Free Hazardous Area Training Course

Take this free hazardous area course from Abhisam and learn the fundamental concepts of hazardous areas. This course is free for individuals. If you are an organization, please contact us.

Take this FREE Hazardous Area Training Course now

Yes, you read that right!

Take this absolutely free Hazardous Area Training Course from Abhisam and learn all the basics of  hazardous areas, while sitting in the comfort of your home or office.

Hazardous Areas (also known as Classified locations) are places where there is a risk of fire and/or explosion, due to the presence of flammable vapors, gases and dusts. There have been several accidents over the past many years, due to ignorance about hazardous areas.

This is a quite complex subject, but Abhisam has made it easy for you to understand it with the help of extensive use of animations and simulations. Taking this self paced free online hazardous area training e-course will help you gain knowledge in the subject, so that you can take steps to protect yourself, your colleagues and your plant assets from possible fires and explosions.

If you work in the Oil & Gas industries, Chemical plants, coal or gas based Power Generation plants, Pulp & paper mills, Tank Farms that store hydrocarbons and similar places, then you need to know everything about hazardous areas. Take this free course now, simply register at the Abhisam Online Learning Portal at PrettyGoodCourses and you can start learning about it immediately.

The course consists of several modules with text, full voice narration, animations and real life photos, to make it a very engaging learning experience.

It is NOT a typical Hazardous Area PPT, nor is it a video of a guy talking.

It is what we call an XPRTU- a software based training course that makes you into an expert.

So why don’t you check out this course today? Please click on the button to go to the Abhisam Learning Portal at PrettyGoodCourses, where you can register and take it.

There are also other free and paid learning courses there, so you may want to check them out too!

If you are an engineer, worker, technician, supervisor, manager or a safety manager working in the Oil & Gas industry, or the Chemical and Petrochemical manufacturing industry, or pharmaceutical manufacturing, metal processing, or other industries where explosive or flammable mixtures of vapors, gases and dusts/fibers are present, then you MUST be aware of what precautions you need to take, how to work in these hazardous areas.

You must be fully aware of all the steps that need to be taken.

Taking this free hazardous area training course is the easiest and fastest way to learn about it, become aware and protect yourself and your colleagues.
So why can’t I surf the internet to find this information or perhaps read a book?

Sure you can, perhaps that is how you landed here. Now you can make really good use of your valuable time, by learning about Hazardous Areas by taking this free e learning course. This free training course, has been prepared by Abhisam’s subject matter experts and you will find everything explained in a very easy to understand and logical manner. You will learn everything in a short amount of time, sitting in your home or office, or anywhere there is an internet connection. You can simply click on the Hazardous Area Course button and you’re good to go!

There is no free book/ebook that explains everything so beautifully, in a short amount of time. Also, books become obsolete very fast because standards keep on changing. To be in sync with the latest standards and practices, you must take this online course, which is updated frequently.

This course is as far as we have seen the only really completely free one with no ads or other annoying stuff. It is a completely company neutral (vendor neutral) course, unlike some others that are seen online.
So How do I start?

Nothing to download, simply sign up for a free account at the new Abhisam Training Portal at PrettyGoodCourses and you can start accessing it immediately. Or Click the Hazardous Area Course button above and you are good to go.


What if I want a Certificate?

In order to obtain a certificate, you need to order it online for a nominal fee. You can see the link to order it in the course.

(Note: The Course itself is free and you need to pay only a nominal amount if you wish to have a Certificate. Otherwise, there is no obligation to pay anything at all.)

If you are interested in knowing more about the subject and earning a Certificate of Competency, then you can check out other (paid) courses such as the one on Hazardous Area Classification or the one on Hazardous Area Instrumentation or the one on Intrinsic Safety.


So what does this course contain?

DO NOT think that just because it is “free” , it is a low quality course. The free designation is so that more people can easily learn about this important subject without spending any money on it.

This free e-learning training course has THREE modules as below



Introduction to the Hazardous Area Training Course


Module 1- Introduction to Hazardous Areas

* Introduction

* Types of Hazardous Areas

* Hazardous Areas around the world

* History

* Hazardous atmosphere

* Why designate hazardous areas?

* Why classify hazardous areas

* Area Classification, Material Classification & Temperature Classification

* Basic Concepts of Fires and Explosions

* Fire Triangle

* Sources of Ignition

* Controlling Ignition Sources

* What is an explosion?

* Combustible Dusts


Module 2- Properties of Hazardous Materials

* Ignition of Explosive atmospheres

* LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) & UEL(Upper Explosive Limit)

* Minimum Ignition Energy

* Flash Point & Fire Point

* Autoignition Temperature

* Types of Combustible Dusts

* Combustible Dust Video

* Summary


Module 3 -Assessment Test

The Assessment test enables you to learn how well you have understood the subject.

Attention: Organizations with mandatory training requirements.

If you wish to train large numbers of employees at multiple locations, then this is the easiest way to train them. They can access the course via PCs/laptops/smartphones/tablets anywhere and anytime. If you subscribe to our Enterprise version, we can also give you a report of training done by the employees including how much time spent, which modules were accessed and test scores, that you can use to demonstrate mandatory compliance with training requirements.

We can even customize this training for you if you need it.


Note: Training Report and Customization are additional services that are chargeable. However this will be much cheaper than arranging on site training for everybody and keeping manual records. Please get in touch with us to know more.

Hazardous Area Certification Courses

Hazardous Area Instrumentation Course with Certification

Take this Hazardous Area Instrumentation course to know how to select and use Instrumentation and Automation equipment in hazardous areas. Covers explosionproof, intrinsically safe, increased safety, pressurization, purging and other methods of protection as well as ATEX requirements and using Fieldbus in hazardous areas.

Hazardous Area Classification Course with Certification

Hazardous Area Classification Course

Take this Hazardous Area Classification course to know in detail how to carry out a hazardous area classification in detail. Learn about the IEC 60079 standards, calculating the extent of hazardous areas, ventilation considerations, material and temperature classification. Has a real life case study with actual hazardous area classification drawings.


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