Hazardous Area Instrumentation. Training & Certification

Learn everything about Hazardous Area Instrumentation in one easy online learning course! Includes the following:

    • Area Classification, Material & Temperature classification
    • Understanding IEC & NFPA/NEC Standards, ATEX, IEC-Ex
    • Understand how Explosionproof, Increased Safety, Intrinsic Safety, Pressurization, Purging, Non incendive and other techniques work
    • Learn about markings, inspections, maintenance
    • Fieldbus in Hazardous areas

* Easy  Self Paced , structured eLearning Course, access online 24/7 or on your own PC (Download version)


The Abhisam Hazardous Area Instrumentation e-learning course was the first of its kind when launched in the year 2004. Now after 14 years on, with several revisions and updations, it is the best learning resource on the topic that you can find anywhere. Used by professionals in many industries such as Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Mining,  Power Generation, Shipping, Industrial Automation, Engineering Consultants and governmental organizations, it remains the premier training course for this subject all over the world!


* Understand Hazardous Area Concepts easily via Animations and Simulations, videos

A picture is worth a thousand words and an animation is worth a thousand pictures! Learn all important aspects of hazardous area instruments via engaging animated nuggets that show you how explosionproof enclosures work, how threaded joints and flanged joints work to protect enclosures, how intrinsic safety barriers and isolators work and many more!


* Real Life examples including photos from plants and facilities

When you get the Abhisam e-learning course, you are not buying some outdated textbook or pdf, you are getting decades of experience of hazardous area experts who have spent  their lifetimes in industry. So the examples that are used to explain and photos are from actual industrial facilities and devices.


* Save on Travel and Stay costs. Learn at your own pace.

Getting this course means not having to travel somewhere to learn about the topic. Learn at your own pace, maybe just a hour everyday or whenever you feel like it. No need to travel to a faraway place and spend time and money on travel or stay. Learn in the comfort of your own office or home, or even on the beach! We make geography, history.


* Get Certified as a Hazardous Area Professional (earn a Certificate with lifelong validity and an electronic Badge)

We enable you to earn a Certificate of Competency in Hazardous Area Instrumentation, with lifetime validity, at no additional charge! Also get an electronic Badge that can be displayed online on places such as LinkedIn or Facebook, to let your peers, bosses and clients (present and future) about your skills and achievements.

Key Benefits of the Course

Get Certified as a Professional! Earn an electronic badge that you can display online.

Abhisam Hazardous Area Instrumentation Certificate

Abhisam Hazardous Area Instrumentation Certification

Customer Feedback

We are the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company, one of the major Oil & Gas production companies in EGYPT. I would like to express our good impression on such course. It is one of the most comprehensive, information rich and fun at the same time regarding Hazard area classification and its equipment installation practice.
Best regards for the abhisam company!

Instrumentation Department
GUPCO, Egypt

“Hazardous Area Instrumentation” helped me by its very clear and easy to understand demonstration, to explain and answer our client and colleague queries related to these subjects. The result was amazing when I received their feedback after years of experience in this area. I would recommend  ” Hazardous Area Instrumentation”  to people who need  get some training in this field,before trying anything else, since I did this and found the abhisam product the most effective and helpful among the other training products. I wish success for abhisam team for their great work.
Farshid Alsafi, USA

Learners from Marquee Companies

This course is the oldest e-learning course in Hazardous Area Instrumentation worldwide! Updated continuosly, this is now the fifth version since it was first introduced in 2003. Engineers and Managers from marquee companies have learned via this course,  only a few examples are shown below

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Just for your information, here are some of the accidents in the news…reported and investigated by the Chemical Safety Board. Directly related to lack of knowledge about hazardous areas.

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For one learner
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  • Course Duration: 16 hours of self paced learning (Earn 16 PDH)
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  • Exam & Certification for one learner
  • Lifelong Valid Certificate


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Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Hazardous Areas

  • History related to Mines

  • Miners Safety Lamp

  • Flammable Liquids, Gases & Vapors

  • Fire Triangle

  • Explosive Limits

  • Hazardous Atmosphere

  • Effects of Temperature & Pressure

  • Ignition Energy

  • Flash Point

  • Autoignition Temperature

  • Dust Hazards

  • Explosion Pentagon

  • Why do we classify hazardous areas?

