HAZOP Leader Certification Workshop

Become a Certified HAZOP Leader / HAZOP Chairman by participating in this Abhisam  e-program and taking the associated exam.


Over the past few years, HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) has become the premier Hazard and Risk Assessment technique, to ensure process safety in industry.


What does HAZOP mean?

The Hazard and Operability Study is one of the most popular risk assessment techniques, that is used in many process industries, not only as a hazard identification & mitigation tool, but to also improve operability of the process.

Abhisam was one of the first organizations to introduce HAZOP as an online,  e-learning, software based training course about nine years ago, as an alternative to attending traditional classroom style training workshops.

Since then, thousands of  professionals, all over the world, have undergone this course and become certified as HAZOP Professionals, either via taking the e-learning course, or by attending in person, classroom style training workshops.

Even today, after so many years, this is the first course of choice, for any safety or technical professional, who wishes to get certified as a HAZOP Professional.

The course structure, level of detail, animations, simulations and videos, exercises and case studies make this a unique experience that has no peers anywhere.


What is the HAZOP Leader course all about?

Hazard and Operability Studies are a part of process safety management. They are done as a team effort, in a group led by an experienced professional who is designated the HAZOP Leader (also referred to sometimes as a HAZOP Chairman). HAZOP Studies, requires not only a high degree of technical skills in evaluating process hazards, but also great management skills, so that the analysis gets carried out as per the planned schedule.

This training course includes a comprehensive review of the HAZOP technique and  detailed case studies of plants, for which you will conduct a HAZOP review.


Is it similar to the HAZOP Professional course?

The Abhisam HAZOP Professional course is about learning the concepts, techniques, methods and types of HAZOP. This course is a higher level course that covers the leadership, management and higher level aspects of conducting and managing a HAZOP Study.

 Most courses on the market do not cover leadership, conflict management, team building and other required attributes at all. Unlike them the Abhisam course covers both technical and managerial skills needed to complete a successful safety study project.


What will I learn?

As a technical professional who has mastered the HAZOP technique, you now have an opportunity to play a leadership role in conducting PHA / HAZOP Studies by qualifying as a HAZOP Leader. In addition to being technically sound in engineering, safety and process concepts, you also need to have leadership skills. This means being able to manage a team of highly technically competent professionals to conduct the Hazard and Risk Assessment Study, taking the opinion of many experts on the team who follow you and being able to lead them to a logical conclusion, being able to manage conflicts and egos and much more!

In addition to a comprehensive review of the HAZOP process, we will also focus on other areas related to management of the entire process.

By participating in the Abhisam HAZOP Leader e learning program, not only will you be able to conduct these sessions smoothly, you will be able to deliver value to the owner/operator of the facility, who may be investing billions in the new facility and depending on your team to make the right decisions.

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Note that Abhisam reserves the right to admit only professionals matching their eligibility criteria to the program. In order to be considered, you need to have a technical qualification, such as an Engineering degree, followed by at least 10 years of industry experience.

Hazop Leader

How will you handle situations like these?

Being a HAZOP Leader is not only about knowing how to do a HAZOP Study or even being an expert in Risk Assessment. It is also about having leadership skills and managing people effectively to have a session that will correctly assess the risk and recommend mitigation measures.

Take a look at the situational video below. Have you ever experienced these situations?

Learn how to manage them when you take the HAZOP Leader course.

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1. Abhisam reserves the right to only enroll participants who are qualified and experienced industry professionals with at least 5 years of work experience in industry (Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Mining, Engineering Design and similar).

2. You will be sent a link to pay online only after your application is accepted. All transactions are handled by our e-commerce partner, FastSpring.


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HAZOP Course, White Papers and Videos from Abhisam

HAZOP Professional Course with Certification
HAZOP Course

Become a HAZOP Professional when you take this Abhisam HAZOP Training Course and pass the associated exam.

This acclaimed self paced e-learning course is the fastest and easiest way to learn about Hazard and Operability Study technique. Taken by hundreds of professionals from leading organizations all over the world, this is the only course out there that covers CHAZOP, Human Factors HAZOP, Boolean Logic as applied to HAZOP and more!

Free White Paper- What is CHAZOP?
What is CHAZOP?

Most process plants and other facilities today use some kind of computer controlled systems such as DCS, PLC, SCADA or SIS.  Many HAZOP recommendations depend on these systems to spot deviations and take corrective actions. These systems should also be assessed with techniques similar to those used for the HAZOP of the plant.  How does one carry it out?

Is this the same as Cyber HAZOP?

Free White Paper- What is HAZOP?

Read this free white paper from Abhisam to know the basics of HAZOP. This is one of the most popular hazard and risk assessment techniques that is in use today across many industries.


This free HAZOP white paper covers the history, actual methodology, HAZOP Software and more.

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