HAZOP Training in India | Workshop at Gharda Chemicals Ltd

Abhisam has once again started their onsite and in-person Instructor led HAZOP training  in India, after the COVID19 pandemic has subsided. One of the first such workshops, after the pandemic, was held recently.

In other regions, Abhisam may start these in person, traditional classroom style training workshops, depending on the pandemic situation in those regions.

HAZOP Training in India conducted by Abhisam

On February 24th and 25th, 2022, Abhisam conducted the Abhisam HAZOP Training Workshop for select employees of Gharda Chemicals Limited, at their Lote manufacturing site, near Khed in the state of Maharashtra in India. This is one of Gharda’s largest manufacturing sites in India that manufacturers many types of agrochemicals that are used in India as well as exported to various parts of the world.

Who attended this workshop?

More than 30 Managers from different departments such as Health Safety & Environment,  Production, Engineering,  Maintenance, Research & Development and others attended this workshop. This included Participation was enthusiastic as they could actually take part in a simulated HAZOP Study designed by Abhisam. This interactive, Instructor led HAZOP Training was much appreciated by all the participants who gave a Very High rating for the program.


Gharda Chemicals Lote site
Gharda Chemicals Ltd , Lote, site. Image Source: Company website

Which were the Topics Covered?

The following topics were covered in the workshop:

  • Safety Lifecycle concept & HAZOP
  • Hazard & Risk Analysis Methods
  • Basic Concepts of HAZOP
  • HAZOP Methodology & Example Cases
  • Practical Case Study Exercise – Detailed HAZOP Study of a unit
  • Boolean Logic applied to HAZOP
  • Incidents related to poor HAZOP Studies
  • HAZOP Types (Concept HAZOP, Design HAZOP, Detailed HAZOP, Commissioning HAZOP)
  • Human Factors HAZOP
  • HAZOP Limitations
  • HAZOP Standards & Legal Requirements
  • CHAZOP (Computer HAZOP/Control System HAZOP)

Why are Abhisam HAZOP Courses unique?

Abhisam’s HAZOP courses are unique as they cover topics that are not covered by other training providers such as Human Factor Guide words, CHAZOP and Boolean Logic in HAZOP.  Read more about these aspects here. Coupled with extensive animations and videos, case studies and detailed explanations, worksheets and templates, these training courses have no real equivalent anywhere else.

Optional Upgrades

What’s more, optionally,  as part of a Blended learning methodology, the learners can access the course online too, after attending the Instructor led workshop. This ensures that participants reinforce the learning online.

Participants can upgrade themselves to be HAZOP Professionals after taking the HAZOP exam and further, also qualify as HAZOP Leader if they meet the eligibility criteria.

This makes the Abhisam HAZOP training courses and workshops sought after all over the world.

Effective Online learning that is not boring

Abhisam also offers the Abhisam HAZOP Professional e-learning course that can be taken fully online by any technical professional from anywhere in the world and also the Certified HAZOP Leader program that is designed for senior industry professionals who wish to chair and lead the HAZOP Study sessions. This is also a fully online training course that requires completion of 10 online learning modules and successful submission of an assignment in order to obtain the designation of HAZOP Leader. The validity of this certification is lifelong.

HAZOP Training in India

Very soon, public HAZOP workshops will be restarted by Abhisam, in India. Watch out for announcements to be made soon.