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Easy learning on HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) with Certificate of Competency

Hazard and Operability Study, is a well known hazard analysis tool used for risk assessment and mitigation. It is considered an important part of process safety management and HSE risk assessment of plants and facilities. It is a highly structured and systematic method, to identify all hazards in a process, evaluate the design intention, work out possible deviations & then think of mitigating those which could cause bad consequences. The deviations also include human factors, including non malicious as well as malicious intent.

Abhisam first developed this  easy online e-learning course more than 8 years ago and it has become popular all over the world, with hundreds of professionals taking it and getting certified every year. It is a highly engaging course, with Interactive Animations & Simulations, "why-we-do-it and how-to-do-it" training course. It is NOT just a video of a boring guy speaking in front of a whitebaord OR a simple powerpoint presentation!

This Training Course Includes

Animations & Simulations

This e-learning software makes extensive use of Animations & Simulations to help you learn very easily. See below for a  SMALL sample.

Situational Videos

HAZOP is not only about technical aspects, but also about leadership and Management. See a small snippet of the actual video below.

The complete video can be viewed in the actual course.

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Get Certified and also Earn an Electronic Badge

Passing the associated exam earns you a Certificate of Competency and an electronic badge. Click on the badge to see. Can be shared on LinkedIn.Abhisam HAZOP BadgeHAZOP Certification


Self Assessment Test

This e-learning software  has a Self Assessment Test that helps you prepare for the Certification Exam.

HAZOP Questions

Case Study

After studying many real life examples, the final module will have a Case Study.

P & ID for hazop case study

Below is an example of a P & ID which is part of the Distillation Column Case Study in the Enterprise version.

safety study distillation

HAZOP Filtration

Images have been purposefully blurred.

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Course Duration: 20 hours (Approx 2 & 1/2 days of self paced learning)
Get 20 PDH (Professional Development Hours)
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Customer Testimonial

I have worked in the International Oil and Gas Industry as a technical instructor for more than thirty years. Most of my work has been with those whose first language is not necessarily English; hence "understanding" can be a problem!

I have both used and recommended the products of Abhisam. My field of work has been in the areas of instrumentation and automation, including safety related systems.  The courses are presented in a very professional manner being clear, concise and very easy to understand.
I recommend them highly to all engineers and technicians in our industry.  They are excellent and I recommend them highly. No praise is too great!!

John Longden
GCGI LCGI. Senior Trainer
Petroleum Training Institute, UK

TABLE OF CONTENTS of the Training Course XPRTU Software

Module 1 - Basic Concepts
  • Introduction to the course

  • What is Hazard and Operability Study?

  • More about HAZOP

  • History of HAZOP



  • FMEA

  • Hazards & Risks

  • Use of HAZOP

  • Types of hazards- Fire & Explosions

  • Types of hazards - Toxic Material

  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis

  • Consequence Analysis

  • Risk & Harm

  • Risk Graph

  • Risk Reduction

  • The ALARP principle

  • Risk Reduction in process plants

  • Risk Reduction explained

  • Risk & Cost Calculations for bean counters

  • Example - Cost Justification

  • Layers of Protection

  • Layers of Protection in the process industries

  • Diversity

  • Diversity Example

  • Preventive & Mitigative layers

Module 2 - HAZOP Methodology
  • Introduction

  • Design Intent

  • Intentions & Deviations

  • Causes and Consequences

  • Benign Consequences
  • Method Outline

  • Node Identification

  • Guide Words

  • Parameter Deviations

  • Deviation Recognition

  • Why deviation recognition fails

  • Types of Deviations

  • Example - Chlorine

  • Types of Deviations

  • CIP Example

  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) deviations example

  • Tank Truck unloading example

  • Normal Operation

  • Guide Word High

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word High

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word Low

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word Low

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word Low

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word Reverse

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Guide Word Other Than

  • Deviation & Consequence

  • Before starting the HAZOP

  • Other documents

  • Guide Words & Parameters

  • HAZOP Worksheet

  • Guide Word High

  • Guide Word Low

  • Guide Word Reverse

  • Guide Word Other Than

  • HAZOP Recommendations

  • HAZOP Recommendation sheet

  • The P & ID after HAZOP

  • Summary

  • Double Jeopardy

  • Double Jeopardy in HAZOP

  • Boolean Logic and Safety

  • Protection Measures

  • Additional Measures

  • Boolean Logic and HAZOP

  • Human Errors

  • Human Factors HAZOP

  • HAZOP Human Guide Words

  • Parameter Deviations with Human element

  • Worksheets for Human Errors

  • HAZOP features

  • Tank Truck Unloading with Human Factor guide words
Module 3 - HAZOP Types, Standards & Legal Requirements
  • HAZOP Standards

  • HAZOP Standards - IEC 61882

  • IEC 61882 Ed 2

  • ISO 14001

  • HAZOP and ISO 14001

  • HAZOP as a legal requirement

  • The Seveso Directives

  • Seveso III



  • Types of HAZOP

  • Greenfield HAZOP

  • Various Stages

  • Concept HAZOP

  • Concept HAZOP Worksheet

  • Basic Design HAZOP

  • Detailed HAZOP

  • Commissioning HAZOP

  • Brownfield HAZOP

  • Brownfield HAZOP Process


  • Need for CHAZOP

  • CHAZOP Methodology

  • Typical CHAZOP format

  • CHAZOP Example

  • CHAZOP Summary

Module 4 - Managing HAZOPs
  • Why is Managing HAZOPs so important?

  • Management Support

  • Management Support - example

  • HAZOP Team

  • HAZOP Team Example

  • Team Work

  • HAZOP Consultants

  • Role of HAZOP leader

  • Role of HAZOP secretary

  • Role of HAZOP team members

  • Number of team members

  • Team Skill Level

  • HAZOP Documentation

  • Auditing a HAZOP

Module 5 - Case Study
  • The Process Description

  • The plant

  • The P&ID

  • Carrying out the HAZOP

  • HAZOP Worksheet

  • HAZOP Recommendation Sheet

  • The P&ID after the HAZOP

  • The Audit of the HAZOP

  • An actual incident

  • Learnings from the incident

  • A Final Word

Self Assessment Test


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