New HAZOP Training Workshop in Thane (India)

Update: All in person workshops have been suspended and replaced by self paced, e-learning courses that do not require you to be present in person. They can be taken anywhere and most importantly, anytime. Please enroll now in the HAZOP online course now to earn a Certificate of Competency and an electronic badge.

Original News:

Abhisam has organized a classroom style training workshop on HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) in Thane, near Mumbai, India on 22nd and 23rd Feb 2019. The workshop will be led by experts from the process industry who individually have more than 25 years of experience in Process Safety, Operations, Management, Strategy and Projects in European and Indian multinational companies. All participants can earn a Certificate of Participation from Abhisam and are also eligible to take the Abhisam Competency exam in HAZOP to earn a certificate of competency and an electronic badge via Credly. This badge can be displayed online on their LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms, to demonstrate to their clients, bosses, customers or peers that they are competent in HAZOP.

This two day training workshop will cover the following topics:

* Accidents in Industry
* Types of Hazards
* Basic Concepts of Hazards, Risk, Harm, Consequences
* Introduction to Hazard and Risk Analysis
* Introduction Various Hazard Analysis techniques (HAZID, FMEA, LOPA)
* Risk Reduction
* Risk Cost Calculations
* Layers of Protection
* ALARP concept
* Intentions and Deviations
* Causes & Consequences
* Types of Deviations
* Deviation Recognition and Failures
* Use of Guide Words
* Parameters and Guide Words
* Examples from various industries
* Case Study-Tanker Unloading
* HAZOP Worksheets
* Creating & Using your worksheet
* Node Identification
* Analyzing your first node
* Protective Measures & Additional Protective Measures
* HAZOP & Human Errors
* Using Boolean Logic for Safety
* HAZOP Standards- IEC 61882
* HAZOP & Legal Requirements

* Types of HAZOP including the following:

* Concept HAZOP for Greenfield projects
* Basic Design HAZOP
* Commissioning HAZOP
* Brownfield HAZOP
* Computer HAZOP (CHAZOP)

* Managing HAZOPs

* Role of HAZOP Leader
*Role of team members
* Role of Scribe
* Management Support

* HAZOP Recommendations
* HAZOP Audits
* Modifying P & IDs after the HAZOP
* Various Worksheets

* Case Study of a HAZOP with a real life  P & ID (Practice Session)