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Abhisam  HAZOP Workshop

Participate in the next Abhisam Instructor led HAZOP Workshop to learn the Hazard and Operability Study technique. Learn from experts with decades of real life experience in industry.

What is HAZOP?

HAZOP is an acronym for Hazard and Operability Study, one of the most popular risk assessment techniques used in industry. Currently it is considered as one of the main techniques in carrying out a PHA (Process Hazard Analysis).

HAZOP Workshop

Why should I participate in the Abhisam HAZOP Workshop ?

Abhisam has more than a decade of experience in conducting Instructor led training workshops on the HAZOP Study technique. Additionally, Abhisam was one of the first companies in the world to introduce a fully online e-learning course on HAZOP more than 10 years ago. Today it is by far the most popular HAZOP Online Course in industry globally.

However some participants want a hands on guided approach for learning HAZOP and hence even though the e-learning course is available, Abhisam continues to offer this Instructor led HAZOP Workshop for those learners who prefer this format.

Abhisam’s HAZOP Workshop includes subjects that are not included in other HAZOP Training providers courses, such as CHAZOP and Human Factors HAZOP or Boolean Logic as applied to HAZOP.

What is included in the HAZOP Training Workshop?

The Instructor led HAZOP Training workshop is a two day event and will cover the following:

    • Basic Concepts of Hazard and Risk Assessment.
    • HAZOP Methodology (including Intentions, Deviations, Causes, Consequences, Nodes, Parameters, Guide Words, documentation, Worksheets, Recommendations, modifications).
    • Other HAZOP Aspects (Human Factor guide words,  Double Jeopardy, Auditing the HAZOP Study, Limitations).
    • Key HAZOP Management aspects
    • CHAZOP (Computer HAZOP/Control System HAZOP)
    • HAZOP Standards
    • Case Study with participation of attendees.

Cannot participate in the HAZOP workshop? Take the online HAZOP course

Take the excellent HAZOP Online course that comes with a Certificate of Competency and an electronic badge on successfully passing the HAZOP exam.

Get HAZOP Certification even if you are located anywhere in the world.

HAZOP Online Course

Certified HAZOP Leader

If you are an experienced HAZOP Professional, or you have already completed the HAZOP Professional certification, you can enroll in the certified HAZOP Leader program.

What is CHAZOP?

The Abhisam HAZOP Workshop and the Abhisam HAZOP Professional online course also includes a section on CHAZOP.

CHAZOP stands for Computer HAZOP or Control HAZOP. It is a variation of the Hazard and Operability technique that is used to find out possible problems with the plant’s Control System and suggest mitigations.  Since many HAZOP recommendations involve using the plant’s computer controlled Basic Process Control System (BPCS) or Safety Instrumented System (SIS) it is very helpful in finding out potential problems with these systems.

A BPCS can be DCS based (Distributed Control System) or PLC based (Programmable Logic Controller) coupled with an HMI (Human Machine Interface).

An SIS can be based either on discrete instruments or on programmable safety logic solvers (popularly known as Safety PLCs).

The Abhisam HAZOP workshop includes CHAZOP too.

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