LOPA Swiss Cheese model

All about LOPA-Layer of Protection Analysis

What is LOPA? LOPA is short for Layer of Protection Analysis. It is also referred to sometimes as Layers of Protection Analysis. It is  considered a semi-quantitative risk assessment technique. Abhisam’s Layer of Protection Analysis training course is an easy way to learn it. What are protection layers? An easy way to understand protection layers is to study an example of a residential house, located in a not so …

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LOPA- Layer of Protection Analysis Training & Certification

LOPA Training Course Abhisam is pleased to announce that its updated LOPA Training Course,  is now available online. This is a self-paced course and can be started anytime and completed at your own convenience. Interesting animations & simulations, videos, actual real life scenarios and examples, worksheets, exercises make this one of the best LOPA training courses available anywhere! LOPA Certification The Abhisam LOPA Course is the most comprehensive course …

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