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Cyber security – Oil and Gas industries

This paper  related to cyber security oil and gas industries, is available as a part of the Abhisam Industrial Cybersecurity report, which can be downloaded from here. Author: H Sreedhar. Recent History of Automation in Oil & Gas   The Oil and Gas industry (O & G for short) has been a pioneer in embracing digital technology. It was one of the first industrial sectors to transition to Distributed Control Systems(DCS), from analog electronic control equipment and pneumatic instruments. This transition started in a big way, about 35 years ago, when DCS were a “hi-tech” thing.   O & G is still a tech pioneer, in the era of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial IoT. It quickly embraced concepts like the Digital Oilfield. However, this has led to newer problems related to security. The development of digital control systems and the networking, particularly with the internet, has led to increased

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Industrial Cybersecurity Trends | What to expect from ICS security in 2021 and beyond?

Abhisam recently published a report on the State of Industrial Cybersecurity in the year 2020 and the road ahead in 2021. The report was compiled by contributions from several different experts from various industry segments, who are individually having at least 25 years of experience in their own domains as well as having  deep knowledge about Industrial Cybersecurity. To understand the basics, please see this basic Industrial Cybersecurity guide here. We received feedback from several sources that they highly appreciated the report and found it useful to get a perspective of ICS security trends today. The report can be freely downloaded from the link above. You can use it for any non-commercial use with proper attribution. One of the contributions was from the Abhisam management. We are pleased to post an excerpt from it here, which regards what to expect in the field of Industrial Cybersecurity in the year 2021

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Industrial Cybersecurity Report 2020 and the road ahead in 2021

Abhisam has published the much awaited Industrial Cybersecurity Report 2020, that gives you a snapshot of the state of Industrial Cyber security in the year 2020 and the path ahead in 2021. The report can be downloaded by anybody from here   About the Report The report has been compiled by Abhisam and has articles by Industry professionals from different sectors such as Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater treatment, Automation System suppliers, Industrial Cybersecurity consulting, Automotive and others. It is a completely vendor neutral document and can be used freely for any noncommercial purpose with due credits. It also includes security insights from the Industrial IoT field, which is seeing more traction today as manufacturing becomes more hi-tech.   Why was this Report made? The main reason for coming out with such a report was that there does not seem to be a lot of publicly available information,

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Free LOTO training online from Abhisam

If you are looking for a great but free lockout tagout  course (free LOTO training course) that you can take online, then here’s one from Abhisam. You can take it immediately and learn all the basics of lock out tag out. Where can I get this free LOTO Training? You can take this at the Abhisam Learning Portal at You may need to register first to get your username and password emailed to you. On logging in, you can instantly access this excellent free lockout tagout training course online, along with other free online training courses such as  Hydrogen Sulfide training or free Hazardous Area training courses.   What is LOTO? LOTO is an acronym for lock out tag out, which in short is a procedure to isolate energy supply to any machine or piece of equipment, before you can start maintenance, repair, inspection or similar work on it.

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ICS cyber security in 2020- and the road ahead in 2021

Update (16 Oct 2020) :We have started receiving contributions/paper submissions for inclusion in this report. If you have not yet sent in your thoughts, please do so at the earliest. We will be publishing this report by end October 2020 or latest by early November 2020. A lot of exciting insights from Industry leaders and professionals will be included. The ICS Cyber security field has seen a lot of happenings this year in 2020 such as : Key ICS Cyber Security Developments 2020 1. US President Donald Trump issuing an Executive Order regarding cyber security of the bulk electric supply and power grid in May 2020. This also included among other things securing the electric power utilities from supply chain attacks (using compromised components with backdoors that can be exploited at some time in future by adversaries). This was after he extended the National Cyber emergency state in March 2020.

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Best VFD Training Courses

Taking the right VFD Training Courses is essential to mastering this technology and getting benefits from it. These training courses should be self paced, with easy explanations using graphics and animations and should not be just a video of a guy speaking. What is this about? As you probably already know, VFD is an acronym for Variable Frequency Drives. They are used to start, control and drive mainly AC Induction motors to and have many advantages over traditional ways of motor control. The advantages of using VFDs  include the ability to soft start & stop the motor, match the torque to that what is needed for the load, control the speed of the load  and also to save energy. Just one example of energy saving, is using a VFD drive to control the pump speed (and flow) instead of running the pump (via a Direct Online or Star-Delta starter) and

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