Best VFD Training Courses

Taking the right VFD Training Courses is essential to mastering this technology and getting benefits from it. These training courses should be self paced, with easy explanations using graphics and animations and should not be just a video of a guy speaking.

What is this about?

As you probably already know, VFD is an acronym for Variable Frequency Drives. They are used to start, control and drive mainly AC Induction motors to and have many advantages over traditional ways of motor control. The advantages of using VFDs  include the ability to soft start & stop the motor, match the torque to that what is needed for the load, control the speed of the load  and also to save energy.

Just one example of energy saving, is using a VFD drive to control the pump speed (and flow) instead of running the pump (via a Direct Online or Star-Delta starter) and a control valve downstream to throttle the flow.

Controlling flow via a throttling valve if like you are controlling the speed of you car by pressing down hard on the accelerator and then releasing the brake to cruise.

Due to many of such advantages, VFD drives have become enormously popular and the prices have also dropped, making the payback period of the investment shorter.

Hence this has become the technology of choice for any user. These AC drives are not used only in industrial operations but are also extensively used in domestic and commercial applications such as HVAC units in buildings, cooling towers and so on.

Wherever you need good motor control for an ac induction motor, then a VFD is the best way to drive it. There are many types of these Variable Frequency Drives and they are available for single phase as well as three phase motors ranging from sub hp motors to large ones, used in large industrial operations.

Best VFD Training Courses

This technology has become mainstream but there are very few VFD Training courses out there, that that teach you how to select them, how they work and how to use them in your workplace. Many of them are vendor sponsored, meaning that they will only teach you how to use their products, not the technology itself.

The easiest and best way to learn about Variable Frequency Drives and also get certified, is to take the Abhisam VFD Training Courses. These are self paced, e-learning courses, that have a mix of text, with full voice over, graphics and real life example calculations to help you learn and master this subject. And if you are looking to get a certificate, then this course offers one for free.

It also offers you a free electronic badge that you can display anywhere, including your LinkedIn profile, for greater visibility to clients, customers or future employers.

This excellent drive training course from Abhisam contains the following modules:

  • Module 1: Basic Concepts-here you will learn all the fundamental concepts of motors and drives
  • Module 2: Inside a VFD-here you will learn all about the technology used inside a VFD including diodes, power transistors, thyristors, IGBTs, inverter circuits and more
  • Module 3: VFD Functions- Here you will learn how to use commonly available VFD functions such as soft starting, acceleration, ramping up/down, speed control, V/f , sensorless vector control, etc
  • Module 4: Energy Saving using VFDs- in this you will learn basis of centrifugal pumps, fans and blowers and how you can use a Variable Frequency Drive with them to save energy.
  • Module 5-Specifying, Selecting and Installing VFDs. Now that you have understood everything about how VFDs work, you will learn how to specify, select & install them for your own application.
  • Module 6- Today most plants are controlled by DCS/ PLC/SCADA type systems. Learn how to interface your inverter drive with these automation and control systems.

After completing these modules online, you can take the self assessment test to judge how well you have understood the subject. Once you are confident then you can take the Abhisam exam and get certified as being a competent professional.

You will earn a certificate and an electronic badge.

The advantage of taking this online, self paced e-learning course is that you need not travel anywhere, take it from your own home, office or workplace, access via any device such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and take your own time to complete it!

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