Complete Guide to Industrial Hygiene Certification

We will understand what we mean by Industrial Hygiene certification in this short guide.

What is Industrial Hygiene?

Industrial hygiene is the scientific discipline that investigates and protects worker’s health and safety in industry. Industrial Hygiene is the science of anticipating, identifying, evaluating and controlling workplace conditions that may adversely affect worker health and safety.

Industrial Hygiene is also known as Occupational Hygiene and is considered to be part of the discipline of Occupational Health and Safety. Occupational  safety and health professionals focus on preventing illness and disease among workers by managing environmental factors including (but not limited to) air quality and hazardous materials that are used in many workplaces.

Who is an Industrial Hygienist?

A Professional practitioner who is trained and certified in the domain of Industrial Hygiene is known as an Industrial Hygienist or an Industrial Hygiene Professional. For brevity we will refer to this person simply as an Industrial Hygienist. An Industrial Hygienist takes specialized courses in Industrial Hygiene.

What does an Industrial Hygienist do?

One of the major responsibilities of an Industrial Hygienist is to anticipate, identify, evaluate and control occupational conditions that may adversely affect worker health and safety in workplaces.  This is a huge domain and the Industrial Hygienist has to anticipate, identify and evaluate all kinds of  hazards that may be present including Physical hazards, ,chemical hazards, biological hazards, radiation hazards and even psychological hazards, that may adversely affect the well being of workers.

Which industries can make use of Industrial Hygienists?

Most industries can make use of qualified professional Industrial Hygienists. These include industries in Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Petroleum products processing, Paints and Solvents, Rubber, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Metal Processing and more. Any industry where workers may be exposed to different hazards needs Industrial Hygienists.

How to become a Certified Industrial Hygienist?

You should have a science, engineering or medical background before you can become a certified Industrial Hygiene professional. This is a highly technical field and requires a good background understanding of chemistry, physics, biology and basic engineering. You need to be also good at math as there are many calculations involved.

If you do have such a background, then you can take any  Industrial Hygiene course from a reputed provider, such as Abhisam study the course and take the qualifying exam. There are both traditional classroom type courses available, as well as more convenient online ones. Here is more information on Industrial Hygiene courses online.

Certified Industrial Hygienist online course

The Abhisam Industrial Hygiene course is the most popular one among online courses, because you can start immediately and it is comprehensive. Everything is explained easily via animations and videos. Plus there are real life case studies that will help you in getting practical knowledge about the discipline of Industrial Hygiene. When you complete all the modules and pass the exam, you earn a Certificate of Competency and an electronic badge that demonstrates your achievement as an Industrial Hygiene professional.

How will becoming a Certified Industrial Hygiene professional help your career?

Globally many regulatory authorities are tightening the rules and regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety. Hence many industries require the help of qualified Industrial Hygiene professionals, but there are not enough people available with the knowledge and  certification necessary. So this is a good opportunity for any hardworking occupational safety or similar professional to enter this field and make a career.