HAZOP Leader Certification

What is the HAZOP Leader Certification program?

Abhisam’s HAZOP Leader Certification program has become one of the more popular programs, due to it being a completely online now and a completely self paced program that the participant can complete, at their own pace.

Entry into the program is only for professionals having at least a Bachelors degree/Higher National Diploma in a technical field with relevant industrial experience and a having a formal training in HAZOP, either from Abhisam (such as the Abhisam HAZOP Training course) or any other provider OR who have participated in HAZOP sessions at their workplace as a participant/team member.

The program consists of several online modules, an exam and an assignment that needs to be completed by the participant. On successful completion of these requirements, a title of Certified HAZOP Leader is earned, along with an electronic badge that can be displayed online on places like Linkedin, for greater visibility.



HAZOP is short for Hazard and Operability Study. Over the last few years, this has become a very popular method for conducting PHA (Process Hazard Analysis). This technique is has become the de-facto risk assessment method used in many industries such as Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation and many more.

It has even become a verb in industry (Have you HAZOPed it?)

Variations of this technique have been used in the electrical engineering domain too (known as Electrical HAZOP), software and railways (the IEC 61882 standard gives some examples for usage in the railway industry).


Who is a HAZOP Leader?

As you probably know, HAZOP studies are carried out by multidisciplinary teams. The team can be composed of people from different departments and disciplines who may be engineers, technicians, operators, workers, safety specialists and managers. The team is led by a HAZOP Leader, who is also many times referred to as the HAZOP Chairman or HAZOP Chairperson.


Why do we need this program for HAZOP Leadership?

As you know, Abhisam was one of the first organizations in the world to have a fully online, e-learning program in HAZOP, well before online learning became mainstream. This was more than 11 years ago. Since then, the Abhisam HAZOP Course has undergone several revisions and it is the only course that covers not only HAZOP Methodology in detail, but also CHAZOP and Human Factors HAZOP.

Up to now thousands of professionals all over the world have taken this course and qualified to be HAZOP Professionals.

However a person who is a HAZOP Chairman/ HAZOP Chairperson, needs to have other skills as well, such as technical leadership, organizational leadership, conflict resolution, managing the timelines and more.

Hence Abhisam has this HAZOP Leader program, especially to build these skills. The program is completely self paced, so it is ideal for busy managers and leaders, who need to juggle their work commitments along with other priorities. Hence once enrolled, the participant is free to progress at their own pace and qualify when all the requirements are completed.


How do I enroll? Do you have a payment plan?

Please contact us at sales@abhisam.com to find out if you are eligible. You may be asked to provide your CV ( which will be used only to prove your eligibility to participate and nothing more) after which you can enroll. An installment payment facility is available for those who wish to pay in installments.

Currently we also have special pricing going on. Please contact us for details.

If you have completed the Abhisam HAZOP Professional course earlier, then you need to simply pay the upgrade fee to join. Please contact us for this option.


Which other process safety courses does Abhisam offer?

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