Functional Safety Training in India at Baker Hughes

Functional Safety Training in India

After a gap of two years, Abhisam has restarted Functional Safety Training in India. Recently, Abhisam conducted the Abhisam Functional Safety, SIL & SIS Cybersecurity (Level 1) workshop for engineers of Baker Hughes at their Mumbai office.

About Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is a leading Energy Technology company in the world. For more than a century Baker Hughes inventions have revolutionized the world of energy.

About the Functional Safety training workshop

While some participants attended the workshop in person in Mumbai, other participants from other Baker Hughes offices attended remotely. This was a hybrid workshop in two ways- one aspect was the mixed attendance-both at location and remote. The other aspect is that all these participants can also access the self paced online learning course, so that they can again explore key aspects of Functional safety, SIL and SIS cybersecurity at their own pace.

This helps in reinforcing learning as the concepts understood during the workshop are again reinforced due to the online access of the e-learning course, with animations, simulations and exercises.Functional Safety Training in India

The participants enthusiastically participated in the workshop, where they actually solved near real world problems that are encountered in the world of Functional Safety such as evaluation of the Risk Reduction Factor (RRF) needed, allocation of safety functions to different protection layers, the understanding and defining a safety function, SIL determination using different methods such as Risk Matrix, Risk Graph and HAZOP/SIL Study, developing the Safety Requirement Specification (SRS), designing a safety function to meet the target SIL and meeting the SRS, Verification documentation and more.

Other topics covered in the workshop were the Safety Lifecycle, Hazard & Risk Analysis, Failures and Reliability, understanding Safety Functions, determining appropriate SIL for the safety functions. Systematic Capability, Functional Safety Management,  Functional Safety standards such as IEC 61508, IEC 61511/ISA S84, SIL Certification for devices and more.

For a detailed list of topics that were covered, please take at a look at the Functional Safety Training course page here.

To have a basic understanding of Functional safety and SIL please download the free Functional Safety book here.