HAZOP Leader Certification Workshop


Due to the current situation, Abhisam has put on hold all in person workshops. Please take our industry acclaimed HAZOP Leader e-learning course instead. You can join at anytime, access from anywhere and from any device. Includes Exam and Certification.


Become a Certified HAZOP Leader / HAZOP Chairman by participating in this Abhisam  program and taking the associated exam.

Over the past few years, HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) has become the premier Hazard and Risk Assessment technique in the process industry. Abhisam was one of the first organizations to introduce HAZOP as an online,  e-learning, software based training course about nine years ago, as an alternative to attending traditional classroom style training workshops.

Since then, thousands of  professionals have undergone this course and become certified as HAZOP Professionals, either via taking the e-learning course or by attending in person, classroom style training workshops. Even today, after so many years, this is the first course of choice, for any safety or technical professional, who wishes to get certified as a HAZOP Professional. The course structure, level of detail, animations, simulations and videos, exercises and case studies make this a unique experience that has no peers anywhere.

Now, there is an opportunity to take your qualification as an Abhisam HAZOP Professional even further, by upgrading yourself to a HAZOP Leader (also known as HAZOP Chairman).

As a technical professional who has mastered the HAZOP technique, you now have an opportunity to play a leadership role in conducting PHA / HAZOP Studies by qualifying as a HAZOP Leader. In addition to being technically sound in engineering, safety and process concepts you also need to have some leadership skills. This means being able to manage a team of highly technically competent professionals to conduct the Hazard and Risk Assessment Study, taking the opinion of many experts on the team and being able to lead them to a logical conclusion, being able to manage conflicts and egos and much more!

By participating in the Abhisam HAZOP Leader blended learning program, not only will you be able to conduct these sessions smoothly, you will be able to deliver value to the owner/operator of the facility, who may be investing billions in the new facility and depending on your team to make the right decisions.

Dates: In April 2020 (Dates to be announced)

Venue: Thane (near Mumbai), India

Interested? Contact us for more information.

Note that Abhisam reserves the right to admit only professionals matching their eligibility criteria to the program. In order to be considered, you need to have a technical qualification, such as an Engineering degree, followed by at least 10 years of industry experience.