  • More about classification

  • Different Types of Standards

  • Standards Bodies -IEC

  • Standards Bodies – NFPA

  • Area Classification for Gases & Vapors (IEC)

  • Area Classification for Gases (IEC)

  • Area Classification for Dust atmospheres (IEC)

  • Area Classification for Dusts (IEC)

  • Material Classification (IEC)

  • Material Classification (IEC) – Examples

  • MESG (Maximum Experimental Safe Gap)

  • Minimum Ignition Current (MIC)

  • MIC Ratio

  • Temperature Classification (IEC)

  • Classification of Hazardous Locations (American System)

  • Material Classification for Gases & Vapors (North American System)

  • Classification of Gas Groups (North American System)

  • Comparison between IEC and the North American System

  • Article 505 of the National Electrical Code

  • Area Classification of Dusts (North American)

  • Dust Groups (North American)

  • Area Classification for Fibers and Flyings (North American)

  • Temperature Classification (American System)

  • Summary-IEC

  • Summary-NEC

  • Step by step Area Classification for Gases & Vapors

  • Pitfalls in the Classification Process

  • Area Classification for Dusts

  • Example of Area Classification

  • Introduction to ATEX

  • The ATEX Directives

  • The ATEX Directive 94/9/EC-1

  • The ATEX Directive 94/9/EC-2

  • ATEX Equipment and Categories

  • ATEX suitability table

  • ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC-1

  • ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC-2

  • ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC (contd)-3

  • ATEX 2016 Updates

  • Integrated Explosion Protection

  • Non Electrical Ignition

  • Traceablity

  • ATEX Exclusions

  • Overview of Protection Philosophy

  • Explosionproof Method (IEC Code Ex-d)

  • Explosionproof Fundamentals

  • Explosionproof Working

  • Pressure development in an enclosure

  • Pressure Piling

  • Explosionproof MESG

  • Standards & Practices for Explosionproofing

  • Explosionproof Seals

  • Explosionproof IEC

  • Dust Ignition Proof

  • Explosionproof Advantages

  • Explosionproof Disadvantages

  • Intrinsic Safety (IEC Code Ex-i)

  • Intrinsic Safety Basics

  • Intrinsic Safety – Resistive Circuits

  • Intrinsic Safety – Inductive circuits

  • Intrinsic Safety Capacitive

  • Minimum Ignition Current (MIC)

  • Resistive Circuit Curves

  • Curves for Gas Group IIC

  • Capacitive Circuit Curves

  • Inductive Circuit Curves

  • Intrinsic Safety – Simple Apparatus

  • Intrinsic Safety Apparatus

  • Intrinsic Safety Barriers – Diodes

  • Intrinsic Safety Barriers – Zener Diodes

  • Ordinary Diode Curves

  • Zener Diode Curves

  • Functioning of a safety barrier

  • Safety Description of barriers

  • Zener Barrier example

  • Zener Barriers – Earthing

  • Isolators

  • Isolator details

  • Infallible Components

  • Entity Concept

  • Cable Parameters and L/R ratio

  • Ex-ia, Ex-ib, Ex-ic

  • Intrinsic Safety Parameters – 1

  • Matching of IS parameters

  • Designing an Intrinsically Safe loop – example

  • Designing an IS loop (contd)

  • Intrinsic Safety – Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Pressurization & Purging

  • Types of pressurization

  • Pressurization Interlocks

  • Purging Types X, Y and Z

  • IEC Types Ex-px, Ex-py and Ex-pz

  • Pressurization – Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Increased Safety – Introduction

  • Increased Safety – Construction

  • Creepage and Clearances

  • Overloads

  • Increased Safety – Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Nonincendive equipment

  • Non Arcing Equipment

  • Differences between Ex-nA and Ex-nL

  • Nonincendive Equipment – Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Encapsulation

