HAZOP Training in India

HAZOP Training in India

Abhisam is pleased to announce that Instructor led training workshops on HAZOP, are being restarted from June 2022. Accordingly you can now easily get HAZOP Training in India via a traditional, classroom type workshop that gives a hands on experience in conducting a HAZOP Study.

The next workshop will take place from 2-3 June 2022 in Thane (near Mumbai). Contact us to enroll.

What is HAZOP? What is the full form of HAZOP?

HAZOP is a Hazard and Risk Assessment technique used in industry. The full form of HAZOP is Hazard and Operability Study.

What is PHA?

PHA is an acronym for Process Hazard Analysis. There are many different techniques of carrying out PHA and HAZOP is one of the popular techniques, although not the only one. For example, What-If Analysis is also a good method to carry out PHA. Abhisam has both in person What-If  training and online e-learning course on the What-If method.


What is Risk Assessment?

Any industrial activity involves some risk. Before starting any industrial activity it is prudent to carry out a risk assessment to know the inherent hazards in the process, evaluate the existing risk and find out ways to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.


What is HIRA?

HIRA stands for Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.


Why is HAZOP important?

Many industrial processes have  a significant level of risk as they often involve hazardous, explosive, flammable or toxic materials at high temperatures and pressures or under vacuum. These processes if carried out without a proper PHA can result in accidents and undesired events, causing harm not only to the workers in the facility but also to people who may live in the surrounding area. They may also cause large scale asset destruction and environmental damage.

HAZOP is one of the most popular techniques to carry out a structured risk analysis and find out ways to mitigate the risk posed by the hazards in the process. This enables safe operation of processes, plants and equipment. This is considered part of good Process Safety management, as it results in good enterprise risk reduction.


Why is it important to take the correct HAZOP Training?

HAZOP has many aspects to it and it is always better to take HAZOP training from a provider who can explain all these aspects in great detail. If a person is not well trained in this technique, it can lead to a bad HAZOP, which is an inadequate understanding of hazards and risks in the process. However if the company management is not aware that the HAZOP Study so conducted was not good enough they may be lulled into a false sense of security that their plant is safe as all risks have been taken care of (which is not true) and hence lead to nasty and expensive surprise later!

Hence always ensure that the participants who learn HAZOP do so  from somebody like Abhisam.

Unlike many providers, Abhisam’s HAZOP courses do not focus only on the HAZOP Methodology, but also on other important aspects. Some of these aspects are:

* Types of HAZOP including those carried out at various stages of the plant lifecycle such as Concept HAZOP done for greenfield plants

* Human Factors HAZOP using Human Factor Guide words

* CHAZOP which is short for  Control HAZOP or Computer HAZOP and is essential when your plant or facility is using a computer based control system, automation system or safety system to implement alarms and interlocks. This may be a BPCS (Basic Process Control System) based on a DCS (Distributed Control System) platform or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) platform or a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) or any Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) OR it may be a Safety Instrumented System (SIS), based on a Safety Logic Solver (popularly known as Safety PLC)

* Legal basis


How to obtain HAZOP Certification?

Abhisam has several stages of certification. The first stage is

a) attend one of our Instructor led training workshops ans obtain a Certificate of Participation and then upgrade to a HAZOP Professional by passing the associated exam (upgrade fee applicable) OR

b) Take the Abhisam HAZOP e-learning course that includes the exam and obtain a HAZOP Professional certificate and electronic badge.

The next stage is to gain experience and then take the Abhisam HAZOP Leader course, pass the exam, submit the assignment and qualify as a  Certified HAZOP Leader, with a certificate and electronic badge.


How to become a HAZOP facilitator?

You need to participate in several HAZOP Studies as a participant or as a scribe, gain experience and take a professional course such as the Abhisam Certified HAZOP Leader course. You can then, on passing be ready to be a HAZOP facilitator.


Who is a HAZOP Leader?

A HAZOP Leader leads the team that carries out the HAZOP Study. The person should have adequate educational background, be an expert in the HAZOP Methodology as well as in other techniques.


Who is a HAZOP Chairman?

It is another term used for a HAZOP Leader or HAZOP facilitator, as this person chairs the HAZOP Study sessions.