Functional Safety Exam Questions - Mock Test

Find out how well you know Functional safety, Safety Instrumented Systems, SIL and related topics.  Take this free test from Abhisam and evaluate your own knowledge.

Use this to prepare for a Functional Safety exam from other providers too.

Functional Safety Mock Test

Take this absolutely free Functional Safety Mock Test from Abhisam and evaluate your own understanding of functional safety. The Functional Safety Exam Questions have been taken from earlier Abhisam SIS Certification Exams and can be used to practice either for Abhisam  exams, or for Functional Safety Exams from other training providers such as some of the many TUV organizations.

Take this short exam that has some sample functional safety exam questions below.

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Where is Functional Safety used?

It is used in a variety of sectors, not just in industrial manufacturing plants. It is used in aircraft, buildings, machinery, railways, automotive- just to name a few. However, different functional safety standards apply in different industry and business sectors.  Abhisam has several functional safety training and certification courses.

This is a quite complex subject, but Abhisam has made it easy for you to understand it with the help of several Functional Safety and Safety Instrumented Systems related courses.

If you have already enrolled in any functional safety related course (from Abhisam or any other training course provider), then you may be asked to take a test at the end of the course, before they issue you a certificate.

Now, you can easily practice for this test by taking this quiz today. You can judge how well you know about this subject, before you take the plunge into the actual exam.

Even if you have not enrolled for any course, but you may want to evaluate yourself, before you go for that next job interview or client meeting.

If you want in-depth knowledge related to the subject, then you should consider enrolling into one of our regular courses on Functional Safety , that comes with its own certifications and badges. Our Functional Safety courses are used by organizations and individuals all over the world, on all continents, except Antartica.

You will then really be a professional in that subject and thus easily gain new clients, projects or be qualified to get a new job.

If you work in the Oil & Gas industries, Chemical plants, coal or gas based Power Generation plants, Pulp & paper mills, Tank Farms that store hydrocarbons and similar places, then you need to know everything about functional safety.

What if I want a Certificate?

If you are interested in becoming competent in Functional Safety, Safety Integrity Level, Safety Instrumented Systems, Industrial Cybersecurity and earning a Certificate of Competency, then you can check out other (paid) courses such as the Functional Safety Professional  course or the Safety Instrumented Systems Professional course.

These courses are highly cost effective (they cost a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay to other training providers), yet are more easy to understand and help you develop all the skills necessary to make you an outstanding Functional Safety Professional.

Many marquee companies have found that this is the most easiest and cheapest way (and far more effective) instead of opting for outdated methods of Functional Safety training provided by other providers.

Attention: Organizations with mandatory training requirements

If you wish to train & evaluate large numbers of employees at multiple locations, then this is the easiest way to do it. They can access our courses and quizzes/tests via PCs/laptops/smartphones/tablets anywhere and anytime.

If you subscribe to our Enterprise version, we can also give you a report of training done by the employees including how much time spent, which modules were accessed and test scores, that you can use to demonstrate mandatory compliance with training requirements.

We can even customize this training for you if you need it.

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How do I access the Functional Safety Exam Questions and take this mock test?

These Functional Safety Exam Questions are part of the Mock Test available for free on the Abhisam Learning Portal at

You can visit the portal and Register for a free account and then access all the free courses and mock exams.

Become a Certified Functional Safety Professional

Functional Safety Training

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Become a Certified Safety Instrumented Systems Professional

Safety Instrumented Systems Training

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