Abhisam Industrial Cybersecurity Course Released!

Abhisam is delighted to announce that its much awaited  e-learning course (XPRTU) on Industrial Cybersecurity is now released and available for purchase on the Abhisam website!

This ICS Cybersecurity course covers all that you need to know about Industrial Control System Cybersecurity. Available in three options as Online (for individuals), Enterprise (for companies and other organizations) and Enterprise SCORM (in case a company/organization would like this to be accessible on your organizations LMS). Every option has the same content, but delivery and access time is different.

There is a special offer for existing Abhisam customers! Also an Early Bird discount Code for those of you who had registered for it before the launch.

This XPRTU has the following modules. These modules have text with full voiceover, animation, videos and examples to make it a complete learning experience. At the end of the course, you can take the exam and get certified.

  1. Introduction to the Course.
  2. Overview of Industrial Automation & Control Systems.
  3. Basic Concepts of Cybersecurity.
  4. IACS Threats, Vulnerabilities and Attacks.
  5. IACS Security Standards.
  6. IACS Cyber Risk Assessment.
  7. Case Study (Stuxnet)
  8. Self Assessment Test.

We are also excited to announce our new learning portal today at https://prettygoodcourses.com

This learning portal has a mixture of free and paid courses that can be taken online, with exam and certification (only for the paid courses). For companies and organizations, we have the facility to help you meet your compliance proof documentation with a full report of learner activity. Contact us for more details.