New White Paper on Confined Space Safety published

Abhisam is pleased to publish a new white paper on Confined Space Safety.

Confined spaces are one of the top workplace hazards today. However, even today the concept of a confined space is very vague, in the minds of workers as well as their supervisors and managers. OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regularly publishes actual confined space fatality statistics  that prove that this is an omnipresent hazard in many workplaces, not just the chemical and other process industries.

This White paper provides three recent cases from different industries and a checklist that helps identify confined space hazards in your own workplace.

It includes a 5 point checklist that can be used to evaluate whether a workplace qualifies as a confined space or not. The White paper also describes three actual incidents of confined space related accidents that resulted in fatalities. Two of these were in the US mainland and one was in a US Administered territory. In all three cases, there are similarities that have been analyzed in this excellent white paper that you must read, in order to prevent future similar accidents.

The White paper can be accessed online for free at the Abhisam whitepapers section here and here.

For an e-learning course on Confined Space Safety, please see the course here.