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Now get all your Abhisam free white papers, videos and podcast resources in one single place on the Abhisam website. No need to use the Search function. Simply go to and get what you are looking for.

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This incredible resource has at the time of this writing more than 19 white papers on various subjects including Process Safety, HAZOP, Industrial IoT and Digitalization, Big Data in Oil and Gas, Functional Safety and SIL, Occupational Health and Safety, Learning Management Systems and more. New white papers are being added from time to time and you can find them here.

Here are some of the interesting white papers (titles only) that are published.

  1. How to design a chemical warehouse to ensure safety?
  2. What is HAZOP?
  3. What is CHAZOP?
  4. How can a good PSM program (Process Safety Management) help in  Enterprise Risk Management?
  5. How to carry out a successful decommissioning project?
  6. What is Functional Safety and SIL(Safety Integrity Level)? Why is it important?
  7. What is ICS Security? Why is it important?
  8. How to design Safety Instrumented Systems?
  9. Integrated SIS DCS or separate? Which architecture is better?
  10. What is a HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System)?
  11. How to make hazardous areas safer?
  12. How does Intrinsic Safety work?
  13.  Industrial Cybersecurity myths busted.
  14. Checklist for Confined Space Safety
  15. Personal Protective Equipment-Employers liability
  16. How can the Industrial Internet of Things and Digitalization revolutionize manufacturing?

and many more!

You can also find many free videos explaining the basics of HAZOP, Industrial Cybersecurity videos, CHAZOP video and more.

In case you did not know, Abhisam has also a podcast channel titled the Abhisam Industrial Safety and Security Channel. The first episode is already live and is also posted on the same page as the white papers. Episode 1 is on some common questions asked about HAZOP and CHAZOP. Just about 10 minutes long, this podcast episode will answer some frequently asked questions about the HAZOP technique, CHAZOP and HAZOP Certification. You can of course directly access it on the Anchor podcast website and Spotify here.

Get this Free Basic Functional Safety & SIL Guide from here

The Abhisam Quick Guide to Basic Functional Safety & SIL