Propane Training Online | Comply with OSHA HazCom requirements

This Abhisam Propane training course enables employers to train their employees who handle Propane. Easily comply with OSHA Hazard Communication standard.

Propane HazCom Training Course

Comply with the latest OSHA recommendations on Hazard Communication (HazCom for short) as regards Propane.

These regulations in the US as well as many other countries mandate that all employees who are involved in the handling, storage, transportation and other activities involving any hazardous material as to be trained. The training program should cover the following.

1. Name of the Chemical, Description of properties.
2. Hazard Identification.
3. Workplace exposure limits & flammability properties.
4. First Aid Measures.
5. Fire Fighting Measures.
6. Spill control & Emergencies.
7. Handling & Storage.
8. Workplace Control.
9. Personal Protective Equipment.
10. Label & Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
11. Hazard Communication Program.

This online training course on Propane covers all these in the exact same sequence as given above. Furthermore, this training is online, so your employees can take it at any time of the day or night whenever they wish to. At the end of completion of all modules, they can take the associated online exam and earn a Certificate that demonstrates that they took the training.

Attention Employers: Company owners, managers, foremen, and anyone who is in charge of personnel who are required to undergo this training…

You know that it’s YOUR responsibility to train your employees… So what are your options?
You could ignore training requirements opening yourself up to MASSIVE liabilities if your employees are injured or killed on the job …You could be out of business… Or even worse… Almost instantaneously…
You could pay thousands of dollars to send employees to live training workshops, or several hundreds of dollars on study guides, books and courses…
OR you can pay a one time fee, to get the interactive training course that has proven to be the fastest and easiest way for employees to learn… And RETAIN… Information about this important subject.

We make the learning process fun and easy. Our e-learning course is not a video of a recorded lecture. We call it as an XPRTU software (it makes an expert out of you). This software based training has graphics and animations/ simulations, video that are is not only entertaining to watch, but also highly informative. Being incredibly simple to understand, it provides the fastest and easiest way to learn everything you need to know about this complex subject.

We’ll Teach You Everything You Need To Know regarding this… And We’ll Make It More Fun To Learn, Easier To Understand, And More Cost Effective Than Any Other Training Solution… Guaranteed!

Attention: Organizations with mandatory training requirements

If you wish to train large numbers of employees at multiple locations, then this is the easiest way to train them. They can access the course via PCs/laptops/smartphones/tablets anywhere and anytime. If you subscribe to our Enterprise version, we can also give you a report of training done by the employees including how much time spent, which modules were accessed and test scores, that you can use to demonstrate mandatory compliance with training requirements.

We can even customize this training for you if you need it.

Note: Training Report and Customization are additional services that are chargeable. However this will be much cheaper than arranging on site training for everybody and keeping manual records. Please get in touch with us to know more.


For one learner
$ 60
  • Course Duration: 8 hours of self paced learning (Earn 8 PDH)
  • Access the course online 24/7 via any device for one year
  • Exam & Certification for one learner
  • Lifelong Valid Certificate

Get Trial Access to all Abhisam courses, including this Propane course for $7. You will NOT be billed automatically after trial ends.

Table of Contents (Expand the + sign to see contents)

* Introduction to Propane

* Regulatory Requirements

* Name & Description-1

* Name & Description-2

* Summary

* Hazard Identification- GHS

* Hazard Identification-OSHA

* GHS Labeling Elements

* Supplier Identification

* Health Hazards

* Health Hazards-Acute

* Health Hazards-Chronic

* Hazard Identification-NFPA

* NFPA Diamond for Propane

* Summary

* Workplace Exposure Limits

* Flammability Properties

* Flash Point


* Auto ignition Temperature

* First Aid measures

* Fire Fighting Measures

* Fire Extinguishing Media

* Fire Fighters

* Spill Control & Emergencies

* Handling & Storage

*Workplace Controls

* Workplace Practices

* Personal Protective Equipment

* Labels & Safety Data Sheets

* Employers Label

* Suppliers Label

* Pictograms

* Safety Data Sheet- 16 sections

* Sample SDS for Propane

* Hazard Communication Program

* Employee Information

*Employee Training

This will enable you to evaluate your own understanding of the subject, before you take the associated exam.

After you pass the exam, you can obtain an electronic certificate and an electronic badge that you can display online.


Just get this Propane e-learning course today and get trained in working safely if you handle Propane.

The course consists of several modules with text, full voice narration, animations and real life photos, to make it a very engaging learning experience.

It is NOT a POWER POINT PRESENTATION nor is it a video of a guy talking. It is what we call an XPRTU- a software based training course that makes you into an expert.

If you are an engineer, worker, technician, supervisor, manager or a safety manager working in the Oil & Gas industry, or the Chemical and Petrochemical manufacturing industry,  or other industries where Propane is used, then you MUST have undergone a HazCom training program on Propane, to comply with current regulations.

So why can’t I surf the internet to find this information or perhaps read a book?

Sure you can, perhaps that is how you landed here. Now you can make really good use of your valuable time, by learning about Propane by taking this  e learning course. This occupational safety training course, has been prepared by Abhisam’s subject matter experts and you will find everything explained in a very easy to understand and logical manner. You will learn everything in a short amount of time, sitting in your home or office, or anywhere there is an internet connection.

Plus the course has been designed and made as per the OSHA recommendations of what a HazCom training course should have. So it is very easy for you or your employees to comply with current regulations.

Taking an online course, that has animations and simulations to understand key concepts is much more better than simply going through some dry training material online that may result in you only getting drowsy with boredom and not learning anything at all!

Lastly, nobody will issue you a certificate for reading a book or surfing the internet for information on Propane. To meet the regulatory requirements, you MUST learn all aspects of Propane as listed above.

So How do I start?

Nothing to download, simply buy the number of seats that you need. You get a discounted pricing structure if you buy multiple seats. Demonstrating compliance is easy.

Certificate? Training Reports?

Of course, every learner who takes the associated online exam earns a Certificate of Completion, that can be used to demonstrate compliance to training requirements. You can also get a detailed report of learner activity on our portal (login date/ times, which modules were accessed, etc) if you so wish (optional). These are an easy way to maintain training records of your learners.


1. Training Reports are free if you buy 50  or more seats, else they can be purchased separately at an additional cost.

2. No additional charges for the Certificate (cost is included in every training seat).

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