Training Records Management software

What is Training Records Management software?

Simply speaking, a Training Records Management Software allows you to manage all your training records in one single system. Thus you can get rid of your manual training records at once and have a seamless training records management via a Cloud based Learning Management System. All your learner data including their profiles, skill sets, the training courses that they have already attended and the proposed training courses that they have to take, their test scores, skill assessment scores, compliance training-everything is managed using this one single system.

The below is a low resolution screen grab from such a system.

Training Records Management

What are its advantages?

Currently many organizations use many different systems to manage their training records. This is because they have many legacy systems and the training is from different sources, in different fields. Some of it may be for soft skills, while some of it may be for learning about new skills, some may be mandatory training that everybody in the organization has to undergo and so on. A Training Records Management system unifies all of these disparate systems into one single system so that the company management can get a unified view of training across the organization.

How can I use Training records management software?

You can simply subscribe to the Abhisam Learning Management System and start using Training Records management almost immediately. There is nothing to install at your end, simply login via your dashboard, add learners and courses and start recording. If you wish to migrate your old records to the new system, that is also possible but it will be at additional cost and it will take a finite amount of time.

How can I implement Training Records Management?

Once you have access to the Abhisam cloud based LMS, then your organization gets their own dashboard that has all the data of your learners and their activity. The system can handle thousands of learners. If you feel you need more then simply upgrade to a bigger plan?

Can I download my data?

Of course you can download all your learner related data at any time you wish.

Why should I use the Abhisam LMS for Training Records Management?

The Abhisam LMS is based on top of the best open source software implementations. Although there are some specific modules that are not open source the framework is based on open source systems, so it is much easier to maintain. You also get access to many great online training courses from Abhisam related to Process Safety training, Occupational Safety training, Industrial Cybersecurity training and more if you wish. These are off the shelf courses that are used by major multinational corporations to upskill their engineers and technical staff. You get instant access to them at very low per user costs.

Where can I find more information about Training Records Management?

Simply contact us at