and Safety Instrumented Systems is this-what is a safety instrumented function? Once you understand what a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) means, you will immediately grasp the connection between safety instrumented functions and a Safety Instrumented System (SIS). But more on that later. Any plant or piece of equipment that has the potential to …

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