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AC Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives Training Course

This AC Variable Frequency Drives course covers everything about VFD Drives.

Body Protection

This Body Protection training course is about protecting one’s body at the workplace.

Chemical Warehouse Safety

Safe Chemical Warehousing

This Chemical Warehouse Safety course covers everything about storing and handling chemicals safely in warehouses.

Confined Space Safety

This Confined Space Safety Course covers everything about working safely in Confined Spaces according to OSHA norms.

Ear Protection

Ear Protection Course

Learn how to protect your ears from harm while working.

Eye and Face Protection

Eye Protection

Learn how to protect your eyes and face while working.

Feet Protection

Feet Protection

Learn how to protect your feet while working.


Learn everything about Fieldbus technology including HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus PA and ASi bus in one course.

FOUNDATION Fieldbus (Coming Soon)

Learn everything about FOUNDATION Fieldbus in this course.

Functional Safety, SIL & SIS Cybersecurity (Level 1)


This course covers Functional Safety including Safety Integrity Level determination, Functional Safety Management, basic SIS cyber security and more.

Functional Safety, SIL & SIS Cybersecurity (Level 2) (Coming Soon)

Functional Safety SIL SIS Cyber Security Level 2 Training

This course covers Functional Safety including Safety Integrity Level determination, verification, at an advanced level.

Gas Monitors

Gas Monitors Training

Learn everything about Gas Monitors and Gas detection Systems in this course.

GHS (Coming Soon)

GHS elearning

Learn everything about the UN Globally Harmonized System for the classification and labeling of chemicals in this course.

Hand Protection


Learn everything about Hand Protection in this course.

Hazard Communication (Coming Soon)

HazCom Training Course

Learn about HazCom as per the OSHA standard on Hazard Communication.

Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous Area Classification Course

Everything about area classification in one easy course. Covers material, temperature classification and international standards including IEC 60079.

Hazardous Area Instrumentation

Hazardous Area Instrumentation trainingLearn everything about Hazardous Area Instrumentation in this easy course.

HAZOP Professional

Learn the Hazard and Operability Study technique by taking this course.

HAZOP Leader

HAZOP Leader Course

Take this course and qualify as a HAZOP Leader or HAZOP Facilitator or HAZOP Chairman.

Head Protection


Head Protection

Learn everything about head protection in the workplace.

Industrial Cybersecurity

Learn everything about Industrial Cybersecurity in this easy course.

Industrial Hygiene

Learn  all about Industrial Hygiene by taking this course.

Industrial Toxicology

ndustrial Toxicology Training Course

Take this course to learn all about Industrial Toxicology.

Intrinsic Safety (Coming Soon)

Intrinsic Safety

Learn everything about Intrinsic Safety and how to use it for hazardous areas.

Layer of Protection Analysis (Coming Soon)

LOPA TrainingLearn everything about Layer of Protection Analysis in this  course.

LOTO Professional (Coming Soon)

Learn  everything about Lockout Tagout in this course.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training

Take this course and learn how to use PPE to protect yourself from workplace hazards.

Preventing Fires and Explosions

Learn everything about Preventing Fires and Explosions in this course.


Propane HazCom Training CourseLearn everything about Propane in this course. Can be used to impart HazCom training for Propane.

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

Learn about Respiratory Protection by taking this course.

RFID Technology

RFID Training Course

Take this course and learn all about RFID Technology.

Safety Instrumented Systems

Safety Instrumented Systems Training

Learn everything about Safety Instrumented Systems in this course.

Understanding Fires & Explosions

Understanding Fires and Explosions TrainingUnderstand how fires and explosions happen  in this course.

Understanding ATEX (Coming Soon)

Understanding ATEX Regulations

Learn about ATEX (ATmosphere Explosive) regulations for Hazardous Areas, which are mandatory to be followed in the European Union.

What- If Analysis (Coming Soon)


What If Analysis training course

Learn about What-If analysis, a method used for risk assessment in the process industry.

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