About Us

Abhisam is a global organization with offices in the US and India and learners all over the world, on all continents, except Antartica.

Since 2003, technical professionals all over the world believe in Abhisam’s committment to technical education and training. Trusted by thousands of individual learners, large multinational companies, universities and governments, Abhisam continues to bring new courses and services to the market.

Who founded Abhisam?

Abhisam was founded by a group of engineers and senior technical professionals with a combined experience of hundreds of person-years in industry.

What does Abhisam do?

Abhisam is a knowledge based company promoted by technical professionals.

Abhisam aims to bring high quality and relevant technical education to engineers and technical professionals all over the world. This is via online, software based training courses (which we call XPRTUs-they make an expert out of you) and Instructor Led Online and Offline training courses and workshops.

Abhisam also provides niche consulting services to industry to improve performance and reliability of operations. These services are:

  • Process Safety Consulting
  • Functional Safety Consulting
  • Industrial Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Learning Management Systems

Most of our courses are either unique (you won’t get these anywhere else), or pioneering ones (we were the first to launch them).

There were many firsts in our journey like

      • For example, the Hazardous Area Instrumentation was the first of its kind of training program, launched as a CBT (Computer Based Training) and used by several individuals and organizations all over the world.
      • The first course that made extensive use of animations and simulations, to make difficult concepts easy to understand. (Even today after 17 years, there is no other course on Hazardous Area Instrumentation available anywhere else with these contents and features. This course has been updated 5 times now since launch)
      • The first to launch courses that could be taken online via any browser, or installed on Windows machines (Windows 98).
      • The first to offer Digital Badges that could be shared online via LinkedIn and Facebook.
      • The first to offer a free course on RFID (in 2004) 

Abhisam has a strong following among engineers and technical professionals, because they can get high quality learning on a diverse range of topics on Process Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, Functional Safety, Instrumentation & Automation/Control Systems Engineering, RFID Technology, Industrial IoT, Industrial Cybersecurity and many more areas.

Abhisam’s consulting clients are manufacturing companies from the process industries, engineering design consultants and EPC companies.

Who takes Abhisam courses?

Abhisam self paced e-learning courses are taken by learners from all over the world, including those from marquee companies like the ones below. (This is just a partial list)

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