Intrinsic Safety Course from Abhisam

The Abhisam Intrinsic Safety course is now available for learners on the Abhisam Learning Portal. This training course on Intrinsically Safe systems, is the best online course for Instrumentation engineers, Automation professionals and Control System engineers who wish to design Intrinsically Safe systems in their plants and facilities that have hazardous areas.

What are Hazardous Areas?

As you probably know, hazardous areas (also known as classified locations) are those areas of a plant or facility which have the risk of presence of flammable mixtures of gases, vapors or dusts. These hazardous areas are found in many locations such as underground mines, oil fields, gas processing units, chemical manufacturing plants, grain silos, metal processing plants, sugar refining plants and many more such places.

The equipment and instruments used in these places should be of special types, that would not cause any fires or explosions due to their use. These are called as explosion protected equipment.

What is Intrinsic Safety?

Intrinsic Safety is a method of protection used in hazardous areas to prevent ignition of the hazardous atmosphere due to instruments or other low power devices. Intrinsic Safety is a preventive technique, which prevents a high level of energy from being present in the hazardous area due to its unique nature.

Understanding the Importance of Intrinsic Safety

Intrinsic Safety as a method of protection is one of the best when it comes to using low power devices in hazardous areas. This is one of the preferred protection methods used for Instrumentation loops, as it can be used even in Zone 0 (this is the only method of protection that is permitted in Zone 0) and one can do live maintenance on the loop. This is not possible in the case of explosionproof instruments, where one can install them only in Zone 1 and Zone 2 and secondly, one cannot do live maintenance on them- they have to be isolated from the power source when you open their enclosures.

What is a  Safety Barrier?

In the context of Intrinsic safety, a safety barrier is a device that is in between the equipment (such as the DCS I/O card or PLC I/O card)  in the non hazardous area (such as a control room or a marshaling panel room) and the equipment in the hazardous area (such as transmitters and control valves in the field) . The I S safety barrier prevents faults in the non-hazardous area from going to the hazardous area and causing an explosion due to ignition or sparking.

What is a Zener Barrier?

A type of Intrinsically Safe barrier that uses Zener diodes is popularly called as a Zener barrier. It is one of the most commonly used types of I S barriers in Instrumentation and Control Systems. Zener barriers are available in many varieties and types. These require a good separate low resistance, Intrinsically Safe ground.

What is a Galvanic Isolator?

These are safety barriers that use galvanic isolation to prevent faults in the non-hazardous area equipment from appearing in the hazardous area. These do not require any ground connection and can be floating circuits.

What will I learn in the Abhisam Intrinsic Safety Course?

The Abhisam Intrinsic Safety Course covers everything that you need to know about Intrinsic Safety to design, build and maintain Intrinsically safe loops in your plant. It covers the entire subject in different modules as given below:

      • Hazardous Area Basic Concepts
      • Intrinsic Safety Basics
      • Zener Barriers
      • Galvanic Isolators
      • Intrinsic Safety Standards (IEC 60079 and  NEC)
      • Intrinsically Safe Fieldbus Systems
      • Inspections and Maintenance
      • Self Assessment Test

There are self assessment questions at the end of every module and then another test can be taken when you complete all these modules. On passing the associated exam, you earn a Certificate and an electronic badge that you can display online on LinkedIn.

Where can I get this Intrinsic Safety course?

You can enroll immediately when you buy online at the link below. Access is immediate. All major credit cards, Paypal and bank payments are accepted.