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Easy Industrial Hygiene training online course

The Abhisam Industrial Hygiene training online course is a great way to learn the subject without having to attend any classes in person. This e-course is not your typical Zoom classroom, where you may get bored watching a talking head drone on and on and on. It is a complete e-learning course that has text, animations, simulations, actual case studies from Industrial facilities, worked templates & calculations, videos, assessments-everything that you need to have to master the subject. What is Industrial Hygiene? Contrary to what a layperson may think, it is not about general hygiene, or directly related to pandemics or disease outbreaks like COVID 19. Of course, tackling biological hazards is one of  the components of a typical Industrial Hygiene program, but it is not the only part. It is the discipline of anticipating, identifying, evaluating and controlling occupational hazardous conditions,  that may adversely affect health and safety  of

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Become a Certified Functional Safety Professional (Level 1)

Functional Safety Certification Functional Safety Certification is essential for all engineering professionals, who wish to work with Safety Instrumented Systems in industry. Most employers and clients demand that people that they employ have a good understanding of Functional Safety concepts, Standards that are in use and engineering practices. This competency requirement is now mandatory. Take this Functional Safety Certification course (Level 1) from Abhisam from the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere else. You may be located in Bangalore, India or in some city in the US such as Miami, FL or in Sydney, Australia or in Canada. It does not matter. You can take this course from anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity. This is the easiest way to learn about Functional Safety, SIL and SIS Cybersecurity and get certified for free. Abhisam’s Functional Safety, SIL and SIS Cybersecurity (Level 1) is the go-to course

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ICS cyber security training becomes exciting

Now ICS cyber security training has become more exciting than ever. Abhisam has added an assignment module in the Industrial Cybersecurity training program, where enrolled learners take part in an exciting thriller. Background As you know this training program leads to industrial control systems security certifications that you must have, in today’s industrial automation world. Plant Owners, process licensors, utility companies, engineering design consulting companies, EPC contractors and even regulatory authorities have started insisting on plant industrial automation and control systems, as well as safety instrumented systems to be designed in such a manner as to ensure cybersecurity. Cyber attacks on plants and facilities are growing and because these control and automation systems control physical assets (cyber-physical systems), it is all the more critical to ensure that the bad guys cannot break into them and cause havoc. Many of these organizations therefore insist that engineers and specialists, including IT professionals

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ICS Security training course gets advanced module

Abhisam is pleased to announce that the popular ICS security training course, which is available as an e-course online, will now have an advanced module that can be accessed by all current learners and GOLD members. This will have many sub modules such as concepts of Kill Chains, the MITRE ATT&CK framework for ICS, Honeypots for Industrial Automation and Control systems and more. Cybersecurity is a growing concern for all companies and organizations worldwide. However not many people are aware that IT security and OT Security are two different disciplines. IT security is what is done to make business IT systems secure (think banks, credit card unions or travel portals). OT stands for Operations Technology. Hence OT security refers to those systems that are used in manufacturing plants, storage terminals and similar to control processes and keep them safe. OT systems are primarily Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS for

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COVID 19 Response from Abhisam – Stay Safe

March 13, 2020– COVID 19 has become a talking point everywhere, all around the world. As a company, Abhisam has always encouraged remote working, work from home and telecommuting from Day One of our company’s formation.  Hence this is not just a temporary remote working covid 19 measure for us. Also, most of our learners prefer online e-learning courses, rather than the traditional classroom training format. All of our courses have always been available as online courses, or downloadable programs that you can install on your own PCs and learn at your own pace. This allows you remote learning, whenever you get time off from remote working. All of our certification exams and mock tests can be taken online as usual. We are a modern company and believe that work from anywhere, as well as learn from anywhere is going to be the future mantra everywhere in the world. Advances

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Learn HAZOP and CHAZOP. Get Certified.

Update: Please take the online self paced, HAZOP online  course in e-learning format now, instead of the workshop, as we have suspended the physical presence workshops in view of the pandemic. If you have already completed the training, then you can upgrade yourself to the next level by qualifying as a HAZOP Leader here. Feb 24, 2020– Abhisam is pleased to announce that the next batch of its popular HAZOP and CHAZOP Training workshop will be conducted on 13th and 14th March 2020 at Thane (near Mumbai), India. This is the latest version of this training workshop and will be led by experts with over two decades of experience in industry and conducting as well as auditing many safety studies. This is the only training workshop on HAZOP and CHAZOP that incorporates several actual cases, so that the participants get an intensive hands on experience of participating in real life

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