Training Records Management

Training Records Management software

What is Training Records Management software? Simply speaking, a Training Records Management Software allows you to manage all your training records in one single system. Thus you can get rid of your manual training records at once and have a seamless training records management via a Cloud based Learning Management System. All your learner data including their profiles, skill sets, the training courses that they have already attended and …

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Upskill Training Program Abhisam

How to implement an Upskill training program and have easy safety compliance

Upskill Training in pandemic times Change is a basic fact of life. As industries and different business sectors grow and mature,  new technologies get introduced.  Adding to this is the COVID19 pandemic which has forced new constraints on many business. At the same time, it has also generated many opportunities for existing businesses to take advantage of the new situation and in a very constructive way.One of the opportunities …

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