Industrial Hygiene Courses Online

What is Industrial Hygiene?

Industrial Hygiene is a domain within the field of Occupational Health and Safety, that deals with the anticipation, identification, evaluation and mitigation of different hazards in the workplace, so that workers can be protected against them. Industrial Hygiene is an important part of Occupational Safety and is sometimes referred to as Occupational Hygiene too.

You can learn all about Industrial Hygiene by taking the Abhisam Industrial Hygiene course

What do Industrial Hygienists do?

Industrial hygiene is a specialized area of occupational health and safety that deals with the prevention and mitigation of workplace hazards, so that worker health and safety is not jeopardized.

Industrial hygienists are responsible for evaluating the workplace environment to identify potential sources of injury and to recommend ways to reduce or eliminate exposure to hazards which may be either of  physical, ergonomic, chemical, biological, radiation or even psychological types.

For example, they can recommend engineering controls such as ventilation systems or protective equipment, work practices such as proper housekeeping, or administrative controls such as limiting access to certain areas.

Who can become an Industrial Hygienist?

An industrial hygienist first must have a bachelor’s degree/higher diploma in any technical subject such as Science, Engineering or Medicine, after which they can take up specialized courses in Industrial Hygiene. IH courses can be taken in person or remotely or as self paced online courses, such as those from Abhisam. You can learn all about Industrial Hygiene certification here.

What Industrial Hygiene courses online can I take?

There are several providers of online Industrial Hygiene courses, such as those from AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association),  National Safety Council, Harvard University, Tulane University and Abhisam. The Abhisam Industrial Hygiene course is only offered as a self paced online course that can be started anytime and completed within 1 year.

Which is the best Industrial Hygiene course online?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve. There are several AIHA courses  that deal with different aspects of Industrial Hygiene. You may need to do several of them to learn all the different topics that you need to master if you want to become a good Industrial Hygienist. You may end up spending several thousand dollars on them.

Regarding the NSC (National Safety Council) online course, it is a single course that you need to complete, it takes about 4 days. But the cost is about $1800 US, which is quite expensive. Ditto for the other university courses such as those from Harvard.

Comparatively the Abhisam course is the most cost effective, with the Standard one costing below the psychological price point of $500, which is about one third of the amount that you would spend on courses from other providers.

Plus it comes with all that you need to know about the subject and includes certification. Learners from marquee companies have taken this course and have benefited.

How to Get Started with Your Industrial Hygiene Courses online?

Simply take the Abhisam Online Industrial Hygiene course, once you purchase it access is instant and you can start immediately. You can take the first module “Introduction to Industrial Hygiene” free of cost to know the basics of Industrial Hygiene without spending any money. After that you can get the actual course.

What will I learn in the Abhisam Industrial Hygiene Training courses online?

You will learn everything that you need to know about the domain of Industrial Hygiene. It includes carrying out assessments, working out calculations for ventilation with examples, real life case studies and so on. It is a complete learning experience.

Will I get Industrial Hygiene certification?

Sure if you take the Abhisam Industrial Hygiene course online and complete all the modules and pass the associated exam, you can get certified as a Industrial Hygiene Professional. You will earn a certificate that is valid lifelong and also receive an electronic badge that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.