Easy Industrial Hygiene training online course

The Abhisam Industrial Hygiene training online course is a great way to learn the subject without having to attend any classes in person.

This e-course is not your typical Zoom classroom, where you may get bored watching a talking head drone on and on and on.

It is a complete e-learning course that has text, animations, simulations, actual case studies from Industrial facilities, worked templates & calculations, videos, assessments-everything that you need to have to master the subject.

Industrial Hygiene Certification

What is Industrial Hygiene?

Contrary to what a layperson may think, it is not about general hygiene, or directly related to pandemics or disease outbreaks like COVID 19. Of course, tackling biological hazards is one of  the components of a typical Industrial Hygiene program, but it is not the only part.

It is the discipline of anticipating, identifying, evaluating and controlling occupational hazardous conditions,  that may adversely affect health and safety  of workers in industries. The qualified practitioners, who specialize in this subject are known as Industrial Hygienists.

One of their major tasks is to anticipate, identify and resolve potential health issues within industrial plants and other workplaces. This requires a thorough study of the process, operating conditions and operating procedures.

What does this course contain?

This course is divided into several modules. The first one can be viewed for free- check out the free Industrial Hygiene course module here.

The  course modules are listed below:

1. Introduction

2. Basic Concepts

3. Anticipation & Identification of Hazards

4. Evaluation of Hazards (including worked examples and calculations)

5. Control of Hazards (including worked examples and calculations)

6. Government Regulations

7. OSHA PSM Standard and application to IH

8. Case Study

9. Self Assessment Test

Industrial Hygienist Certification

After you complete these modules you can take the associated exam and get yourself certified as an Industrial Hygiene professional. You will receive an electronic badge and  a certificate of competency from Abhisam.

Certificates do not expire, however badges will have to be renewed at a nominal cost after every 2 years.

Why should I take this course?

Industrial health and safety are a very important subject right now, all over the world. In earlier years industry owners, workers and citizens in general were not too informed about the hazards and risks that industrial workers face everyday.

Today this is not the case.

There is an increasing awareness about these risks and many authorities and government regulators are cracking down on owner/operators to focus on Industrial Hygiene. The worldwide COVID 19 pandemic has only accentuated this focus. In today’s social media driven world, no company would like to present an image that says that they do not care.

Hence, they are overtly sensitive to health and safety concerns in their workplaces and therefore want to hire Industrial Hygienists who are are trained and certified. This is an excellent career path for any technical professional.

This is the best Industrial Hygiene training online course you can get anywhere at this low price, that includes everything about anticipation, identification, evaluation and control of hazards in an industrial environment.

Where can I find more details about this?

Take a look at our Introduction module, which in itself is like a mini-course, that teaches you about the basics. If you like the topic then you can simply enroll in the Abhisam Industrial Hygiene Training Online Course here.

Can this be deployed across our organization?

Of course. You can take our Enterprise unlimited version of the Industrial Hygiene Online Training course and deploy all across your organization for one fixed cost per year, irrespective of the number of learners. What’s more, this can be done instantly.

You can also get a dashboard where you can monitor learner activity such as pages viewed, modules completed, test scores and course completions. All learners earn a certificate of competency on passing the associated exam.

You can designate a team leader from your company, who can get this view online.

For more information, please get in touch with us.