What-If Analysis | Hazard and Risk Assessment technique

Abhisam is pleased to announce the release of its What-If Hazard Analysis course. This excellent digital What-If course is a fully online, self paced e-learning course, that can be taken by anybody on the Abhisam Learning Platform.

What is the What-If Analysis method?

It is a qualitative method which can be used to carry out Hazard and Risk Assessment in any industry. The plant is divided into manageable units, similar to nodes as in a HAZOP Study.Then a set of questions is developed to be asked during a brainstorming session. For example, questions such as

  1. What will happen if more catalyst is added?
  2. What happens if the power switches off?
  3. What happens if the operator fails to switch off the pump?

and  so on. Based on the answers to the questions, we can quickly assess the hazards and consequences of an event happening. This gives us the Risk and if it is not tolerable, then we need to think of ways to reduce it by various means.What If Analysis safety

Where is What-if  Hazard Analysis used?

It can be used in any industry or business. However the course covers its use mainly in the process industry. Process industries are where bulk materials are processed such as chemicals manufacturing, oil and gas production, oil refining, power plants, waste water treatment plants and so on.

What are the advantages of What-If analysis over other techniques such as HAZOP?

HAZOP Stands for Hazard and Operability Study and today it is one of the foremost risk assessment methods used in industry. However, the What-If method is easier to understand and can be carried out much faster than a HAZOP. The caveat being that the people conducting it have to be properly trained and aware of the process.

What does this course cover?

This course covers the Basics of Risk Assessment, What-If methodology and a Case Study of an actual plant that carries out Risk Assessment using the What-If method. Learners also get free to download templates that can be adapted for use in their own situations.

Will I get a Certificate?

Every participant gets an opportunity to take the associated exam and on passing earns a certificate and an electronic badge, that can be shared online.

How do I enroll?

Simply visit the What-If Analysis course description page here and scroll below to see the link to purchase.