Confined Space Safety Training from Abhisam launched

Abhisam is pleased to announce the launch of its new Confined Space Safety training, in the popular XPRTU (e-learning) format. This software based training course is essential if you intend to work in a confined space, or you have employees or contractors that work in confined spaces. Every year hundreds of workers die every year due to lack of training in working in confined spaces. Most people do not realize that they are in any kind of danger until it is too late. Confined Spaces are all around us, not only in industries. If you are an employer who has employees or contractors that have to work in confined spaces (even if it is just once a year), then it is mandatory by law to train  them and also to maintain certain safety systems and records. In the US alone, authorities like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has fined many companies millions of dollars in fines, for confined space safety violations. Do not be the victim of ignorance. Protect your workers from harm and yourself too (from financial and criminal legal liabilities) today by learning about Confined Space Safety. This course has been designed keeping in mind all the various OSHA guidelines and can be purchased online immediately. There are several options including taking it online, downloading it or accessing it via the Abhisam Learning Management System (Enterprise version). The advantage of the Enterprise version is that Abhisam will provide you the entire training records of your employees, who are enrolled into the course, so that you can maintain the training records as required by law. The course is comprehensive and consists of the following modules and have text, narration (full voice over explanation), animations, case studies, video and self assessment test. It also has a sample Safety Permit that you can use as a template to make your own! Here is a snippet from the course. The full video, you can watch when you buy the course.

YouTube video

Introduction To Confined Spaces

  • Definition of Confined space by OSHA
  • Identification of Confined Spaces with examples
  • Why entry in a Confined Space can be dangerous?
  •  Types of Confined spaces
  • Permit Required Confined Spaces (PRCS)
  • Non Permit Required Confined Spaces

Permit Required Confined Spaces

  • PRCS Details
  • Case Study 1:  Incident (Entry without safety precautions)
  • Video
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Alternative Entry Procedures
  • Non Permit Required Confined Spaces-details
  • Real Life Example of a PRCS using a Reactor
  • PRCS– Requirements as per OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146
  • PRCS-Oxygen, Explosivity & Toxicity
  • PRCS- Temperature, Lighting, Moving Parts
  • Development of Procedures
  • Verification
  • Maintenance of Equipment
  • Other Requirements
  • Co-ordination, Cancellation & Reviews
  • Case study 2: Entry with precautions

Hazards of Confined Space

  • Lack of oxygen
  • Fire or explosion
  • Presence of toxic chemicals
  • Moving parts
  • Working conditions

Permit System

  • Permit System Requirements as per OSHA
  • Permit Restrictions
  • Information in the permit-1
  • More Information in the permit
  • Sample Permit (Downloadable)

Training Requirements & Duties

  • Training Requirements as per OSHA
  • Duties of Authorized Entrants as per OSHA
  • Duties of Authorized Attendants as per OSHA
  • Duties of Entry Supervisors as per OSHA
  • Training courses for entrant, attendant and supervisor
  • Site Specific Training Programs

Rescue & Emergency Services

  • Rescue and Emergency Services as per OSHA
  • Outside Rescue Services
  • Response Times
  • Non Entry Rescue

Self Assessment Test Certification Exam If your company already has an LMS that is based on SCORM or TinCan, then we can directly connect this course to your LMS, so that your learners can learn in their own training environment. In this case you already get the records of their activity including access times and test scores. On successful completion of the course, you can take the Abhisam online Certification Exam and get certified, with an electronic certificate and an electronic badge that is authenticated online. This badge is issued via Credly, the largest badge issuer in the world. You can add this badge to your LinkedIn profile and shout out to your clients and customers, that you are trained in Confined Space Safety. To get the course today, please click here.