  • Encapsulation

  • Powder Filling & Oil Immersion

  • IEC Equipment Protection Level

  • IEC Protection Methods Table – Gas/Vapor

  • IEC Protection Methods Table – Dusts

  • Weather Protection

  • NEMA Codes – Indoor Non hazardous locations

  • NEMA Codes – Outdoor non hazardous locations

  • NEMA Rating for Hazardous Locations

  • Ingress Protection Codes

  • IP Codes Chart

  • Comparison between IP and NEMA

  • Fieldbus in Hazardous Areas

  • Using traditional explosionproof methods

  • Fieldbus using Intrinsic Safety

  • Fieldbus Entity Calculation Example


  • FISCO Topology

  • FISCO Conditions

  • FISCO Advantages


  • FNICO with repeaters

  • FNICO and Ex-ic

  • Field Barriers & High Energy Trunks

  • Introduction

  • Certification Bodies

  • Marking & Labeling

  • ATEX Marking

  • Marking & Labeling -Example

  • Testing

  • Hexagon Ex and CE Marks

  • Marking & Labeling -Example

  • The IEC Ex System

  • Introduction & General Guidelines

  • Inspections

  • Explosionproof Equipment

  • Intrinsically Safe Equipment

  • Dust Ignitionproof Equipment

  • Purged & Pressurized Equipment

The Self Assessment Test is a practice mock test that helps you prepare for the Hazardous Area certification exam

Just get this Hazardous Area Instrumentation training course today for a much lesser price than any other course out there

No other course (Classroom or e-learning or software or online or video or any other) includes all of these modules in one course!

Can I not get this information free from elsewhere?

There is a myth  “Just Google it”

Unfortunately it is not true. If you Google for it you are likely to get a large number of Hazardous Area Instrumentation related articles, videos, ebooks and other material.  You may also get a lot of information about explosionproof instruments, intrinsically safe instruments, safety barriers, galvanic isolators, purged panels and mich more.

However, none of these will teach you

How does an Explosionproof enclosure actually work? (Find out in our animations)

How does it contain the explosion?

How much pressure gets developed inside?

Why are there different criteria for Group IIA, IIB and IIC instruments?

What does the ATEX mark mean?

What is the difference between flange covers and screwed ones? What do you mean by flamepath?

How do you design an Instrument loop using Intrinsically Safe instruments? How do you match the parameters of the zener barrier or isolator to the instrument?

What is the importance of cables?

You will find all your questions answered here and many with animations so that you can easily grasp complex concepts.

Also, Earn a Certificate of Competency in Hazardous Area Instrumentation, when you pass the associated exam and also get an electronic badge that can be displayed online on places such as LinkedIn. Get Noticed as an Expert!

Can I not simply buy a book? That will be much cheaper!

Of course, you could always pass this up and decide to go for  buy a book on this topic,


remember that there are some disadvantages with this approach

a)  The first is that not a single book is available on the market, that covers all the topics that you need to know. On the other hand, there are a lot of things in every book, that you can safely skip, without missing anything.

b) Some of these books may be outdated and obsolete as the standards keep on getting updated whereas the book remains as it is.

c) Watching an animated simulation makes you grasp a concept much faster than merely reading about it.

and Finally,

d) Nobody gives you a certificate if you simply read a book.

What does the $7 trial include?

The $7 trial includes trial access to ALL the courses in the Abhisam Catalog for a limited time.

After the trial is over you can choose to either buy an individual course OR subscribe to the GOLD or PLATINUM membership plans. Your card will not be billed automatically.

Which versions are available?

This course is available as either stand alone (select the Standard version above), Professional, or as part of the Abhisam GOLD membership level.

The Standard version allows you to access the course online from any device (PC/tablet/smartphone) that has an internet connection and a browser that supports HTML 5 (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc). You can access the course for a period of one year, within which you need to take the exam to earn a Certificate (electronic). You will also earn an electronic badge that can be displayed online on LinkedIn and similar portals.

The Professional version allows you to  download the course to your own Windows 10 PC/laptop (3 year license). Additionally, you can also choose to access the course online from any device (PC/tablet/smartphone) that has an internet connection and a browser that supports HTML 5 (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc). You can access the course for a period of three years, within which you need to take the exam to earn a Certificate (electronic). You will also earn an electronic badge that can be displayed online on LinkedIn and similar portals.

The content in the Standard and Professional versions is the same.

What is the Abhisam GOLD membership?

When you subscribe to the Abhisam GOLD membership, you get access to all the courses in the Abhisam Catalog, by paying just one low monthly subscription. You can also get a free certification exam every month. If you are interested in taking a bunch of courses, then the GOLD membership gives you an affordable plan to do this. This is available to individuals only.

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