Abhisam GOLD membership- get all courses at one low price!

Abhisam last year introduced the tremendously popular Abhisam GOLD membership plan, where for a small monthly fee, you get access to all Abhisam Courses (except the Abhisam HAZOP Leader program) at once.

Abhisam GOLD Membership

For a one time joining fee and a small monthly fee, you can get the entire Abhisam Course Catalog all at once. This is a tremendously valuable deal, which you cannot get with any other course provider. What’s more you get one Certification test free every month and if you need more, simply buy additional tests at a discounted price.

Here are all the courses that you get with a single GOLD Membership. These courses are hard to find anywhere else. These courses help you learn and upskill yourself with in-demand hard skills, they are not “feel good fluff courses” that you get sometimes from other portals.

If you take the highly acclaimed Abhisam Certification Exam for an Abhisam course and pass, you earn an electronic certificate that never expires. You also earn an electronic badge issued via Badgr that is verifiable online and can be added to your LinkedIn or other profile easily. This attracts potential employers and clients to you and you can recover this small investment in less than a day!

Imagine the amount of money that is a per day billing rate for people that have these skills and compare it with the amount that you pay to be a member and get all these courses! There’s simply no comparison. Your one month’s cost is covered in less than an hour!

Here are all the courses that you can get with your Abhisam GOLD Membership. Hurry now because once we add even more courses to the membership, we will be forced to increase the costs to pay for our investment in these courses.

Some of the popular Courses under the Abhisam GOLD Membership plan. For the current full list of courses please see here.

  1. HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study)
  2. LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis)
  3. What-If Analysis Training Course
  4. Industrial Hygiene Training Courses
  5. Industrial Toxicology
  6. Understanding Fires & Explosions Training
  7. Preventing Fires and Explosions
  8. Personal Protective Equipment
  9. Confined Space Safety Course
  10. Globally Harmonized System (GHS for Managers)
  11. GHS Essentials Training Course (for workers)
  12. Chemical Warehouse Safety Training Course
  13. Functional Safety, SIL & SIS Cybersecurity (Level 1)
  14. Safety Instrumented Systems Training Course
  15. Industrial Cybersecurity Training
  16. Gas Monitors Training
  17. Hazardous Area Classification Training
  18. Hazardous Area Instrumentation Training
  19. Intrinsic Safety Training
  20. Fieldbus Training (including FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus PA, ASibus, HART)
  21. Variable Frequency Drives Training
  22. RFID Training

So what are you waiting for?

Grab this opportunity before we shut the doors on membership plans. There are only a limited number of spots available that we can have in the membership plan, so grab yours today!

All courses can be purchased individually as always.