COVID 19 Response from Abhisam – Stay Safe

March 13, 2020– COVID 19 has become a talking point everywhere, all around the world. As a company, Abhisam has always encouraged remote working, work from home and telecommuting from Day One of our company’s formation.  Hence this is not just a temporary remote working covid 19 measure for us.

Also, most of our learners prefer online e-learning courses, rather than the traditional classroom training format. All of our courses have always been available as online courses, or downloadable programs that you can install on your own PCs and learn at your own pace. This allows you remote learning, whenever you get time off from remote working. All of our certification exams and mock tests can be taken online as usual.

We are a modern company and believe that work from anywhere, as well as learn from anywhere is going to be the future mantra everywhere in the world. Advances in connectivity and data center infrastructure  have made this easily possible. However many traditional companies were not encouraging this culture earlier, but are forced to do so now due to these extenuating circumstances.

Of course  employees of companies who are in sectors such as manufacturing or services that require a physical presence, will not have this facility. Hence these people should take extra care to protect themselves and others from this epidemic. Simple measures like social distancing, washing hands regularly and frequently and avoiding contact of fingers with face (although difficult as many movements happen unknowingly), will go a long way to make yourselves safe.

However we have always preferred this way of working from employees, contractors, subject matter experts and most of our customers also use the online course delivery formats to learn and get certified. We believe that this goes a long way in promoting flexibility and work life balance among all sections of society.

What this means as a customer, is that you can continue to experience the same high level of availability of our courses and online learning platforms as usual. In fact if you are stuck somewhere due to travel bans, then you can make use of this opportunity to learn something new, acquire new skills that are in demand and get certified. This will not only keep you motivated but will also boost your career, once things get back to normal.

Many countries and locations have placed restrictions on commuting and travel. You can make use of this time to learn some new courses that are now available on the Abhisam online learning portal at These include courses on Understanding Fires and Explosions, Fire and Explosion prevention, Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Toxicology and more.

Stay safe and secure, learn well and get certified from Abhisam. In case of any questions, you can always reach out to us online or call us.