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This LOTO Professional course is the best Lock Out Tagout training course ever made. It covers everything that you need to know about LOTO including OSHA Standards and LOTO Procedures.

LOTO training course

Lockout Tagout Training Course


The most comprehensive LOTO Training Course ever!

Learn everything that you need to know about Lockout Tag out including the basic concepts, OSHA Standards, EU Regulations, LOTO Procedures and more. Get Certified as a LOTO Professional.

Lockout Tagout is an important part of ensuring workplace safety. It is not only important from a safety point of view but also is part of  legal compliance in many countries and jurisdictions. This Abhisam course covers all that you need to know about it.

If you have any kind of machinery or equipment in your workplace that has a possibility of causing harm during maintenance or repair, due to inadvertent starting, then you need to implement LOTO.

LOTO is Lockout Tagout for short and is a lifesaver for maintenance and repair crews. There are hundreds of avoidable workplace injuries and accidents every year due to not following LOTO procedures.

Understand why lock out tagout is important in any workplace to prevent injuries, some of which can even be fatal.

Learn how to comply with OSHA regulations on LOTO in the workplace.

In this comprehensive LOTO training  course, you will learn not only why it is important to have lockout tagout procedures, but how to create your own ones.

Remember that many equipment in industry are unique in one way or another and a one size LOTO Procedure will not work. You need to know how to develop your own and this you can learn in the course.


For one learner
$ 149
  • Course Duration: 6 hours of self paced learning (Earn 6 PDH)
  • Access the course online 24/7 via any device for one year
  • Exam & Certification for one learner
  • Lifelong Valid Certificate

Get Trial Access to all Abhisam courses, including this LOTO Professional course for $7. You will NOT be billed automatically after trial ends.

Table of Contents (Expand the + sign to see contents)

  • Introduction to this course
  • ABC Industries Example
  • Why LOTO?
  • Why LOTO?
  • Hazardous Energy
  • Types of Hazardous Energies
  • Identifying Equipment for LOTO
  • Types of Hazardous Energy
  • Identifying Hazardous Energies
  • Categories of Hazardous Energy
  • Control of Hazardous Energy
  • Electrical Energy
  • Motor Power Supply Diagram
  • Other Electrical Lockouts
  • Lockout
  • Tagout
  • Video
  • Who needs LOTO training?
  • Authorized employees
  • Affected employees
  • Other employees
  • Lockout tagout devices
  • Lockout Padlocks
  • Lockout HASP
  • Lockout tagout devices
  • Valve Lockout
  • Lockout Stations
  • OSHA Standards for LOTO
  • Employer’s Duties for LOTO
  • Introduction
  • Standards for lockout tagout
  • Standards for lockout tagout
  • EU Machinery Directive
  • EU Machinery Directive-2
  • EU Machinery Directive-2
  • EU Machinery Directive
  • EU Machinery Directive-3
  • Consequences of non compliance
  • Consequences of non-compliance of standards
  • OSHA violations clause-wise
  • Consequences of non-compliance of standards
  • Introduction
  • OSHA Standard 1910.147
  • OSHA Standard 1910.147
  • OSHA Standard Scope
  • OSHA Standard Purpose
  • OSHA Standard Definitions
  • OSHA Standard -Energy Control Program
  • OSHA Standard 1910.147 c(7)
  • OSHA Standard 1910.147 c(7)
  • OSHA Standard-Employee Retraining
  • OSHA Standard Application of Control
  • OSHA Standard -Device Application
  • OSHA Standard -Release
  • OSHA Standard Removal
  • OSHA Standard -Additional Requirements
  • OSHA Standard – Shipyard requirements
  • Introduction
  • What is a Lockout/Tagout Procedure?
  • What is a Lockout/Tagout Procedure?
  • Which Equipment Needs a Procedure?
  • Identifying Equipment that needs a procedure
  • Equipment and Energy source matrix
  • Stored Energy Equipment
  • Exceptions to LOTO Procedure
  • Components of a Lockout/Tagout Procedure
  • Information required in Lockout/Tagout Procedure
  • Components of a Machine-Specific Procedure
  • Generic Procedures and Their Limitations
  • Lockout tagout Sample Procedure
  • Introduction
  • Who needs LOTO training?
  • Authorized employees
  • Affected employees
  • Other employees
  • Training Records
  • Re-Training Records
  • Tag Limitations
  • Tag Precautions
  • What employers must do?
  • What Employees must do

Taking the Self-Assessment Test enables you to know how well you have understood the subject. It also acts like a mock test for the certification exam.

At the end of the LOTO Training Course is a certification exam that enables you to earn a certificate and an electronic badge as a LOTO Professional.


Just get this LOTO Professional e-learning course today for your employees and be assured that you have the easiest & fastest way to deliver this training to all of them.

Attention Employers

Company owners, managers, foremen, and anyone who is in charge of personnel who are required to undergo this training…

You know that it’s YOUR responsibility to train your employees… So what are your options?

You could ignore training requirements opening yourself up to MASSIVE liabilities, if your employees are injured or killed on the job …You could be out of business… Or even worse… Almost instantaneously…
You could pay thousands of dollars to send employees to a classroom training program OR  to arrange onsite Lockout Tagout training programs for your workers.

OR you can subscribe to our online training course, to get the fastest and easiest way for employees to learn… And RETAIN… Information about this important subject.  

Let’s face it, you probably don’t wake up in the morning excited about getting started with  safety training… It’s not the most fun subject in the world to learn about…

But our software has completely revolutionized the training experience…

Our interactive software based training presents everything in professional quality format, so you can train at your own pace. It is not a simple video of a guy speaking. It is a complete e-course with text, videos, voice narration and an assessment test that evaluates if the employee has understood the training.

Employees can take it online via your PC or laptop, or via their own tablet or mobile phone ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

It is always available (during your license period) for access for as many times as you want.

 Don’t understand something? No problem, you can retake certain parts as many times as you need to.

So what does this Online LOTO Training consist of?

This e-course has several modules, every module covers an important part of Lockout Tagout.


The course can be customized to include any special LOTO Procedures that are required to be followed by the employees at your location, or other special instructions that they should understand.

The Certification Test can be modified to test for your requirements.  It can also be translated into multiple languages, please contact us with your requirements.

We will modify the modules to add this, these will be accessible to only your learners.

Co-branding of certificates is possible.

Related Information

Why do we need a LOTO Procedure?

In this blog post from Abhisam, understand why a lock out tag out procedure is useful and in many cases, even mandatory according to OSHA as well as other regulatory authorities.

The Abhisam LOTO Professional training course covers all this in detail.


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